Saturday, January 29, 2011

yet another Quick Prompt Contest 1/29/11

words: sushi, heater, squibs – mini explosives or enemies of muggle wizards, tingo – foreign crazy words or borrow things until there’s nothing left, firefly

I had to choose between two. I chose this one after reading the other entries. It wasn't like the others.

“I make sushi out of you!” old Mr. Yamoto yelled, shaking his fist. His wrinkled face was contorted in rage. He looked like one of his rutabagas.

I threw another heater into his territory. The squibs were going off like fireworks. It was hilarious to watch him duck and dodge.

“Look at that fire fly!” I yelled and lobbed another cherry bomb.

“Where did tat tingo?” He scurried, searching his garden for the dud that didn’t go off.

Me and my buddies were laughing our… uh oh! “Incoming!”


He took out my little bro!


Janine said...

Fun! And you're much in common :D.
Thanks for finding my blog.

Tara Tyler said...

ok. results were so tough this round. talkin about reincarnation from cancer and i'm not going any further. don't know why i even bothered! i knew it was too shallow. next time i'm going to go deeper, deeper, and deeper still! never surrender!