Monday, May 15, 2017

#WritersLife Survey 7 - How do writers make TIME?

I guess it was time I made a badge for my surveys, eh? This is my desk - it says, "Have fun, but get your work done!"

Well, over in my neck of the galaxy, we only have a couple weeks left of school. This past week, I really enjoyed my temporary classes, and I was able to do my own lesson for some new kids. It was a refreshing change of pace. I love seeing students light up with discovery and letting their own abilities shine through, connecting learning to life.

My regular kids come back Monday. Over this long journey, we've had some good days, some bad days, and some really bad days where I didn't know if I wanted to go back. But I always do. I won't let them get the better of me. Instead, I take these tough times and figure out how to make the next day better. I ask myself, What can I do to help a child who has a rough home life behave better? How can I inspire them to feel good about themselves? And I always PRAY! Sometimes it's not about the schoolwork. Kids won't listen or learn if they need attention or affection. They need to feel safe and important first. They need to know teachers care about them.

Moving on! Though it's been a worthwhile experience and given me many ideas, working so much has really taken a bite out of my writing time. Only two more weeks and I get to ramp it up in the summer! Woo hoo!

Which brings me to this month's survey. How do writers make TIME?

PS - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! My boys took me to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY for Mother's Day - I'm a happy Momma!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#WritersLife Survey 6 Results & Trying new things

Meets 1st Wed of Month

Teens are clueless, reckless, and thoughtless. I ought to know, I'm an 8th grade teacher and I live with 3 teens myself! But they can't help it. Their brains don't get enough exercise because their bodies are going through so much change. So I try to cut them some slack.

Teens are also great to write about because of all the turmoil - they're dramatic, unpredictable, and funny!

But teens aren't the best audience. They're very judgy, relentless teasers, and hard to impress. And most of them don't like to read. So it's going to be tough doing a presentation for them next week... Wish me luck!

Well, that's my IWSG post for this month. I'm facing a daunting group of traumatizing teens. It's going to be worth it as it should lead to more presentations and more books sold!

I hope you are trying new things too!
Thanks to Alex and his Crew for giving us insecure writers this supportive venue.

And now for the results from Writer's Life Survey #6 - Inside a Writer's Head

Which of these describes you?

Do you keep a journal?

How do you deal with writer's block?

With which character do you identify most?

  • Specifically, can't think of one, but any that suffer great loss, are feel isolated or alone can hit triggers. Loved Harry Dresden, Harry Potter, Dallas J.D. Robb.
  • Pippin from LOTR
  • Anyone who's bookish and quiet
  • Alanna the Lioness (from a quartet of books by Tamora Pierce)
  • geeky heroes
  • Hmm. I never thought about that. I tend to write characters who can be what I'm not.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I don't know that I thought it I have just always done it. I did think maybe I want to be a professional writer and began the journey to learn what it takes in 2011--was already deep into learning and taking writing craft courses and reading about since the in high school, writing since age 9 stories.

Didn't ... it happened late in life

It's my earliest childhood desire

When I picked up a new book called The White Dragon, it hit me - I want to be an author.

I've been doing it since age four. It's just something I've always done.

I wanted to be the one making the magical things on the shelves that I loved.

I've been writing stories since before I was five! I didn't want to be a writer, I have always been one.

I like writing stories...

Just always have.

Awesome responses! I enjoyed hearing what makes my author friends tick. I hope you did too! Join me in a couple of weeks when I put out the next Writer's Life Survey - Dealing with TIME!

Can't believe it's May!

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