Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hidden Talents

So I have surveyed facebook again with Lazy Housewife question number 4:
What is your secret talent?

Here are the answers, I won't tell their names, cause it's a secret!
  • taking shorthand
  • (source)
  • playing the piano
  • tying a knot in a cherry stem w/tongue (old favorite I admit I can't do...)
  • popping out a hip (ah! might come in handy later in life for an easier replacement?)
  • keeping secrets (ha ha)
  • my favorite is shaving legs, while in third trimester of pregnancy, you go girl!
I think mine is finding things, but only for other people, especially the males in my house. I also have a hidden talent for jinxing electronics - things just seem to happen when I'm using the computer or tv or phone that don't happen when my husband comes to see what the problem is...

How about you? Any hidden talents?


mshatch said...

how about the ability to consistently throw a ball in any direction except the one I was aiming at? Does that count?

Catherine Lavoie said...

I have a great memory... I really wish I had a cooler hidden talent! lol

Cathy said...

Listening ... people tell me all kinds of things ... good thing I'm not a novelist ... yet!

FirstTimeMom said...

Haha I have that talent too. One minute something is not working, the next Chris or my Dad comes to see what the problem is and it's fine. Happens to my Mom too. It's like magic!

Theresa Milstein said...

I was also able to shave through my entire pregnancies. And if you'd seen my belly, you would've been really impressed.

Graywolfie said... the ability to sleep thru any & everything considered a talent..? Sadly I've not been able to 'use' this talent for 4 years already (my elder girl is 4 years old)

Ellie said...

Hehe. I love this post. My hidden talents would be being able to wiggle my ears.

Ellie Garratt

Tara Tyler said...

ms - I have that talent too, especially with a wadded piece of paper

Catherine - I lost mine a while back...

Cathy - good listener, let me bend your ear sometime

Carla - aaargh! =)

Theresa - good for you too!

Wolfie - awwww, it's nice when you can trust them to get up without you =)

Ellie - cool!