Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Funny

My dog at 7 AM...
From YOU'RE SOMETHING SPECIAL, SNOOPY by Charles M. Schulz, United Feature Syndicate, Inc., 1972

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jack Saves the Day

I have combined Terrible Minds' Friday Flash and Brainstorms & Bylines' Weekend Challenge to give you a Twisted Flea Market Fairy Tale. This was so fun! I might actually have a chance to win this week.

Jack Saves the Day

I don’t understand my grandparents’ fascination with flea markets. They smell like a mildewed attic in a condemned house, even though it’s outside. The rows of useless junk on card tables are manned by disturbing, repulsive beings who sit in worn out lawn chairs. They chat and haggle over the noise of clanking wind chimes made from shells or broken bottle “sea glass." It’s amazing what people will try to sell.

The shoppers are just as bad. They’re either tourist treasure hunters or desperate losers. Or dragged here by insane loved ones. I am forced here against my will for our monthly visit. My grandparents come so often, they know some of the vendors by name. That in itself makes my skin crawl.

The sun beats down as I trail behind them. I should not be awake at ten on a Saturday morning. When they stop to greet Minnie the “rare” doll seller, I walk on by like I’m not with them.

I scuff down the aisles and avoid eye contact. I glance at the tables. Necklaces made from bottle caps, wooden toys, “art” sculpted from beer cans, knives, old posters, hats with sayings like, “Even your poker face is ugly.” An endless supply of crap. And it’s all dusty. I wonder if these people live here and sleep under their tables. Pathetic.

I stop at a table with some old baseball cards which have the possibility to be worth something. I look through them even though I’m sure I won't find anything valuable. The guy behind the table looks like he’s napping under his faded Cubs hat. Another transplanted snowbird.

As I search, I feel the intense stare of the vendor next door. I look over and he has this hungry, almost drooling, look on his face. He is all jolly and smiling and fat. His hair is tufted white with a beard to match. He’s got on a checkered golf beret, a short sleeved shirt, and suspenders. A classic old fart. It’s scary how much he reminds me of Santa on summer break.

I give him a sneer and go back to the cards, hoping he will quit.

“Is your name Jack?”

I get chills down my back when he says my name, but I don’t acknowledge that he spoke.

“It is, isn’t it? I know Thelma and Joe. Your grandparents, right?”

Now I have to respond. My grandparents would guilt me to death if I was rude to their “friend.”

“Sure,” I say, but I still don’t turn to him.

“Well, Jack. I have something for you.”

I roll my eyes and make myself look at his wares. I’m disgusted by the used odds and ends from broken mirrors to a muddy boot. It looks like he went through someone’s trash. His sign proclaims “Magical Antiques.” I almost laugh out loud when I see the plunger. I am about to walk away as he rifles through a box behind him, but he catches me.

“Here you go. Your grandparents picked it out for you.” He holds up a weathered bean bag cow.

“That’s ok.”

“Jack. Have you been a good boy?”

I stifle the urge to run screaming. “What?”

“Be a good boy and take it. It was made just for you.”

“By who? Your elves?”

His eyes accept my sarcasm and his jovial smile lowers to a satisfied grin. “It’s magic.” He tosses it at me and I catch it by reflex.

“Jaa-aack!” My grandmother calls. I jerk around to see her waving at me. It’s finally time to go. I turn back to leave the cow on the table but the whole setup is now a skinny black dude selling sunglasses and visors.

“Want a pair?” he asks me.

“No thanks,” I say and jog to leave this crazy island of misfits.

When I get home I throw the cow to my dog. He loves it and takes it to the back yard and buries it. Perfect. Now I won’t have to think about it anymore. After dinner I go to bed and try to erase the entire experience.

The next morning I wake up to sirens. Out front police have taped off our house and a crowd has formed. My mom rushes into my room.

“Jack, we don’t have to sell the house!”

“Wha? What’s going on?”

