Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fight for the Right to Teach

It feels like the world is ganging up on teachers lately.

BO (the pres) is pushing for a longer school year. Now I'd be fine with that if we weren't in a stinkin recession! That will cost everyone more money. Does he not realize that schools are closing because their money is gone? He didn't tell the kiddies that when he spoke to the schools...did he!

Then he wants to boot any teachers that aren't performing. What the heck does that mean?! He needs to listen to what he's saying and apply it to his own darn House! Is he a pot or what!

And the icing on the cake. I just heard a report that a school (can't remember where) is thinking of replacing some teachers with computers! Not even going there at this time.

The problem isn't the teachers. The problem is America's priorities are screwed up. It's not the teachers that aren't performing, it's the students and their parents. Education isn't valued or respected by too many. If their kid is failing it must be the teacher's fault. I can agree to an extent, but people need to face the fact that these kids are getting lazier and lazier - by examples from their parents! They are letting it happen! So much whining and complaining - How can this teacher give so much homework? Why do we have to learn this stuff? I don't have time for this project. I'm doing enough to get by. Ridiculous!

What is America coming to?


Anonymous said...

amen to all that!

what do you mean is he a pot or what?


taratyler said...

as in the pot calling the kettle black