Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick Prompt Contest Entry 1/15/11 (another try)

My favorite agent, Janet Reid, put another contest out to give us a second chance...The prize is DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. I don't think I'm good enough to win one yet, but I love the challenge!
Words to use:

Bonus points if you correctly identify what links these words.

Ahh, the scent of mildew in the morning. Jasper woke from his brief snooze. He had a cup of coffee while he read the scandal sheets.

“Looks like the Fleas are splitting up,” he mentioned to Vera.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” she said, laying her third egg of the day.

He had a flair for interrupting her. “Oh. Sorry. Well, I’d better go eat. It’s been a few days and Johnny will be up soon.”

“Bye, dear.”

Jasper journeyed from the warmth of the sour sock under the bed. He reached Johnny’s cheek and latched on. Mmm. Succulent blood.

for the bonus I found flair & scandal mentioned in this jabbing yet complimentary review of Ghost Country …that’s all I got.

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