Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7th Quotes of Christmas

Got snow?
So far we've gotten snow showers mostly - more rain than flakes. But we will get a good snow before long. It's the kids who long for a snow day (and us adults). The funny thing is, our school board sometimes likes to call a snow day if the weatherman thinks we are going to get a few inches. Then it turns out to be nothing much and at the end of the season we get dumped on and are scrambling to keep the kids in school with no snow days left! I do like how our town covers the streets with salt when a big storm is supposed to come. We are prepared! Unlike our southern friends who have to shut everything down when they get a surprise dumping. Either way, snow days are splendid!

Anticipation is watching a fluffy, gray sky for the first snowflake to fall.

These are a few of my favorite snow things:
  • seeing a coating of snow on everything - so pretty!
  • watching big snowflakes fall, I could look at it out my window all day
  • (2009)
  • snowmen, snowforts, watching my boys have snowball fights and sledding
  • real icicles
"Icicles - they'll poke your eye out!"

How do you feel about snow?


Angela Cothran said...

I woke up to snow this morning :) I won't lie...I was a little giddy.

Leigh Covington said...

I love a white Christmas. Love it! And I really do love snow, but only for a short amount of time. I need sunshine! I do love watching it snow. Especially those huge, fluffy flakes. Nothing better than going out and catching them on your tongue!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wished I lived somewhere that saw snow more often than once a year. Used to live in the midwest and we'd have snowdrifts as high as the roof.

Jenna Cooper said...

I grew up in California so...I don't get the whole snow thing...

Angela Brown said...

I'm laughing because you are so right about us Southern folks. If we get an hour's worth of snow, our whole town goes in shut down mode. City has to check and make sure they got enough salt and we may be lucky to have more than one truck out laying the salt on the roads.

Too funny.

Liz Fichera said...

I miss snow days. Seriously.

Christine Rains said...

I love snow. I remember when I was young, snow being piled so high and playing for hours outside. Now I live further south and they don't get a lot of snow. When it does snow, even a little, I have to listen to everyone complain about how much they hate it. I just smile and go silently into the winter wonderland in my head. :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

I think I feel exactly the same way about snow as you do! As long as it melts after a few days. Once it gets all gray and gross: not so much.

Tara Tyler said...

Angie, lucky! precipitation is still rain here - cold & sunny, warms up and rains!

Abby, a little girl at heart =)

Alex, I'm there now - and the piles from plows in parking lots last all season!

Jenna, you're missing out =)

Angela, love the south!

Liz, poor thing =)

Christine, I don't usually complain, they clear the roads and we bundle up - it's the static I hate!

Peggy, yep, slush is yucky...

Dana said...

I have to say I'm not crazy about snow, but I tolerate for the kids' sake. I've always said that the perfect climate for me would be a steady 70 degrees.