Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xciting Xertions

For A to Z 2015 I'm


I'll be highlighting Blogger Friends' Places
I'll be giving Book Event Tips

My favorite X blog is XCEPTIONAL!

XKCD - hilarious COMIX about science, math, and relationships! If you've never seen them, worth the XCURSION!

Here's an XAMPLE

And one XTRA

And don't XIT yet! I have XTENDED Book Event Tips!

Keep your XPECTATIONS reasonable.
I hate to burst your bubble, but don't XPECT to sell a case of books at an event. The only time I've sold that many was at my release parties with all my local friends, neighbors and family - which is awesome! And I'm very appreciative! But at festivals and events, the average is not high. And that's okay!

I'm not even XPECTING to sell as many at my future parties as I did at the first two - I'm not new and XCITING anymmore...

But at the last event I went to, I sold a lot more than I XPECTED! And that was XCITING! So the more we write, the more we sell, and the more fans we will have.

Monday, April 27, 2015

We Want What We Want!

For A to Z 2015 I'm


I'll be highlighting Blogger Friends' Places
I'll be giving Book Event Tips

WAIT no longer for WONDERFUL Bloggers!

WEAVING A TALE - Donna Weaver is WAY cool. She's sweet and funny and a hard WORKER. She keeps me grounded WHEN I'm WEARY.

WAVY LINES - Laura Marcella has fallen by the WAYSIDE, and that happens sometimes in this WACKY life. But I always enjoyed her WORDS of WISDOM WEEKLY quotes!

WISTFUL NEBULAE - WHAT can I say about Mary Pax? Mary, Mary quite extraordinary! How does your garden grow? WITH stars and planets and WISTFUL magic - and speculative fiction books in a row!

CR WARD - Carol has been a long-time blog friend. I WAS fortunate to read one of her first elemental series on her blog as she WROTE it WEEKLY - an intense, magical, romanciful journey!

And here WE be with Book Event Tips (WITH bonus pictures from my latest on Saturday!)

WHAT better time to WRITE or WHIP up a new idea for a WIP, than WHEN you're sitting at your table WAITING for the next surge of readers!

Bring paper or a device to WRITE down your ideas. My latest table partner came up WITH a great new story idea based on the patronage. I know he's do WELL WITH it!

Sometimes I sketch out scenes or WRITE poetry WHILE I WAIT.

WATCHING others interact can give an author the break she might need to WORK through a block or spark a new WIP.

A WRITER WRITES everywhere! Be ready for the WEAPON of opportunity to strike and tame it!

And WE WOWED the readers at the Ohioana Book Festival! There were so many visitors, I barely had time to run across the hall and say HI to Julie! Stupendous turnout! And my presentation at the kids' corner was awesome as WELL! I just WISH I had felt better to go to the after party - rain and cold made me WANT to curl up in bed, so I did. Oh WELL, I'll definitely be there again next year!
my half of the table =)

I got to meet THE Margaret Haddix! 
She was at the table next to me!
A cute pixie!
My photo props were a huge hit!
got to meet fellow CQ author Vicki Leigh!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Virile VIP!

For A to Z 2015 I'm


I'll be highlighting Blogger Friends' Places
I'll be giving Book Event Tips

Pump up the VOLUME on this VIRTUOUS Blogger!

VIKLIT - My VERY special friend from across the pond. I'm happy to claim her as my top VORACIOUS reading CP! And she founded a VISION of encouraging other bloggers in the form of "Celebrate the Small Things" - every Friday. Yay VIKKI!

A VERY important Book Event Tip:

Choose a prime VANTAGE point!
Sometimes you are assigned a table, but if you can pick your spot...

  • You want a VIABLE spot where you will be seen.
  • Choose a VENDOR table closer to the entrance rather than the exit - by the end, buyers probably have all the books they can handle and may not be able to add yours to their stack!
  • Being close to others in your genre can also be a good VARIABLE to consider, bringing readers who enjoy it.
  • And having a friend nearby is a comfort in a VERITABLE sea of strangers.