“Get dressed, honey! And come out back! Our problems are solved!”

I throw on some clothes and rush outside. I can’t believe my eyes. I see the thickest trunk of interwoven vines and it reaches up forever, into the clouds.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes, honey! It’s a beanstalk! A wonderful, unbelievable beanstalk!”

“How is this profitable?”

“Oh, silly! I can charge people to come see it!”

Ok. My mother is as crazy as her parents. And that’s when we hear it.

“FEE FI FO FUM! WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER? WHERE’S MY RUM!” The bellowing causes the earth to shake and knocks us all off our feet.

Down the stalk climbs a giant girl. She lets go and lands on my house. Splat!

“Oops. Sorry about that,” she says. Then she looks around and spots me. “Hi! I’m Darla. What’s your name?” she asks with a wink. Why me?


“You come with me.”

“You want to take my son?” my mom asks.

“My dad is going to douse that beanstalk with poison. If you want me to leave you alone, take this payment for the boy.” She puts down a flask that’s taller than me. “It’s magic rum. Each sip grants a wish.”


“MOM!” Darla scoops me up and puts me in a pocket.

“You’ll be fine!” my mom yells. Then she considers and asks, “You aren’t going to eat him are you?”

From halfway up Darla answers, “Not today!”

As she reaches the top, she giggles and whispers to me, “I have a thing for bad boys!”

Friday, July 29, 2011

Musical Escapade

C R Ward's poetry form of the week is Nove Otto and she has a lovely example to go with it. Here is my complimentary music to her meter.

Musical Escapade

Listening to a favorite song
Lifts my mood as I hum along.
Music always brightens my day.
Ipod shopping, people may stare
I'm lip syncing and I don't care.
Chores less tedious as I sway.
Problems make you lose your rhythm,
Crank the tunes, get funky with em!
Music will soothe you, just push play.


PS - if you'd like to read the whole short story "Far From Normal" shoot me an email (it's in my profile).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Far From Normal - Sample

I entered this piece in Glimmer Train's Very Short Story Contest (<3000 words). I'd say it's YA romance, which I don't normally do, but the story came to me while I was on vacation. It's about two young people who encounter love, separation and tragedy. (a real comedy, ha ha) For now, here is the first page & 1/2. I wanted to put up more, but it would be too much. I'll put up the whole thing after the contest. So, what do you think?

Far From Normal.

The ocean’s steady rhythm comforted Kacy. She found contentment, staring out past the sand, watching the waves as they built to a crest and crashed, time after time after time. How many generations before her had enjoyed those depths and how many to come? Like the continuous rising and falling, tides and time carried on regardless.

"My, Kacy. Don’t you look philosophical this morning?"

Kacy blinked out of her intensity and stretched. "Good morning, A’nt Mar. I guess I was," she admitted with a smile. Aunt Mar placed a basket of warm muffins on the small table between them as she sat next to her niece in a matching cushioned wicker chair on the back porch.

"Looking for Reese?" Aunt Mar asked.

"No, actually. Just admiring the water," Kacy answered. She chose a muffin with more scrutiny than necessary, avoiding eye contact with her aunt to discourage any teasing. "Thanks again for having me. I just love the beach. And spending time with you, of course."

Aunt Mar laughed. "Sure you do. I'm happy you're here, sweetie." She smirked and drank her tea.

Kacy looked back out at the sun kissed waves rolling onto the shore. Though she hadn't been thinking of Reese, she now wondered when he and his family would get there. The last email he sent said they would be in this week. Kacy arrived Sunday and today was Wednesday.

Kacy met Reese at a beach party the summer before. Her father’s boss invited the family down for a golf tournament at his country club in Palm Beach. Her family turned it into a month long vacation, staying with her Aunt Mar who lived close by.

At the country club's summer kickoff party, Kacy's little sister, Julie, had no trouble making new friends. She was still young enough that social ostracizing didn't affect her. Unfortunately, Kacy felt the chill from cold shoulders of the other teenage girls the minute she stepped into the tent.

