Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Thrill of it All!

Hey all you thrilling people! Are you bored? Listless? In an endless loop of editing and waiting?

Then this is a perfect time to join our blogfest!

To celebrate reaching the end a long, tiring journey to be published - and embarking on the next long, tiring journey of marketing and writing more, Heather and I want to invite you to participate in...

from  Love to Sci Fi ...
The Thrill of it All blogfest!

Thrills come in all genres. Heather has some intense love scene thrills in MAGUIRE'S CORNER and I have some cool chase scene thrills in POP TRAVEL. And some people do thrilling things, like mountain climbing.

On June 24th, share a big thrill with us to be entered into The Thrill of it All blogfest contest! We will judge the biggest thrills and give out some thrilling prizes. Entries may be real or fiction. All we ask is that you keep them to a paragraph or so.

Here's my example:
In POP TRAVEL, everyone loves to pop. Not Cooper. Though he won't admit it, Cooper was afraid of it even before he found evidence of a disintegrated traveler. Now he's terrified and he must face his fear, popping all over the world to escape those trying to keep him from exposing pop travel's deadly flaw.

Prizes? Did I say prizes? Why yes, there will be prizes... And they will be super, fantastic prizes -
1) A copy of MAGUIRE'S CORNER, ebook
2) An ARC copy of POP TRAVEL
3) A $20 Amazon GC
4) A banner or caricature by moi (or substitute if the winner has another need)

So mark us on your calendar, sign up on the linky list below, and grab our button... THRILL US! I dare you!


  1. I think I should be at a better place with certain things. I'd like to give this a try. :-)

    Still so very excited for you and POP TRAVEL :-)

  2. I have no idea what I'll post, but joining anyway!

  3. I was so excited I joined automatically. I guess you could take me back off.


    Great job, Tara!


  4. I just signed up and have the badge posted on my side bar! Looking forward to it.

  5. Oh sounds like these will be very fun posts to read!

  6. I'll enter because you and Heather are lovely, but I will certainly need further explanation in a moment when my brain is not out of service like right now.

  7. I have no idea what kind of sci-fi thing to do...but don't worry. I will make up my own rules and do whatever I want anyhow.

  8. Like Alex I'm just going to jump in and see where this takes me.

  9. Hi Tara! Sounds like a fun blog hop, but man I'm exhausted from the Monster Madness train I just deported. I'll have to pass. Wanted to let you know I revealed your cover today, and matched it with 7 of my own travel confessions.

  10. I'm definitely looking forward to these posts!

    Happy Wednesday, Tara. ☺

  11. Could I come up with something thrilling from my books? A love twist maybe. I'm not sure I could.

  12. Sounds like fun! Don't know if I'll have time, but I' looking forward to seeing the entries!

  13. Fantastic! I'm signed up. :) Now to think of a thrill....

  14. I signed up because I love anything that has the word "thriller"... does it have to be sci-fi?

    Writer In Transit

  15. It sounds like a fun theme. Thrills can come in all varieties, as you said.

  16. "Excellent" the mad scientist said, rubbing her hands together. "I now know the precise time and location for the bloghop of awesome. Next: the world."

    I'm in. And probably a bit overly excited...

  17. This sounds great, and you guys are giving away cool prizes! If I can whip up a scene from my wip and make it shiny, I'll join you guys. Can't wait to read everyone's entry!

  18. thanks so much!
    no, not just sci fi, any thrills will do! real or fiction, too!
    looking forward to the entries!

  19. Tara, keep me in the loop. I'd love to help get word out about your release in July. Pleease! :)

    And if you want to do a Spacedock sometime, I have openings in July.

  20. Looks like fun. And congrats to both of you on your releases.

    Have a good weekend.


  21. Hey Tara,

    I reckon you've been um anxiously waiting for one of my highly collectable and award winning comments. Okay, maybe next time.

    Now then, I don't do blogfests or blog hops or blog parties or reflection posts about reflection posts about the alphabet or any such thing.

    However, being so gosh darn awesome, I will share your posting.

    I'm delighted about the imminent release of your book, "Pop Travel" and have stated as such on another site, which I seem to have forgotten. Oops.

    Have a thrilling time and seriously, have fun.

    Gary :)

  22. Sounds like fun, but have no idea what to post!

  23. Sounds like it will be a fun blogfest to read :)

  24. I haven't bloghopped in *decades*...well, weeks anyway.

    Time to return to the party, I think. Especially with one of my firstest blogger buddies hailing her debut book.

    Congrats, Tara! You know I am cheering you on!
    CD Coffelt ponders at Spirit Called
    And critiques at UnicornBell

  25. If you follow this link, you'll find my Thrill of it All entry:


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