Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Business and Politics Don't Mix

Time for our monthly IWSG meeting!
Here's my advice: Keep politics out of it and we'll all be happier!

When anyone brings up politics, half the nation is with them, and the other half is against them. It's just not good for business. I don't want to know who a company supports because I want to base my purchases on what I like, not how they vote. We should all VOTE, give our support, and get on with our lives, accepting the outcome either way. I have lots of friends on both sides and I like them for who they are.

I also keep politics out of my writing. Even when writing about politicians, I don't say which party they're in and give them qualities from both sides. I don't want debates about politics to taint my adventures. Just have fun reading the story!

Next topic: MASKS!

To re-open, we need to wear them. I have mixed feelings, but as a teacher, I want to get back to school and help the kids in person (I think the majority can agree that online was not good for most kids and teachers and parents!) That said, I made a Lazy Housewife video for DIY cheap and easy masks.

If you're looking for a fun apocalyptic action/adventure with some romance, I'm publishing a weekly Short Story Series: THE DAY DAVE BROKE THE INTERNET. With school starting, I'll be posting new episodes weekly through Thanksgiving.

Dave didn't know he was lonely until his friends pointed it out. But when he gives in and tries an online dating site, something catastrophic happens - talk about a bad omen.

And lastly, I invite you to enter my Summer Book Bday Giveaway!
As a teacher, I publish most of my books in the summer and I want to share my celebration with you!

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Have a wonderful August
Hope this cursed year isn't taking too much of a toll on you!
Stay safe & healthy!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I agree - online learning is a failure. Kids need to go back. They need interaction. This generation will be so messed up socially if they go long without it.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tara - good for you for getting sorted with a few masks ... I've got two and they're quite 'heavy' ... I'll be looking for something lighter. But also blogging and politics don't mix ... if it's a political blog fine ... but I won't be there. Take care and good luck with getting back to school ... kids certainly need the interaction. Take care - Hilary

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Tara, online learning is not for everyone!

Carrie-Anne said...

I've got a lot of characters who are openly, proudly Socialist, old-school left-wing Democrat, and Communist, though I have a couple of more conservative and politically apathetic characters too. It's impossible to avoid the issue in hist-fic, particularly during certain eras and years. An important lesson I've learnt since I was a teenager is not to make your characters political ciphers of yourself, forcing your own views on them without taking into account their personalities and backstories. They should always feel natural to the character, an integral part of who s/he is.

Natalie Aguirre said...

I hope it goes well for you when you go back to school. We're starting out online although the University of Michigan is going to have on-campus classes.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't talk politics either.
I think kids will be all right back in school.

Patricia Josephine aka Patricia Lynne said...

I don't talk politics online. There are too many pissed off people who are looking to be pissed off. I will talk it with my family because even though we do have different opinions and leanings, we don't let that affect our love for each other. (And because we all generally agree that all politicians are dumb. XD)

Chrys Fey said...

I' going to comment about online learning, especially after seeing the comments here (and because I totally agree with what you said about half will be with you and half against). I keep my own opinions on politics to myself. :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Um, I'm with Chrys here, but ... I am a teacher and a tutor. I think certain students do really well online - like they speak up online when they never did before, or take part in a chatbox when they never raised their hands in class. It may not work for everyone, but it does work for some.
Also, since I homeschooled my kids, I can say for a 100% fact that what is happening right now is not homeschooling or even home education. Homeschooling and home education involve informed choices made by families for their children and usually include activities outside the house and with social peers.
We have been in partial quarantine for a long, long time. Some kids aren't leaving their houses or their yards and haven't seen their peers in months. This is not healthy. They need sunshine, fresh air, laughter, and interaction beyond the screen. Even if we do online school, we need to figure out ways to do things beyond the screen world or ways to encourage students and their families to get some interaction with others - scavenger hunts, shopping trips together for groceries, something.

cleemckenzie said...

We really do need to get those children back to the classrooms. I hope it's soon. As to those masks...I have the worst time breathing with them on and my glasses fog, so I have to make a choice between protecting myself and others or seeing. Challenging times.

Chemist Ken said...

My son suffers from ADD, so online learning doesn't work so well for him.

Fundy Blue said...

One good thing that has come out of this pandemic,Tara, is that people are now realizing how important the classroom experience is. Kudos to all the amazing teachers, who with little warning, training, or equipment went on-line to teach their students and worked their hearts out to make it work the best they could. My sister Bertie teaches primarily First Nations students in Canada. They had no internet connections, and she was working every day connecting with each student via telephone. Not that she's extra special (Well, I think she is!), but she is representative of so many dedicated teachers. Good luck as you get ready to go back. Please take care!

Tara Tyler said...

I love a healthy discussion!

And I did have kids that thrived in the online learning, but the many in my math classes didn't and some were very disconnected and depressed. And then there were those who did about the same and handled it all fine.

It was very surprising to see some of the changes!
And we all want what's best, hard choices!

Jennifer Lane said...

Hi, Tara! I'm really hoping you get to teach in the classroom this fall. Thank you for making masks!

I totes agree about sharing politics. What's the point of alienating half of your friends? I did write a romance trilogy about romance across the political aisle, but I tried to show both sides.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Wonderful advice. Politics is everywhere, I don't want to think about it or read about in my writer's bubble.
Online school is tough on everyone, teachers, students, and parents. I have no idea how we can make it work.

Diane Burton said...

Great advice about politics. Hubs and I agree to disagree . . . and usually cancel out each other's vote. LOL Obviously this works since we've been together for 48 years.

Masks. We gotta wear 'em. They are uncomfortable, and my glasses fog up. LOL But if it keeps me and anyone I meet safe, I wear them. I hope school will be back in session, but I want the kids to be safe. A dilemma.

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