After putting up with as much hoity atmosphere as she could stand, Kacy grabbed a quick bite and told her parents she was going to take a walk on the beach. She decided to work off her annoyance by building a sand castle in the moonlight. Despite having on a new sundress, she immersed herself in the construction of tall towers, a deep moat and even a driftwood drawbridge. As she added finishing touches of shell and seaweed decorations, a deep voice startled her.

"This is prime castle real estate. Can I make you an offer?"

Kacy brushed her blond bangs out of her face to identify the bidder. A tall boy about her age stood over her with his hands tucked into the pockets of his long khaki shorts, looking at her masterpiece with a playful grin. The moon highlighted his brown hair covering his left eye.

"Sorry, not for sale," she replied, returning the banter. He was cute.

"Could I at least have a tour?" he asked, pulling up a patch of sand beside her.

"I guess. But I’m not supposed to talk to strangers. So what's the name of my potential buyer?"

"Reese Maynard. And yours?"

They hit it off immediately. The weeks flew by and every date had been heaven. Eventually they went their separate ways, she to Ohio and he to New York. They had kept in touch during school and planned to see each other again, one way or another.

It had taken some creative bargaining to convince her parents to let her go down by herself for the whole summer. Aunt Mar's offers to have Kacy work at her souvenir shop and give her driving lessons had sealed the deal.

"Wake up, Kacy! I think your phone's buzzing!"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time for some WVDs, volume 2

First, let me say that I won a week's worth of self-publicity at Writing with Shelly! That's what I won! I think. (and that's free advertising! Notoriety is better than a gift card!) I'll let it be known when it happens =)

Now for the WVDs (word verification definitions). Back in April, during the A-Z blogfest, I used H for Hilarious and defined some of the word verification words I came across. I've collected some more and wanted to share them with you for another bout of hilarity, or just a laugh =)

undeful - disappointing, opposite of wonderful

nogist -  someone who has no clue what's going on

hantoses - baby exercises

squis - underwater kiss

coing - the sound effect of bonking your head on something metal

streab - what you call a strange dweeb so they won't know it

rearrob - what a neat freak burgler does

flogran - new, improved fiber supplement

rearies - calling the backseat or end of the line

ulaverse - the words for Hawaiian dance music

rembe - cute abbreviation for "remember" when texting

imanfech - caveman matchmaker

bagotif - less intimidating than a can of whoopa**

turts - slang for "it hurts"

lermon - super sour lemon

Add your own if you like.
Volume 3 will be WV baby names!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

kick start TuesdaY! ThAnK yOU!

Thanks to all you wonderful people, I WON! I tied for the grand prize in the Poetry Schmoetry contest. Shelly Brown is bestowing fabulous prizes on myself and Brenda Sills.

(meant to put this up yesterday...)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoy the Silence

Remember that Depeche Mode song? Well, Aheila's Drabble Day this week is about Silence. Shhh!

It’s quiet. I’m not used to no noise. Great! I should be able to get several things accomplished. My list is a mile long. What should I start with?
But wait. It’s too quiet. What could they be doing?
No. I need to leave them alone. I’m sure they’re fine. No one is yelling. I should let them play nicely until someone hollers.
I have to choose something quick. Nothing on my list is quick. I know if I start something involved, they will start fighting and I’ll have to drop what I’m doing.
I’ll just peek in on them.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm straying from my Sunday Funny today. I finished this challenge and I wanted to put it up!
I like most of the twisted flash fiction challenges put up by Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds. But I doubt I'll ever be extreme enough to win his favor in the contests. I thought of a nice raunchy, grotesque story and I just didn't want to write it. Ah, well. I wrote something tamer because the practice is great anyway! This week's topic is Unicorns, but not your stereo-typical Unicorns...

