Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Scary Things...

Welcome to my lair...

What scares you?
I get more worried than scared and avoid scary stuff. So surprises scare me most, especially when my boys jump out and startle me... they think it's hilarious. 

Puppies get scared pretty easily which can be funny too as they figure things out. My little guys are now five months old. They're getting so big, but still have that puppy rambunctiousness and love sniffing out (and chewing up) whatever they can chomp their teeth into. 

As expected, big, loud things make them run away--like my Roomba and the ironing board, haha. But they each have their own idiosyncrasies as well. Like puppies don't understand physics. Wagner is afraid of his food bowl moving when he eats! And he freaks if the toys shift in his bin, so he barks for me to get the one he wants. And even though he's big enough to jump up on the couch, he still plops his front half onto it and waits for someone to lift his rear up there. His brother, Jackson is a little smaller and has no problem jumping right up. But Jackson is more skittish. He's one of those dogs who barks at everything unfamiliar--even when he hears a dog barking on TV!

Bringing this all back to our writing: We all have our quirks. So don't forget to give your characters plenty of fears, reactions, and odd behaviors to make them unique and fun to read about!

I'm also happy to report, I have been working on CONDUCTION, Pop Travel #4. It's about time! And I'm actually making progress. If you'd like to know more about that, hop on over to the IWSG Anthology blog for my guest post this week.

Keep writing!

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