Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing a Book - puppy dog tales

Think I misspelt that?

I haven't done one of these segments in a while, too many celebrations and challenges and stuff! For those just tuning in to the Talks, my Writing a Book posts are journal entries of things I've learned and how I'm working through this crazy process.

Any dog fans out there? I love my puppy! He's 85 lbs, but still a puppy. I love how innocent and eager to please and playful he is. And I love that I know exactly how he's feeling by his tail! When he's happy, of course it's wagging, usually his whole back half is wiggling and it's a lethal weapon! When he's sad or sick it goes down. Alert, the tail is upright and stiff while his nose sniffs the air. Casual, laidback tail is up but loose. When he's afraid, it does a hesitant wag with his hair standing up. And when he's in trouble it's, yup, between his legs.

Wouldn't it be great if humans had tails? No games or hiding emotions! Everyone would know how each other felt. But we don't. We have to use our words! And one of the toughest jobs of a writer is to SHOW how characters are feeling. It's easy to tell the reader, but showing lets the reader figure it out, helps them feel the emotions. Great writing wraps readers right into the story, making them connect with the characters.

Here is an example of telling, pointed out to me from my submission at Unicorn Bell:

As Cooper immersed himself in historic plantation legend, unsure of what he would find, a woman walked by his table and stopped to look over his shoulder at his book.

That's all obsevation, an onlooker explaining what they see. Boring. Now I will try to edit it into showing, by bringing you into his head.

Cooper waded through page after page of historic plantations hoping for a clue that would get him into the Creator's manor house unobserved. An unexpectedly pleasant scent made him stop reading to sniff the air. The slight rustling behind him confirmed his hunch of a woman looking over his shoulder at his book.

(Now if they were dogs, they'd do a little butt sniffing and their tails would tell us if they were into each other or not. Ah, the simplicity of dogs!)

So what do you think? Any suggestions for helping us Show instead of Tell?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ranDOM thursDAY

You guys are the best! Have I said that lately? Probably. Well I'm saying it again anyway! I've had significantly less down days since joining blogfests and making bloggy friends! And thanks again to Rachael for putting together the campaign where I'm meeting so many fabulous writers!

Next I want to say special thanks to Beckah for the Blog on Fire award and Dana for tagging me =) (and now Mish for Versatizing me again!) I think everyone has heard enough about me lately so I will skip the fun facts and go right to passing these on to newer bloggers I've found. (give us 7-10 fun facts about you when you pass it on, if you like! you know what to do =)

Blogs I'm tagging!
Rance at the Action P(r)ose
Christine Murray
Sharon at Random Thoughts
Laila at the Untroubled Kingdom of Laila Knight
Jess at Write.Skate. Dream.

Blogs on Fire!
Julie at Gypsy in my Soul
Liz Fichera
Peggy Eddleman
Alex J. Cavannaugh
Maeve at lolliPop's Cottage

But here is what I will tell you:
I am flabbergasted!
Marcy, Charity and Huntress, my friends who started the online crit blog, Unicorn Bell have invited me to help moderate it. Daunting! I will see if I can serve up some worthwhile posts! This site is for anyone who wants to put up a bit of their writing and have others give helpful advice, no bad reviews. And it's a two way deal. Anyone who wants comments on their stuff is expected to comment on others. Stop by, you may want to join!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Monkeys

Welcome to story time!
I turned the Sensational Haiku Wednesday prompt (dare) into a fun story today! My seven year old liked it =)

Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys
Take a shortcut home from school
Have to cross a creek

One dares to jump it
Misses edge and floats away
Four little monkeys

Now it’s getting late
One dares to swing across it
But the vine breaks off

Three little monkeys
Have to get home for dinner
One dares to swim it

Current is too strong
Only two little monkeys
Look at each other

“Now what do we do?”
“I’ll race you back the long way.”
So they start to run

They reach home and laugh
at dripping, soggy siblings
Smart little monkeys

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Train Wreck

Time for a drabble. Aheila's drabble day prompt this week is train with extra brownie points for a wreck. Here you go!

Train Wreck

The light blinds me through my eyelids. My head is throbbing.

Throbbing to the beat of that song stuck in my head,
that song I danced to with that guy,
that guy with the messy shag of hair,
that hair I wanted to rub my fingers through...
What a party!

I stretch and shuffle to the bathroom.

Mirror, do not show myself to me.
I know my mascara has run
and my lipstick is smeared
and my hair is shooting at opposing angles.

When I emerge, my yawn is interrupted and my eyes pop awake, splattering sleepy crust.

"Woah, babe, you look like a..."

"Don't say it!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kick start Monday - Quotes to write by

How was your 1st weekend of autumn?
We were busy, as usual! Early Homecoming weekend around here. I may have to do a whole post on the current HS fashion trends - scary!

In sports we had two more football wins so both teams have made the playoffs, yay! This is wonderful! and so opposite from the past 4 years of losing all but 1 or 2 games.

And for baseball I had to cheer for both teams! My middle guy played on the other team because they didnt have enough players. It was rough since he hasn't played baseball in two years and he's younger but he did well enough. Never expected to see that! It was exciting!

