Monday, August 10, 2015

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I have some smiles to share on this lovely Monday!

First, the winners from last month's Pop Travel re-release giveaway...

Cindi Clubbs won a signed new copy of POP TRAVEL
Sharon Bayliss and Tamara Narayan both won some great ebooks!
and Rhonda Albom won the Amazon gift card

Thanks again to everyone who joined in!

Next month, I'll be hosting another giveaway to celebrate the release of SIMULATION!! Yeah! And if you'd like to help me spread the news, I have a few spots left - here's the form. And to give you a taste, here's the trailer...

But enough about me (sorry, I'm just so excited!)

I want to show you a cool new cover that just came out for my friend Katie Hamstead Teller...


When Cadence Anderson woke to find her husband and infant daughter had been killed, she thought her life was over. Instead, she was offered a second chance and sent back in time to do it all again. 

She’s made the most of this opportunity, but she’s also done something she wasn’t planning on—she’s fallen in love with someone other than her future husband.

She has the hardest decision to make--follow through with her certain future with her wonderful husband Austin and their beautiful baby, or take a chance with the new man she was never supposed to love.

Before she decides, she has to see Austin again. Even if she has to lie to her new beau James, because, deep down, she can’t bring herself to let him go.

In this emotional conclusion to the story that began in Deceptive Cadence, relationships will be tested, identities revealed, and the past will overshadow the future, putting the finishing touches on an unforgettable tale of courage, sacrifice, and above all, love.

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Besides being a talented writer, Katie Hamstead Teller is an aquisitions editor at Curiosity Quills. She's an Aussie living in the USA, just enjoying life as it comes! Her debut novel was Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh, the first book in a trilogy. Here's how to find her:

Two last items to keep the Monday blues away:

We've got some quick tips for back to school shopping at the REALLY REAL HOUSEWIVES!

And if you recognize the quote from the title and can identify the movie, I'll send you a free original Pop Travel - I only have a few left! Happy Monday!


cleemckenzie said...

You should be excited. You've done something wonderful!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You are a busy girl. I miss back to school shopping but Mondays are much happier now that I don't have to go back to school.
Susan Says

Murees Dupé said...

Very exciting times for you. And I agree, that is a good cover. Have a wonderful week.

Yolanda Renee said...

The trailer is awesome! Congratulation!
To both you and Katie!

Chrys Fey said...

That cover is lovely and the blurb is intense! Congrats to Katie!

And I'm so excited about everything that is happening for you, Tara. Yay!!!

Emilyann Girdner said...

Cool! Good luck with Simulation. And the Diverging Cadence cover is beautiful :) Congrats to Katie.

Melissa said...

Good luck with your upcoming release. :)

Congrats to the winners.

Diverging Cadence sounds intriguing. What a premise!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fun trailer! Does she take down some congressmen?

Christine Rains said...

Awesome! Congrats to the winners and Katie! Did I sign up to help? I can't remember, but you know there's always room for you at my blog. :)

Emily R. King said...

Congrats to Katie! The blurb is engrossing.

Awesome trailer!

Emily R. King said...

Congrats to Katie! The blurb is engrossing.

Awesome trailer!

Emily R. King said...

Congrats to Katie! The blurb is engrossing.

Awesome trailer!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Congrats to Katie.

Your book trailer makes me want to know more, and that's a good thing.

Kimberly said...

Congrats to the winners!

I love your new book cover for Pop Travel! Congrats on the re-release and the upcoming release! Wahoo, so exciting.

And congrats to Katie, her book sounds fabulous!

Ava Quinn said...

That's really exciting for you! You're totally allowed to gush. :D

Rhonda Albom said...

Yay to me and the other winners - and to you, and Katie. I love her cover.

Heather R. Holden said...

Best of luck with next month's giveaway! :)

And wow, what a lovely cover! Diverging Cadence has such a unique, emotional premise. Congrats to Katie!

Nissa Annakindt said...

Love that Diverging Cadence cover. Sounds like an intriguing time-travel problem--- going back in time for one specific purpose and finding love with the 'wrong' guy.

Enjoyed your blog post, thanks for sharing.
God bless you,