Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rule maker, Rule breaker

So today is Random Thursday, didn't you know?

I thought I would check in on how you are doing with your Resolutions for 2012. Anyone still on track? I didn't set any firm goals, except to be published some time this year, and that goal is well under way. I've been editing like mad! And the book I'm reading is really helpful! Since I'll be done and review it next week, I'll let it be a surprise.

But the longstanding, unwritten resolutions that I and just about everyone else make every year, are being neglected. I've fallen off the wagon, not that I ever really got on it.

Exercise more and eat better!
(i.e. lose weight)

Why is this so hard? I am gaining weight every year, as statistics tell me is normal. I hate conforming to statistics!

I set simple rules with rewards, yet I can't get myself to do them. Here they are (with my top excuses):
  1. Eat a fruit or vegetable before any sweets or snacks (fruits & veggies are not fun to eat and usually have to be prepared, snacks are so tempting and easy!)
  2. Don't eat snacks after kids go to bed (that's a killer!)
  3. Only read and comment on blogs while treadmilling and/or after (I can't get sweaty I have to go somewhere, I just ate, I'll just read a couple now, so many other things to do!)
See? Those aren't hard! And the newer resolution of blogging less is also addressed up there (yes, I overblog)

Does anyone else have trouble with this? I need some advice from skinny, happy people who stick to their diet and workout guns, or more likely some commiseration from fellow whiners. Boo hoo.

Pep talk to self: "Suck it up, Tara! Stop making excuses! You want to keel over before you're published? You can't afford a new wardrobe! Get moving!"


E. Arroyo said...

Just like the Nike commercial...Just do it.


Avery Marsh said...

Well, I'm not skinny yet, but I have that same resolution every year and I'm actually managing to stick with it this year. My secret? Have a deadline. My sister is getting married in June so I have to be strapless gown ready by then. Every time I eat something or want to skip a workout, I think about that dress, those pictures, and the guests who might see me that one time for the next decade or whatever.

Having a concrete reason to work toward helps. If you don't have a big event coming up, create one. Make an appointment to take author's photos which you'll need when you get published anyway. ;)

Okay. I sound like an infomercial so I'll stop now. Good luck with both your writerly and non-writerly resolutions. :)

Mina Burrows said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Keeping healthy & fit never ends...never! And we all struggle with that! :)

Jennie Bennett said...

I think those are simple goals and you do what you can! I am awful about losing weight as well, but I think working on choices everyday really helps. BTW, I gave you an award!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Takes both eating right and exercising to lose weight. And the change has to be permanent, which is why diets never work.
My biggest rule - drink lots of water. Minimum sixty-four ounces a day.
Yes, you will spend a lot of your day in the bathroom, but it's hard to feel really hungry when you're full of water!

Krista McLaughlin said...

I think those are pretty reasonable goals. I've been editing like crazy too, my main goal was to get published this year too!

M.J. Fifield said...

My main goal for the year was also publishing. This week I've gone from "this will be great!" to "why did I think I could do this"

So, you know, it's a work in progress.

Christine Rains said...

Those are great goals. I always have trouble sticking to my weight loss goals too. I uncovered my exercise bike in the garage at the end of last month, but I still haven't dragged it into the house. I don't like many fruits or veggies, so it's very difficult to make them the majority of my diet. The one thing I have stuck to so far this month is cutting back on my afternoon snacks while my son is napping. I've lost three pounds. Though being sick might have something to do with that too!

Precy Larkins said...

Oh man, I hate the pressure of dieting and losing weight. Good thing I won't have to worry about that for a while...well, until baby comes out, and then I'm sure I'll be frowning at the scales.

The way I look at it, it's not about losing the pounds but making healthy, positive choices for ourselves. Sometimes, no matter how hard we work out at the gym, or how little we eat, the pounds just won't unstick. But if we just keep on doing it, and stick to a healthy regimen, you'll see th difference in the way you feel.

Good luck, good luck!!

Angela Brown said...

LOL! You're a riot.

I still avoid the scale like it's the plague, however, I'm still doing okay with eating better. I haven't completed gone astray with my exercising, but I'm close. Time to reel myself back in.

Leigh Covington said...

You're so cute! I swear my metabolism just decided to quit on me and it sucks. However, I am putting together a soccer team for "old ladies" and I think that will help. I look forward to exercise I can do.

Anonymous said...

You'll love this, it gets worse unless you have some major will power. I wasn't going to get the middle age spread, then one day I looked and said, where did that come from?. Wasn't going to wear old lady shoes until one day I fell down because of my shoes, guess what? clunkers and comfort shoes for me. Getting older, wiser, and heavier. You are a riot and so honest.

Gwen Gardner said...

I'm still on track, but I'm dragging my feet a bit:( I try not to set myself up for a fall by making over-ambitious goals, though. Weight is a huge problem with me - I go up and down - but this will be the year, right?

Angela Cothran said...

Number 3 is a great idea! I'm so doing that!!!

Rhonda said...

I don't do resolutions, but I am trying to lose a bit. I am down 20 lbs as of this week :) Number 2 on your list is my biggest problem.

Plain Jane said...

My husband spends five hours at the gym, runs twenty miles at a stretch, does sit-ups while watching tv, and paces back and forth in the apartment after dinner. He still has a squishy middle. I say enjoy life. Eat more chocolate.

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