Finally, Cinderella made it to the ball, but was definitely pooped! It was nice just to get out =) Tho I was busy, I was able to tackle more editing and read a bunch of campaign flashes, so it was a productive weekend!

And now for your reading enjoyment...
I had to cover a class on one of my planning periods last week - went from Math to English =) On the wall I found these:

Quotes from an English classroom

“We read to know we are not alone.” C.S. Lewis
(pic source)

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” Ray Bradbury

“Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere.” Jean Rhys

“He who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.” John Milton

“To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” Edmund Burke

“…I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”  Scout (Harper Lee)

“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” James Michener

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Suburban CiCi

This is a guest post. I found Suburban CiCi (you may remember her as Cinderella) and talked her into giving us some happily ever after advice. Now she lives in the suburbs with the King and three Princes.

Take it away, CiCi!

I am soooo serious! Oh, hang on, I'm doing a blog. I'll have to call you back, FG.

Hello all you people in blogland! I am so honored to be doing this post-thingie and hope it gives encouragement to other Maids turned Moms. Let me tell you all about my life after the royal wedding.

First, we moved around. This kingdom needs us over here, that kingdom needs us over there, bla bla bla. Anyway, we're settled here now and let me tell you, I don't want to move again!

And I had hoped my days of scrubbing the floors were over. Boy was that a joke. Now I have 4 boys to clean up after - much messier than those step sisters.

At least I get to go out more. Like tonight the King and I are supposed to go to a ball. I just hope I have enough energy left to have a good time, because every time we get a sitter, I have to clean the entire castle before I can go! Sound familiar? FG doesn't mind if the place is a mess, but come on. I have to do it, right?

Then I have to squeeze into my gown. After three kids and a few decades, the curves have shifted. And FG is no plastic surgeon.

Overall life has been good. We have been happy and our kingdom is a great place to live. The princes are growing up nicely and staying out of trouble so far.

My advice: Deal with the bad, then you can appreciate the good. Just because I married Prince Charming doesn't mean I live in a fairy tale.

Thank you Ci-Ci! Sounds like you have to work to make a happy ending last. May all your dreams come true!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooking Philosophy

Chuck went even smaller this week! Terrible Minds Flash Fiction is just 3 sentences on anything. I was considering a recipe for life...

Pour blood, sweat and tears into love/hate mixture. Beat well Stir gently and chill. Warm up but don’t overheat and enjoy.

And now back to campaign reading. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I ma go krzy!

Here it is! The 2nd Campaign challenge. The title was part of it.

Write a post using these words: miasma, lacuna, oscitate, synchronisity; exact length 200. We have more time to finish and visit! Here is mine.

“Mom, I’m cold.”

“Isn’t the Fall air brisk? I love it!”

“Can we go inside?”

“You don’t want to watch the lacuna of the heavens with me?”

“There aren’t any stars out tonight. Anyway, my show’s coming on.”

“Exactly. You have a few more minutes. Look at the moon.”

“It’s full.”

“See the miasma around it?”

“You mean the foggy circle?”

“Yes. It portends rain tomorrow.”


“And you might see your symmetric image in a puddle.”

“Uh, huh.”

“Please cover your mouth when you oscitate.”

“When I what?”


“Mom, have you been studying your word of the day calendar again?”


“Can I go in now?”

“I guess. I wish we had more synchronicity of minds. Someday.”


This challenge should have more of a variety of responses than last time. I’m curious to see how everyone goes with it! And if you enjoyed this little piece, you can vote for me at Rachael’s. Now I’m on to read, read, read!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drabble Day is back! + haikus!

Tomorrow is our next campaign challenge! Rachael posted the winners of the last challenge, in case you didn't see. 384 entries - hard to believe! crazy to judge! Here's one more exercise I have missed doing, to get me geared up.

Aheila took a short break, and now she's back! Yay! The Drabble Day word this week is - glow. I added my haikus to compliment the story, from Jenn's Sensational Haiku Wednesday.

“Hey, Jess.”

I jump. “Oh! Hi, Kennedy.”

“You dropped your pencil.”


“Is something wrong?”

I'm way overdue
Pray this can't be happening.
I'm too young for this.
“Uh, no. I’m fine. I just have a math quiz and I didn’t study.” Do I look like something is wrong? Am I acting weird?

“Okay. See you later then. Good luck.”

When she’s gone, I dash into the bathroom and check out my face. Am I glowing? I look down and feel my stomach. Am I showing?

I don’t want to think about it and it’s all I think about. I need to act normal. Acting normal is the hardest thing to do. What’s normal?

Meanwhile, there exists the opposite.
I dedicate these to my anticipatory cousin. Praying for blue =)

Waiting for result
After endless hormone shots
Joy or drawing board

Longest ten minutes
I cover my eyes and peek
Tell me, is it blue?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Retro Post 2

Now that I have some readers, I'm reposting quotes from my bc (before comments) days once in a while.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kick start Monday - Versatility!