PS - Cherie at Ready.Write.Go. entered a contest with the theme "cute & fuzzy evil" (she did an awesome job!) and I think this could qualify, so I entered too. Greenwoman is the host and it runs thru tonight. I'm still too wimpy for gore...but it's fun!


He hated leaving the girl unconscious in the woods, vulnerable to any psycho that might find her. She should wake up soon and could use her phone to call for help.

He ran, panting and slippery with sweat, until he heard cars on the highway, ignoring the branches and stones cutting his tender bare feet. Now came the tricky part, finding some clothes and a way home. This trip had been his longest yet. He hoped his wife wouldn’t be worried.

He scooted along the edge of the trees up the slope of the on ramp and made it to the dumpster behind a gas station. The sun warned him that it was ready to fully reveal him with hints of light bouncing off the windows of the dark store. A car pulled into the back lot and a scruffy kid in jeans and a stained shirt with a Mobil logo on it stepped out. He stretched and took his time walking over to the door. His cigarette clung to his lower lip as he fumbled with his keys.

“Need some help?”

The attendant jumped, causing the hair hanging in his face to fly up and expose his widened eyes. He also dropped the keys in a murky puddle.

The kid looked around and decided it was nothing. When he bent down to pick up the keys, Pearce hit him over the head with a crate.

“Sorry kid,” Pearce said as he left the guy in his car after taking his clothes and enough money to get a cab to his office.

He called it his office, but it was just a storage unit. He kept clothes, his inherited gold, a stocked cabinet of food, and grooming supplies there. After he normalized himself, he grabbed his briefcase and luggage and took the cab home.

Before walking into his house, he reminded himself where he was supposed to be coming home from. Dallas.

“Hey, honey! I made it!” he announced.

“Pearce! We’re up in Lukie’s room!” Trina called down.

Pearce, now dressed in a gray suit, brought his luggage upstairs and heard her cooing to their four month old son.

“Lukie, Daddy’s home. Yes, he is. Daddy can’t wait to see you!”

As he reached the top of the stairs, Trina presented Luke. Pearce dropped his bags and hugged her and kissed the baby. Each reunion flooded him with relief and regret.

“It’s great to be home.”

“We missed you, Daddy!” Trina spoke for their son.

“I missed you, too, big guy!” Pearce said and took Luke in his arms.

“I wish you didn’t have to travel so much. You missed Lukie’s first bites of solid food,” Trina complained with a pout.

He loved her full lips and hated having to be away from his family. If he could only tell her. “I know. I’m sorry I have to miss so many milestones.” He glanced at his watch. So soon? He just got back! He broke the news to her, “And I’m afraid I have to go back out in a week.” He couldn’t believe he’d been gone that long.

“Again? Doesn’t your boss have a family? How can he do this to you?”

“He’s heartless. But in this economy, I can’t afford to say no, right?” Heartless.

“Well, you go change and we will spend all the quality time we can together! We will wait for you downstairs. Maybe Lukie will roll over before you have to go,” Trina said. Pearce appreciated her optimism. He didn’t deserve her.

That evening, he volunteered to give Luke his bath. He might be old enough for Pearce to tell if his hereditary problem had been passed down. It had skipped his own father, which relieved his grandfather. And then Pearce came along. Grandfather Wilson had been Pearce’s savior, helping him through the transition during puberty and coaching him on how to handle it all. He missed his grandfather.

Pearce had vowed not to marry and planned to run away out West. He thought he could find some open prairie or a reserve and hide out as a unicorn forever. When he met Trina, that all changed. Love is a powerful force. He wanted to tell her about his monthly transformations, but he never found an opportunity. He was afraid to lose her.

And now they had a beautiful son. As Pearce washed the baby, he looked for the spot. Each month, he dreaded finding it. So far it hadn’t appeared. He sighed with relief as he still saw no sign of it. If it didn’t show up in the first year, he would be safe.

