Friday, May 17, 2013


I saw a couple of doozies recently, but then I couldn't think of any more. Leave it to Wikipedia to have an extensive list! And I found some really good remakes too! So they aren't all bad!

Here are my top worst remakes:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - original rocks
War of the Worlds - sorry, it was only ok.
Footloose - really? unnecessary
Godzilla - needed to leave well enough alone, terrible job
The Karate Kid - Ralph Macchio cannot be replaced
Miracle on 34th Street - neither can Natalie Wood
Money Pit - didn't know it was a remake, should not have been made

Total Recall - GONG!
Snow White and the Huntsman - just too much dramatics, so much about it was wrong

Stop with the Spidermans already

So there you go! My favorite remakes I love to hate!

And the remakes I love is a shorter list...
Oceans 11
You've Got Mail
The Longest Yard

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And I also wanted to give a shout to Christine!
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  1. Surprised more people haven't listed Godzilla.
    Congratulations, Christine!
    And thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  2. I just refuse to watch the new Footloose and Karate Kid. There is no point; I know they'll be bad.

    I wonder what happened to Ralph?

  3. I'm surprised how many remakes I haven't watched!

    Great list!

    I got Christine's book! Going to read it this weekend!

    Have a good one, Tara!


  4. I was horrified when I found out they were remaking Footloose. I mean, really? How dumb...

    Many congrats to Christine. :)

    Have a great weekend, Tara!

  5. I so agree with on the stop the spidermans. Enough is enough!

  6. I need to read Christine'e book. It sounds awesome.

    Longest Yard Knuckle bumps!

  7. I refuse to watch the remakes of FOOTLOOSE, THE KARATE KID and DIRTY DANCING. No way! :)

  8. I only considered movies if I've seen both the original AND the remake. Boy, that cut the pool way down. I guess I don't watch that many remakes. But I totally agree on Miracle on 34th Street. That was a classic. The remake was just unnecessary.

  9. I have a 17-year-old daughter and we watched the new Footloose together. She loved it and I actually thought they did a decent job of staying true to the movie but updating the dancing and music to appeal to a new audience. I then made her watch the original, which she also liked (but thought Kevin Bacon was kind of yukky).

  10. I didn't know The Money Pit was a remake either. It wasn't very good. The movie itself was a money pit.

  11. I agree with every one of your 'worst' and I'm seeing a lot of Ocean's 11 on the 'best' list...we must all have the same, great, tastes :)

  12. I completely agree with your worst list. Footloose was pretty bad. Karate Kid was blasphemy.

    I had no idea You've Got Mail was a remake. Love that cute little movie.

  13. Footlose remake trailer alone turned me off. Oh I LOVE You've Got Mail. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing Tara.

  14. I think the only remake on your list I've seen is The War of the Worlds. Probably the last time I went to the theatre was 4-5 years ago, though my ex hijacked my Netflix queue and was making me match modern movies I never would've voluntarily put on there!

  15. Yay for Christine!
    They remade You've Got Mail? I didn't know that.
    Yes, there seem to be many Spiderman, Superman, and Batman movies floating around! O.o

  16. Julie, i can see the next gen liking remakes, my boys liked karate kid remake too. different perspectives i guess!

    Jay, Sheena & Laura, Youve got mail is a remake of 2 old movies that i also adore, The Shop Around the Corner 1940 & the musical w/judy garland In the Good Old Summertime1949!

  17. I haven't even seen the new Karate Kid or Total Recall.

    But I completely agree that Snow White and the Huntsman was about as terrible of a movie as could be imagined.

    (but those costumes were spectacular!!!)

  18. "Stop with the Spidermans" - that made me laugh. I won't even watch the latest . . .I just can't . . .

    Great picks!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I agree with you about The Karate Kid! The remake was okay (the karate choreography was more exciting), but it's not one I'd see again. I'll stick with Noriyuki Morita and Ralph Macchio in 1984!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  20. Such a long list of bad remakes. Why doesn't Hollywood get it?

  21. Thank you so much for the shout-out! :) Those worst remakes were rotten. Godzilla is my pick for the worst. And they're making another for release next year! Yikes. Ocean 11 was awesome. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. The Footloose one baffles me.

    Woot for Christine! Have a great weekend, Tara.

  23. Actually the Karate Kid was cute. BUT it should have been its own movie and NOT a remake. Ralph Macchio can't be replaced. Never. I thought the new one was more MG while the original was YA.

  24. Hi Tara,

    I think remakes are great for the particular time. Films made even ten years ago look dated now and to remake them in an up to date context puts them before an audience who would be capable of appreciating them. I suppose.....

    Your cinematic knowledge is really impressive.


  25. I forgot about Invasion of the Body Snatchers! Good movie!

  26. I had Total Recall on my worst as well. ;) But I do love the original, which a lot of people don't. It came out when I was 10, what can I say! Cheese and sentimental value combines for the win! :)

    I agree on Footloose too (I chose that as well :D).

  27. Christine is doing so great with those 13th Floor residents!

    Happy Weekend!

  28. Christine has the most amazing covers!

  29. Hahaha nice lists. I honestly didn't know You've Got Mail was a remake. That intrigues me a bit.

    As for the superhero movie/reboots, its naturally personal interest/opinion being many of those movies are actually successful. The Batman's and even the new Spider-Man. As well as the Star Treks and I am hoping Superman.

    If people don't like superhero movies, well, it won't matter how many versions are made. They just won't like them. I do however feel that remakes serve a great way to introduce the material to new generations of people/audience, and some remakes allow for modern day technology to more fully tell a story.

    Granted I take personal lists with a grain of salt... like listing The Longest Yard remake... I just don't know what to say to that ;-) but to each their own!

    I'm excited to see The Great Gatsby, so we shall see how that remake goes over.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  30. I didn't like War of the Worlds either. Too much gore. Ick.

    Congrats to Christine!

  31. When you want to good movie, as me for a recommendation. I won't steer you wrong. :)

  32. I loved The Longest Yard remake. Also, The Italian job is one of the best remakes ever!!

  33. Yes, enough with the Spidermans and now there is ANOTHER Superman movie coming out. They sure can get a lot of mileage out of those guys.

  34. no one should ever mess with footloose the original!! kevin bacon was awesome!

  35. Now, I do not understand why so many are against the Karate Kid. I loved that movie - so what if it was kung fu, it was great! :) Writer’s Mark

  36. I think it's hard to compete with some of the classic, original movies. Remakes just don't seem to have the same charm or quality, in my humble view.

  37. My comment regarding the latest Spiderman reboot...Why?? :)

  38. I actually liked the Money Pit, but I had no idea it was a remake.
    Also, congratulations to Christine.

  39. that was a fun fest! i learned stuff, even!
    thanks for stopping by!


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