Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Saturday - Looking to Lose Weight?

Me too. Let's see what Consumer Reports has to say about it.

6 pieces of advice to help keep pounds off:
  1. Stop drinking calories. Pops, juice, energy drinks = less filling and more sugar. So drink diet. (No one has studied the consumption of artificial sweetners long enough to attach them to cancer, yet.) Milk and limited alcohol consumption supposedly have enough healthy factors to equal out the calories and are slightly more filling. (I already do this one, they should've said coffee too)
  2. Eat more protein. Atkins type dieting has been studied and is now approved as a good way to lose weight. To be the most effective, protein intake should be 20-25% of total calories. Replacing some fat and starches with lean proteins can be beneficial. (I try to do this too, been slacking)
  3. Eat more fiber. Fiber is awesome! It regulates, helps prevent colon cancer and slows digestion making you feel fuller longer! Plus the foods it comes in have healthy vitamins and minerals. But go slow on the increase - fiber can backfire (if you know what I mean). (Another healthy thing I already partake of)
  4. Lead yourself not into temptation. Snacks. Mmmm. Crunchy, salty, flavorful, sweet - I need something good to eat! The best thing to do is not have these things in your house. Buy them on occasion. If you have them, you will eat them. (I try to buy snacks for the kids that I don't like. I have no trouble limiting their intake, I'm a mean mom) 
  5. Add 2000 steps a day. 20-25 minutes of walking, about a mile, burns about 100 calories. (I walk my dog around the block when I get the mail or go to the bus stop - he needs exercise too)
  6. Cut your screen time. Sitting calories = sleeping calories. Even just standing burns twice the calories of sitting. (this has become a problem since I took up writing and blogging - so I started using my ipad on the treadmill =) Time to get up and move around!
So. This article isn't so much about losing weight as keeping off those extra couple of pounds that most people gain each year. Small modifications can increase your health and energy. I do most of these things and I am at a plateau. I need to do more if I want better results.
(From: "Lose Weight, Stay Active," Consumer Reports, 2/11)


Nicole said...

iPad + treadmill = great idea.

And #1 is SO TRUE. When I started college, I quickly realized that the fountain drinks were the reason I was gaining weight - not the few extra cookies! I switched out for milk instead and was happy hunky dory the rest of my time there!

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks, Nicole. I need motivation, life is too easy and time-consuming for - I visited your two blogs =)