Time passed too quickly and the day came for Pearce to leave for his trip. The moon would be full again in two days. He had to find a virgin and lure her into the woods so when it was time for him to transform, she would ride him till she was satisfied and he could change back. Lucky for him, the curse provided a sense for virginal flesh. There were so few left these days. He was getting too old for this.

“I wish you didn’t have to go,” Trina told him, standing in the doorway holding Luke.

“Me too,” he said and gave them each a kiss. I wish Pegasus and Medusa had never gotten together, wreaking this torture upon my family for life. There must be a way to break the curse.

“Oh, before you go, I wanted to show you something,” Trina remarked.

Pearce turned back and got a chill, setting off goose bumps under his jacket sleeves.

“I found a strange blue mark on Lukie’s side. Look.” She raised his chubby little arm and showed him the spot.

Pearce howled inside. He had to find a cure!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome Baby Girl!

My niece is having her baby today. We're so happy for her and her family!
I wanted to write a poem for the occasion and am using the suggested form of the week from C. R. Ward which happens to be limerick =)

Welcome Baby Girl

Sugar and spice make a girl
Kyla has come to the world
Her parents will fall
To her beckon call
Around her pinky they'll twirl!

Friday, July 22, 2011

writing a book - Where am I gonna sell it?

With the depressing news that Borders is closing all stores and Alana's post in homage to the impending fate of bookstores, I wrote a note to Barnes and Noble a few days ago with an idea for how bookstores could be transformed. After reading it over today some of these ideas seem far fetched, but I really don't want to see them all disappear! Oh, well.

Dear Barnes and Noble,

I have a suggestion...
I love bookstores and am sad to see them on the decline. I know people love to shop, peruse, sample and browse in bookstores. Unfortunately many are going home and buying their books online or doing it from their e-readers right in the store! They do this because choosing a book online is clumsy and frustrating. People like to see all the possiblities without waiting for the internet to pull up the next view. Bookstores have sections and the employees have great suggestions.

So here is my proposal:
Bookstores need a makeover. The atmosphere must cater to the new customer. Have one or two copies of books displayed for shoppers to sample. Also keep a few copies of bestsellers for sale. Keep the coffee shops and expand the seating, encourage browsing. Keep hosting author readings and signings/photo ops. Add computers stations and outlets for shoppers to charge their devices.

Here is how to make money:
Get a commission on sales of books you house. You are advertising for them, get paid for it. You can also be an outlet for hard copies of books that can be ordered. And there's opportunity to host book club meetings and reading groups. Finally, you could become a paid membership book club with discounts (like costco) with a daily admission charge for non members.

I'd hate to see bookstores go away completely. Let me know what you think!
Sincere reader,
Tara Tyler

and then, a day later, one of my favorite WD bloggers, Jane Friedman, posted 4 responses/predictions about the circumstances of bookstores from actual writers. (i guess i'm just a virtual writer, ha ha)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this changing media. Maybe I'll send my next letter to Starbucks - they already sell music, they're definitely opportunists!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fill Here

Robert Lee Brewer of WD's Poetic Asides prompted us to write a poem about nothing, more specifically an "empty" poem. here is mine =)

Fill Here

My tank needs fuel
Not gas or oil
But something to get me going.

My head is hollow
My brain is there
It needs inspiring occupants.

My heart's ne'er full
Love comes and goes
And there's always room for more.

Add on! A new blog for all things creative has just sprouted, the purple treehouse and invited me to share a haiku. sticking with the above theme, here goes nothing =)

From Nothing

Start with empty space.
As the pieces interlock
A gift emerges.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time for a Light Drabble

Yes. The Drabble topic this week is "light." Thanks Aheila.

