Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are you satisfied?

I don't do resolutions. And way back in January of this year, I was still just starting out with my blog and learning the ins and outs of writing. As I found more friends, I saw many great year long challenges - thanks for something every day, 52 weeks of lists, a number of books to read, etc. My friend Marcy read 29 books - that's a lot! And I know others that read a book or two a week! I am a picky reader. I have started twice as many books as I have finished. I can tell within the first 50 pages if I can finish a book or not. And some I get far into and almost give up, but finish eventually because I've already invested so much time in.

So anyway, I put together a list of the books I read in 2011. It's a nice walk down memory lane for me, as I remember what I was doing at the time too =)

  1. NUMB by Sean Ferrell
  2. HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins
  3. DUMA KEY by Stephen King
  4. CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins
  5. MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins
  6. DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth
  8. THREE DAVES by Nicki Elson
  9. FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King
  10. VARIANT by Robison Wells
That is impressive for this slow reader. But an awesome book I will gobble up in a week. It's finding the awesome books that's the challenge!

I have high hopes for 2012. For Christmas I got NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern, THE PERICLES COMMISSION by Gary Corby, and UNDER THE DOME by Stephen King (it's MAMMOTH!!!) and I can't wait to read them! Plus my mom leant me THE WOODS by Harlan Coben - a great thriller that is helping me with editing my book! That's the problem with ebooks - you can't lend them to a friend!

I'm excited to read more books in 2012. How about 20 - I'm actually putting a number on it... but I won't stress if it doesn't happen.

Did you set goals for 2011? Did you meet them?


mshatch said...


Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

I met some of my goals and failed at others. It's been a strange year. I hope I'm more successful in 2012.

Fida I said...

I think this is the only year i haven't been myself outside my writing. And I mean in a sad way.

I hope 2012 is better for so many of us.

Tara Tyler said...

great, Marcy! looking forward to reading it all year =)

Michael, thats life, right? ups & downs

Fida, sometimes things get a lot worse before they can get better, unfortunately. we just have to keep trying! Good thoughts coming your way!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think I exceeded my goals, which is a rare thing.
I have Nicki's book on my iPad. She still doesn't believe me though.

Mama Zen said...

Divergent and Night Circus are on my list to be read soon!

J. A. Bennett said...

I agree about finding the right books, but Blogging has really opened my eyes to some good choices. I'm hoping to get through one book a week next year, but we'll see if that happens or not!

Christine Rains said...

UNDER THE DOME is awesome. I would like more time to read, too, but I can settle for reading Curious George or fairytales with my son. I didn't get as much writing as I would have liked done this year, but 2012 is looking good. :)

Heather Henry said...

My son just read The Hunger Games and really liked it. I am longing to read the Stephen King book, but haven't yet. I just read Wildwood and really loved it. Reminded me of traveling to Narnia. It was a good adventure.
Hope all is well and you have a wonderful New Year's Celebration. :)

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

I did make a few resolutions and actually completed most of them. I hope you have a wonderful new year!!! also, here is a blog award. you can find it here

Peggy Eddleman said...

Ooo! Have fun reading!!

I set goals. Met some. Didn't meet others. I'm okay with it. Going to make others. Hopefully I'll meet them. :)

Deb said...

I've written (but not posted) my look back on 2011, which included a line about the books I read. I'd aimed for a book a month but ended up being closer to three books a month. I met two of my other goals (publish a book; write a new one) but failed on a third (edit my second book). I'm curious to see what I'll be saying at the end of 2012 now!

Tara Tyler said...

Alex, you had an awesoe year, from what i read!

Mama Zen, Divergent is great!

JA, I have gotten great recommendations from you all too!

Christine, my brain might be ready for Curious George after Under the Dome!

Heather, my boys read and liked HG too - and I will have to check out Wildwood - you should try Variant!

Ms Saba, really? wow, thanks! happy 2012 to you too!

Peggy, I always hate to disappoint myself so I don't set goals too high - I'm going for it this year!

Deb, yay for you! you have so many followers, too (judging by your comments)! keep going!

Heather M. Gardner said...

I think you did a great job on your reading! Are you on Goodreads too? It helps me keep track of what I read and what I want to read next.

MISH said...

I don't really do the New-Year-Resolution-thinggie... instead I prefer to set realistic & attainable goals.
Hope you have an awesome & blessed New Year, TTT - thanks for the loyal support during 2011.
See you in 2012...