Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the good and the bad

So things have been up and down for me of late. Reading other blogs, I see similar jolts of positive and negative. Since it's becoming laughable as I look back, I will share...

Starting Sunday evening...
arrived at baseball game early - thats good
lightening siren went off delaying game - thats bad
got to play after short delay - thats good
more storms roll in ending game early and counting as a loss - thats BAD =(
get to try to see other son's game and free ice cream - thats good =)
hail! hurry home - thats scary!

storms cancel son's field day that I took day off for - thats ok, I needed a day off =)
got tons of neglected shopping done - thats great (sunny rest of day!)
tornado warning! boys scared - thats bad
but it was after they got to play outside and eat dinner - thats good
power went out - thats bad
snuggled & watched movie on ipad w/boys in basement - thats good!
power back on - hey, thats good too!

This morning
hectic early morning - thats normal
on way out, doorknob to garage broke! - thats BAD!
left my breakfast in house - more bad
have last period planning - thats better
husband comes home today - whew! (hope he can get in or it will be very bad)

It's ok to laugh. Maybe my troubles can make your day not look so bad =)

I am a day behind, but I will also mention I joined I love my friends online Monday (on Tuesday =)
It's fun making new friends =)

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FirstTimeMom said...

bummer on all the ups and downs lately and bad storms. I love that y'all watched a movie on the iPad though during the storm :) What a great way to distract the kiddos! Must remember this one.

kmckendry said...

when you can make the bad into an opportunity for good that's great!

Kim said...

Oh, I hate storms...especially tornado warnings. And I have no basement. Glad you ended up with no tornado...that would have been terribly bad. Thanks for you post.

Ellie Garratt said...

Oh, my. That really was a weekend to look back upon and laugh, otherwise you'd probably go crazy. This was my Monday:

Overslept - bad. I never oversleep.
Turned on desktop for first time since decorating. Didn't work - bad.
Went to friends for coffee - good.
Friends dog tried to hump me - bad.
Friends other dog decided my arm was a nice to lick, all the time - bad.
Got a takeaway for tea - good.
Played new GaGa album for first time. Didn't like it - bad.
Cuddled up with Mr. G and read - good.

Comupter cost £60 to fix - very bad!

Cathy said...

You have to put it in perspective and smile ... not always easy in the middle ... but in the scheme of things what will you remember years from now the problems and hassles or the movie on the ipad?

Love the new look :)

Alexis Bass Writes said...

Crazy beginning of the week - hope it's evens out as your week continues :)

Empty Nest Insider said...

We've been having terrible weather here too, but it doesn't compare with what's going on in Missouri and Oklahoma. It's great that you're able to keep your sense of humor when so many things go wrong at once. Julie

Graywolfie said...

Wow..you can really find the good & bad in life ya..
Oh..I noticed you changed the header picture..nice..!

Rhonda Albom said...

I was just whining about the wind before I read this. Maybe it's not so bad here. On the bright side of your ups and downs, it makes a great blog post :) (and what could be more important than that - thanks for the laughs)

Tara Tyler said...

thanks for you thoughts and encouraging words, things always get better and they did. and thanks for commenting on my summer look, too!

Ellie, I love your good v bads! sorry about your computer!