You could have made that! Can't you see I'm in a hurry?
Now I have to sit and wait through the whole cycle. And there’s nothing on the radio. How does every station have commercials on?
Is this longer than normal? It’s been at least two minutes.
Let's see. No texts on my phone.
I should use this time to practice my patience. Hey, kids in the back seat! Be quiet!
Okay. I see yellow the other way. Finally it’s almost our turn!
What? No arrow! The person in front of me wasn’t pulled up far enough.
Stupid light!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Signs and Stats

Wanted to share a few fun signs I spotted on vacation...
I love this one, found in Maggie Mae's Cafe
my artistic son drew this at the Friendly Fisherman
And here are some vacation stats...
  • # days at the beach = 3
  • # sand castles/sculptures built = 4
  • # days at the pool = 5
  • # nights at the pool = 2
  • # umbrella drinks = ?
  • # books finished = 1
  • # sudokus finished = 7
  • # stories started = 3
We also caught a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, I got to visit a friend (yay!), one son won an ice cream at a poolside contest and a random stranger gave me her beach chair because she was flying home (thanks, Nice Lady from Philly!)

Anyone else inspired by some time away? Or warm weather (or cold weather for those farther away!) How's your writing going?

Monday, July 18, 2011

honk if you like cafe!

i guess my cafe poem is a finalist in shelly's poetry schmoetry contest! please go vote for me if you liked it =)

(forgive typos, cant find glasses)

The Mistification

I was inspired to write while I was on vacation, mostly short stories. One was for Terrible Minds hosted by Chuck Wendig and his weekly Friday Flash Fiction. The theme for this week is to write an apocolypse story that hasn't been done, in 1000 words. Here is my version of an alternate final destruction scene that I pictured.

The Mistification

"My job sucks!" I announce as I enter my pitiful, crappy excuse for a living space. I slam the door for emphasis.

"Is that you, hon?" my mate asks from within.

She must not have heard my justified groaning. Oh well, the moment has passed. "Yeah, it's me. How was your day?" I answer methodically and throw my jacket on the chair.

"It was fine. How did your presentation go?" She is in the kitchen. I step that way.

"It didn't. I got bumped to tomorrow," I answer. All that preparation and worry for nothing. "What's for dinner? I'm starving," I say and push open the door to find Eve, not cooking.

"I thought we could go out. How about Indian?" she suggests, not bothering to look up from the screen. She's hooked up to her group buzz again. I hate it when she does that, especially when she's talking to me. She needs to get a job. She needs to practice cooking. Something!


"Let me say bye and we can go."

I shake my head in disgust and go back to the door. A walk in the fresh air would do me good, I guess.

Fifteen minutes later we finally leave our building. She's hanging on my arm yammering about nothing. I breathe deeply and notice a strange smell. In New York there are many strange smells, but this was different than the regulars. Hmm, not sulfur. I take another whiff. I stop and snap my fingers.

"Brimstone!" I shout.

Eve gives me a strange look or maybe a ticked off for not listening then interrupting her look. Either way I shrug a sorry and we walk on.

The smell gets stronger. I see others begin to notice it too. It doesn't seem to faze Eve. She just keeps gabbing. I think she has a talking addiction from that group buzz. She can't stop.

Just as we reach the restaurant, the strangest thing happens. Some invisible force starts to lift me up. I get pulled slowly into the air. Eve is still grasping my arm and tries to keep me from floating away, but the force is too strong. I keep drifting up. A few people around us do too.

"Adam! What's happening?!" she screeches. She backs away from the street and covers her mouth and nose from the pungent odor which must be getting worse. I can't smell it anymore, but those on the ground are gagging.

"I don't know!" I yell back. Then I see the mist. "Run!"

Eve sees it too, but she is either stunned or possessed because she doesn't move.

I'm three stories high now. I can see the dark, thick, fog substance, not like smoke or gas, but a vapor, seeping out of the sewers. As I climb higher I can see more of it appear from sewers all around the city. It takes on a brick red color and glows in patches like a cloud of evil fireflies.

The people left on the ground choke and cough. Why don't they run or hide? In answer to my question, I see people get pulled out of buildings, windows are breaking everywhere. With so many bodies just dropping to the street it could be mistaken for a mass suicide if it weren't for the dozens rising from the same openings.

