Friday, January 14, 2011

resutls - quick prompt contest entry 1/10/11

There were 100 entries! And as I read them, I knew I fell short, but I believe I was top 10-15%. Some were really good and I picked two out of the top three...I will put more effort into it next time. Here is my favorite, the runner up...

by Marie Rearden
Lil and Margie lived on a cobbled cul-de-sac, homes and hearts separated only by a glowering A-frame. The eighty-somethings baked muffins, shared memories, and showed no abnegation at the library’s book giveaways. But amity turned to enmity when Mr. Pawpaw, the erudite librarian, moved into the A-frame. Cotton balls of hair fanned his ears, and his bespectacled eyes twinkled. He was a granny’s wickedest fantasy.

Margie concocted a lovely pie. A dauntless Lil whipped up an irresistible quiche. They hobbled to Mr. Pawpaw’s door with their seductive gifts.

With candor, he smooched Margie and honked Lil’s bottom. “I love cougars!”

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