Sunday, November 7, 2010


Email is great.

I have been unleashed on the public recently - a couple of dinners and meeting new parents. I don't get out much, besides subbing, so my adult interaction is a little rusty. This means that I have a lot to say that's been bottled up and it doesn't always come out right. So if I have ever offended anyone with my sarcastic, untamed wit, please excuse me. I don't mean any harm...

This is why I really like email (and now blogging). I can proofread my words before I send them. This isn't foolproof either, but it's much better than blurting out "That's hilarious!" when it wasn't meant to be a joke...did I mention my hearing is going, too?

Texting is a whole other story - I dont abbreviate 2 much 4 fear of misunderstanding, I get that enough as it is.

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