When the mist reaches the masses piling up on the ground, it transforms into humanoid shapes. One by one people are enveloped by the mist demons. Those still alive scream horribly and then they're gone.

As if that wasn't enough, I see bodies rise out of graveyards headed in the same direction as me. Some have barely decomposed. They look like flying zombies. A few are clean, white skeletons. They all seem thrilled, grinning into the sky. I get a shiver as one nods at me.

I finally turn away from the gruesome destruction below. I'm too high to really see or hear any more anyway. I can now see for miles in every direction and whatever is going on seems to be happening everywhere. People float up from all over. As I near the clouds I look to see where I'm being taken.

A bright light shines down, welcoming us. It isn’t the sun or I'd feel it getting warmer. Is that harp music?

Wait a minute! Did I really make it? Is this the end?

I wonder if my dog is here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post Card from Sand Key, FL

Highlights from Sand Key...
on the beach
in the pool
eating out
calamari anyone?
feeding/training gators
We had an awesome time. Didn't get too fried, ate some fabulous food and relaxed. I even found time to write. There were many inspirations! I also saw some funny signs that I will share later this week.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Did you get away from it all? 

Sunday Funny

We made it and luckily it went smoothly. I don't like to fly...
Will post pics later, must do laundry. I wonder if a sand monster formed and is lurking in the smelly!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

the long flight home

had a swelterific time on vacation! (sweltering and terrific) we are on our way home and since i couldnt figure out how to upload pics from my phone you'll have to wait til tomorrow...glad i pre-wrote the poems for the schmoetry blogfest. that was a bunch of fun and awesome poetry!

off we go into the wide blue yonder...

Friday, July 15, 2011

RaNdom fRiDAY - Schmoetry & Potter

Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting during Poetry Schmoetry week by Shelly Brown! I haven't returned comments because the contest includes how many comments are received. But I really appreciate all of them! Today I will be visiting the rest of the participants.

And now that I finished CATCHING FIRE, second book in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, I will have more time to do that!

Quick Review: Loved it! Thought it would drag with sappy teen romance, sooo did not! Looking forward to finishing the series. Haven't read a book that fast in ages! I barely predicted anything =)

And today the last Harry Potter movie ever(?) comes out! (can you say future prequel?) So in honor of it, I have some trivia from Entertainment Weekly (7/8,15/2011):

1. Which movie was this quote from & who said it?
"Now, Harry, you must know all about Muggles. Tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?"
2. What is the name of Dumbledore's phoenix?
3. What happens when you use this incantation? "Rictusempra!"
4. Finish this Hermione quote: "'ve got the emotional range of a _______."
5. What's the name of the street HP's Muggle family lives on?

and for more fun, tell me which is your favorite - mine is the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the Time Turner watch! (answers Sunday)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last day of the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest! Well, last day to post poems. Tomorrow we visit and read =)
And we didn't have to write poems every day, but since I like to, I did anyway...and tho I've poemed about this before, I wanted to end on a fun, happy, caffeinetic high note! Thanks to Shelly for hosting.


Grande sizing
Open eyes-ing
My brain wising
Good advising
No share, mising
Cream is rising
Taste first prizing
No surprising
That’s why I sing!

(pic source:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Day Three of the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest! put up by the eloquent Shelly Brown. Are you leaning towards Schmoetry yet?
I used my friend C R Ward's offering of the form, Dizain for this one. And I'm thinking of you all as I sit on the beach here in lovely Sand Key. (my middle guy loves the ocean)


As I measure eternity
From my indentation of sand
Squinting across the open sea
Block glaring sun with shielding hand

The sky azure, the sea teal blue
Separated by distant line
Enhanced by its own deepest hue
Unattainable by design
(will replace w/my pic when I get home)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Day Two of the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest! hosted by Shelly Brown.
I was pondering what makes people tick when I wrote this...the difference between a wise man and a fool is self control.


