Monday, May 23, 2011

Kick start Monday - long weekend

I'm ready for Monday this week. Been a long, frustrating weekend. A weekend that I should have recognized would have been a great opportunity for me to practice using patience. I wish I could think of this at the time. And a nice little hail storm to boot. Never ends.

I did manage to fit in one challenge. Cafe Muryavets offers a monthly flash fiction of exactly 50 words based on prompts and a theme - it's a lot to cram into 50 words, but I love the challenge! Here are the words:
neckline, violet, unawares, imperil, vent and theme is: optimism and pessimism.

The words made me think of the female lead in my current WIP, so I wrote about her. Maybe she will get another book someday. Here it is.

Geri enters, demanding all eyes. The drastic neckline of her violet gown catches each gawker unawares of her brilliance.

Weapons hidden in the perfection of her disguise imperil ignorant enemies.

Her optimism turns to pessimism as she discovers the tiny vent she will have to navigate to reach her objective.

Lastly, green Versatile Blogger award has been making the rounds again, but this time it has a new twist. Instead of listing some info about yourself, you write the first and last lines of your WIP's first five chapters. I love that! And I have read some good stuff! Since I can't get the award again, I'm putting up mine just for the fun of it.

From my WIP, Pop Travel, sci fi thriller

Ch 1
Click, clack, click, clack. The resonance of her high heels on the sidewalk clashed like a cymbal in her throbbing head.

“Don’t worry. I’ll call you.”

Ch 2
Dawson popped out of Detroit Metro Transport and arrived at a first class platform in the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Transport Center (ATC).

"Yes, sir," Nate said and got to work.

Ch 3
The MARTA train rumbled along through a rebuilt neighborhood of College Park on the south side of Atlanta.

“Amen,” Cooper agreed, though he felt like having a double.

Ch 4
Cooper woke up with hangover head even though he’d had no fun the night before.

“You should have gone home when you had the chance,” he said shaking his head.

Ch 5
Cooper didn’t like the sound of Miki’s encounter.

She went to sleep optimistic, ready to spar with her new, worthy adversary.


Carolyn Arnold said...

Awesome job! It was very well written :D

Jennifer Shirk said...

Great challenge! Well done. :-)

Ellie said...

Fantastic use of the words!

I need to practice patience as well. Poor Mr. G had my impatience last night when all I wanted to do was read in bed. For some reason it seems to take him hours to settle down for the night and it drives me crazy!

Ellie Garratt

MISH said...

Great piece of flash fiction !

Holly Ruggiero said...

Very nice micro-flash there. The first and last of the first five chapters (whew, that's a bit of work to get out), is an interesting idea.