Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's your party and you can cry if you want to!

Tears are cleansing. Don't let anyone tell you there's no crying in writing. Whoever says that isn't doing it right.

Welcome to October’s Insecure Writers Support Group - we share because we care (Name that Movie, but the share is ‘scare’ in the actual quote)

There’s a time to be strong, but there’s also a time to cry. It’s okay to let it all out. A good cry is cathartic and stress-relieving. I'd say I cry about once a week or so. That might sound like a lot, but I'm going through some major changes lately (2 sons flying the coop and the sweet one turned into a teenage monster overnight, WAH! plus we're trying to sell our house--talk about stressful!) But please do not feel sorry for me! I'm okay with crying a little then I move on. I have tons of high moments too, lots of inspiration and hope. The low times make the high times feel even better, am I right?

So when those rejections hit, and I know they hit hard! go ahead and cry about it. Just don't give up. Keep working and improving. You will connect with the right publishing option at the right time.

Now, for my SHOUT OUT of the Week!

Juneta is super sweet and supportive. She's a big proponent of short stories and the quarterly writing challenge, the Storytime Blog Hop (founded by Holly Lisle) Check it out and give it a try sometime!

More about Juneta - she's Texas born and raised, living in Central Florida--hanging out with pirates and playing with the dolphins. And in her spare time, she makes Magic! A Story Spinner, Tale Weaver, Fate-maker, World Creator, Mythology Bender, Star Mapper, Journey Planner, Fortune Teller.

Fun Fact: Juneta used to be a police/fire/EMT-911 communications dispatch. 

She writes half speculative fiction and half Gothic. She's also a moderator for the Insecure Writer's Support Group Goodreads Book Club. Right now, Juneta is working on her novel in a Ninja Write-Along with Shaunta Grimes founder of Ninja Writers Club. This will be Juneta's first finished novel. She has also written several flash fiction/short stories that you can find on her website.

And here are a couple of quotes by Juneta... (I love quotes!)

"The best thing about being a writer is you don’t have to make excuses for pretending. It’s part of the job." -- Juneta Key

"Life is the mythology of living that creates the stories of our lives and imaginations." -- Juneta Key

How to catch up with Juneta:

And lastly, I'd love to have you join me on my adventures. Sign up for my street team--anyone who volunteers will get early info, freebies, and more!

Thanks for your support and for stopping by! Happy October!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I tried to limit the crying to two really good meltdowns twice a year. My husband appreciates that although he always wants a little warning before it happens. LOL

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Sometimes you just have to let those feelings out, let them go, to make room for the good stuff that's on the way. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No crying but a bit of temper might be involved.
Juneta is a great choice!

Crystal Collier said...

Yup, get the tears out and move forward, eh?

I LOVE Juneta. So glad to see her here. And while I'm here, I'm remembering that I never responded to an email from you. That's because I'm lame and insanely backed up. Especially in the reading department. Like 6 books now--which doesn't sound like a ton, but it feels like a mountain. Anyhow, I will respond. I hope.

David P. King said...

Fully agree, crying is very cleansing. It's unhealthy to bottle everything up. Better out then in, right? :)

The Silver Fox said...

As I age, I find that really emotional (sad or happy) moments in movies can make me sort of misty-eyed. It's annoying! But unless you count those occasions -- and I don't -- I can't recall the last time I cried, exactly. It's been years.

cleemckenzie said...

I used to be in control of crying outbursts, but lately they come when they want and I just go with that moment before moving on. So I understand what you're saying about the catharsis and stress-relief that a good cry can bring on.

Great to know more about Juneta! She's a wonderful person.

Chemist Ken said...

No rejections yet, but one of our teenagers is turning into a stubborn little $%^3 as of late.

Juneta Key said...

Thank you so much Tara for having me in you Shout Out. You make me sound so much better than I make myself sound. I suck at writing Bio's, lol.

Signed up for your Street Team.

You do have stuff going on. I hope your stress eases and you enjoy the adventure and find many blessings along the way.

Again, thank you, and Happy IWSG Day.

Diane Burton said...

Now you know why the English send their boys off to boarding school. (Girls, too.) They become human again in their 20s. Maybe. LOL I don't cry as much as I used to. After writing that, I thought about the episodes of Grey's Anatomy (I'm binge watching on NetFlix) and the Kleenex box I keep close by. Yes, crying is cathartic. It's good for you. Two of Linda Howard's books have made me sob. Again, it's good for you. Hang in there.

H.R. Sinclair, Southpaw said...

Ack! A lot going on--and the possession that happens in the teen years is frightening. I'll send holy water.

Christine Rains said...

The teen years frighten me! Hope the rest of the year goes smoothly and you get the house sold and get settled in a new home. I'll send tissues!

M.J. Fifield said...

It's always good to let those feelings out. Nothing good generally comes from bottling it up.

I have no children, but I remember when my sweet, little niece turned into one of those overnight teenage monsters. I know the same thing happened to me when I was her age, but it was, like, "Whoa! Where did THAT come from?!?"

Hope you're settled soon—the world needs more Tara Tyler novels.

Patricia Lynne said...

I always find crying a good way to let go of stress. It's like getting all the negativity out in a somewhat messy way. LOL

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Life does seem to pile on at once. Hugs!!! You're right about trudging on. We are relentless. It will happen.

Amy Keeley said...

We have three teens and are about to have three more. It's such a shift, going from taking care of a child who has to be told just about everything to negotiating with a pre-adult. Good luck with it. :)

Michelle Wallace said...

Juneta has a wonderful blog. Great visuals!
Hope you're well, Tara. 😊😊