A thought of purpose
A thought of praise
A thought of harm
A thought of craze

In the forefront of the mind
Necessities of mundane kind

In the recess, hidden place,
Lurks the darkness, bitter taste

Things one never says aloud
Never acts on, never proud

Keep those harmful thoughts at bay
Wear the mask of day to day

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jungle Gym

Welcome to Day One of the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest! sponsored by Writing with Shelly. We only had to write one, but I'm putting one up each day. This first one is a memorial, the jungle gym is in the back with the ladder. Thanks for reading =)

me & Peppy
Jungle Gym

Two story pole and swinging rope,
Monkey bars and teeter totter,
Faded green jungle gym was built
By a father for two daughters.

In the middle of an acre
Amongst grass and forest creature.
It strongly stood the test of time,
Simple joys in any weather.

It played a store, cave, and clubhouse,
A hiding place or home safe base.
Our young minds grew from make believe.
Imagination ruled our days.

Now where has all the dreaming gone
In this modern techie shower?
Video games and TV shows
Strip the mind of thinking power.

Return to the jungle gyms, parks,
Treehouses, sandboxes, outside.
Turn off the screens and spark the brain.
They’ll see its worth, once they’ve tried.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dreaming of Disney - a Day at the Park, pt 1

Wait! I almost forgot! Before you make those dining reservations, you have to check the MAGIC HOURS! If you stay on property, you get to enter the parks early, before the masses, or stay later, and I mean way later! But you have to refer to the calendar on the website for the days of your stay because the Magic Hours are different for each park. Not to mention the hours the parks are open change all the time. But the calendar is pretty accurate, even six months in advance or more.

The reason I say to check the Magic Hours is to help in planning your days. For instance, look for a night EPCOT is open late and plan to have a fabulous dinner at one of the countries there. Then you can see the laser show and still ride a few more rides while everyone else has to leave. A note that my sister observed and I concur with is that on days a park opens early, visit it then go to another park because for some odd reason the park seems extra crowded on those days. Also, on a day when there are no AM Magic Hours is a good time to book a character breakfast.

Here is a sample of a few days...

Day 1 - no Magic Hours in AM
             go to Magic Kingdom
             ride lots of rides, get fast passes!
             lunch at park, counter service
             more rides
             back to hotel, pool, relax, change
             Hollywood Studios has PM Magic Hours
             make it to dinner & fantasmic reservations
             see show and ride rides

Day 2 - EPCOT has AM Magic Hours
             go early, ride rides
             leave to make it to Down Town Disney lunch reservation
             go to room to relax, have dinner there
             go back to Magic Kingdom (usually open later than other parks)
Then there's always a day like

Day 3 - No AM Magic Hours
             go to Animal Kingdom for character breakfast
             ride rides, get fast passes
             do lunch
             more rides
             closes earlier than most parks
             no PM Magic Hours
             go to room, freshen up, go off property for dinner or stay at hotel
             if you're up for it, there's mini golf or movies

Like I said, this is a sample, you do what you want. If your goal is to ride rides, stay all day at one park. And if you are limited on time, the rides are priority. But I'm telling you, that break in the afternoon, at least for one of the days, is worth it! And avail yourself of the FAST PASS! The rides with the longest lines have kiosks out front dispensing fast passes. They allow you to come back at a designated time and enter the ride without waiting in the 30, 40 or 60 minutes in line through all the ropes.

I also have to say that getting there is part of the fun. We love riding the monorail. The kids always ask if we can ride in the front with the driver - don't know if they still do that. And the boats are fun too. My kids even like the bus rides sometimes, especially if we get a good, animated driver.
The next posts in this section will be about the best rides and features of each park.
Countdown to next trip (Nov 2011): 129 days 8=)
My references are my years going to the parks, the Disney website and Birnbaum Guides to Walt Disney World (2010) which I use for much of my planning.

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