Monday, January 17, 2011

baby toys

It's hard to believe babies are real when you first have one. They seem more like dolls. The oversized heads and eyes, the supple skin and wispy hair. They're so precious, you just want to cuddle them all day. Until the cute and sweet gives way to the stinky, weepy, needy (and happy and sneezey- no no no!) stuff.

I remember the baby phases - finally he can eat baby food, finally he can feed himself, finally he can sit up, finally he can crawl - oh no he can crawl! etc. But most of what I remember is on the changing table - endless diapers. Or the letting them cry and put themselves to sleep - so hard, and what a relief when you make it through. The cute moments, though fleeting, help us get through the exhausting, difficult times.

And then all of a sudden they are little people. The chubby, innocent babies disappeared.


tracy o said...

Look at those adorable little boys!!!

taratyler said...

what happened?!!