A ton of people are participating in Alex's Worst Movies Ever Blogfest. The entries are funny, some surprising and mostly forgettable - I couldn't remember my most disliked movies, except "The Never Ending Movie Story" so I'm just reading the others.

Coming up later this week is another campaign challenge *cracks knuckles* - gotta do my brain exercises! like this flash fiction for Terrible Minds. Only 100 words this week using 3 of these 5 prompts: enzyme, ivy, blister, bishop, lollipop

Docta, I goth thith blithter on ny tongue. Can you help ne?

What have you eaten lately?

Lell, thith norning I hat eggth lith tabathco thauthe. Thor lunch I hat tacoth and thor dinner I hat hot wingth.

Do you eat spicy foods on a regular basis?

Yeth! I lothe it!

Then that shouldn’t be the cause of your blisters. Anything else?

Oh, yeah. I thorgot. I hat a lollipop athter dinner.

What flavor?

Thinnamon jalapeno.

That’s it! The enzymes in your mouth couldn’t handle the cinnamon. Stay away from it!

And finally, my new friends, K.T. and Rance both awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award (a while back, sorry it took so long to acknowledge)! Thanks, guys!

So, I will just whip out 7 useless facts about myself:
  • When I was three I fell down the basement steps and got 2 black eyes and they crossed. Been wearing glasses ever since...
  • I was always the shortest person in class - and I still am.
  • I worked as an engineering assistant on the Space Shuttle engine (not the one that blew up)
  • Piers Anthony was one of my favorite authors growing up
  • In third grade I was a singing camel in my first musical =)
  • I can crack my nose - I'd show you but, you know, this is just a blog...
  • I have vitiligo (where my skin loses its color in patches, leaving it bleached) It sucks, but I deal with it because it's just appearance. So many others have way worse things to deal with.
And now I pass it on to some more new friends =)

Neil @ A Writer, He Muttered
Ru @ And then she was like bla, bla, bla
J @ Concrete Pieces of Soul
D.J. Kirby
David Powers King
Doralynn @ My Publishing Diary
Robin Weeks
Ruth @ Ruth + Writing
Christine T @ The Writer Coaster
Laura @ Wavy Lines
Mary @ Wistful Nebulae

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funny

We cheered all three boys on to victory again this weekend. YEAH RAH!
Hope you're getting stuff done. With all these games, I'm not...but I love watching them play!

For more silly fun, check out Rhonda's Silly Sundays.
From "Bride of the Far Side" by Gary Larson, Chronicle Publishing Company, 1980

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calling on Janet Reid

Janet Reid is the agent that got me into this writing mess. Hers is the first blog I came upon when I started to look up how to get published. She is hilarious and brutally honest and downright helpful! I have read her Query Shark posts backwards and forwards, her advice is priceless.

Okay, I think that's enough butt-kissing ering up. The reason I am shouting out is two-fold. First she wrote this article saying she was paying more attention when people mentioned her and if she found a site interesting, it better have a sample of writing or WIP. SEE MY QUERY LETTER SAMPLE! (My letter changes with each send out and if any of you kind folks have advice for it, blast away.)

Secondly, I entered her latest contest. My format is not like all the others, but I think it still belongs =) It was fun anyway, even if I don't win! So, Ms. Reid, if you're listening - THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

Friday, September 16, 2011

the Change

Happy Friday!

I love it when I can roll two challenges into one. I overshot the word count, but I think it's worth it. (You can stop reading at 500 words if you want =) hee hee

The first challenge was from Doing the Write Thing - September prompt, give a Fairy Tale a new twist. I love a good twist! The second challenge came from Nina, Writing My Novel and Stuff. She's been going crazy giving out prompts on Google + (which I call Schmoogle) and her blog. They're great exercises. #22 was to tell what would happen if a magical creature (like a vampire) woke up normal. I thought it could fit very well with the other one. Here is what I came up with - during breaks on my first 2 sub jobs of the year - YEAH!

The Change

“Ow, my ears! That tiresome wench is singing again! Mirror, Mirror, what will I do with her?”

“Well, your Majesty, I’ll give you the bad news first. Snow White is getting prettier every day and will soon be fairer than you.”

“No! Say it’s not so! Are you cracked?”

“But wait, Majesty. The good news is, she could have an accident, she might fall down the well…”

“Oh, Mirror, you’re terrible! I love it! But I need the accident to happen far away from me so I’m not a suspect. Where’s Rudy, the Huntsman?”

“He’s out on a trip. He should be back tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow then. This will be the best night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks. I may not even need my sleeping potion!”

The next morning brought change.

Oh, I have an awful headache! The Queen grasped her head and rubbed her eyebrows. I will have to make a pain relieving elixir. But I can’t let this minor annoyance bother me, I have to take care of that brat!

She called to her advisor from her bed. “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, where’s the Huntsman, fat and tall?”

Silence answered.

“Mirror!” she screeched. “I’m talking to you!” Still nothing. She slammed open the covers, stomped over to the mirror and came nose to nose with her reflection.

“Wrinkles!? AHHHH!” she screamed. She inspected herself further. “Gray hair?! Veiny hands? Sagging? Oh, no!” She began to sob. Then she became furious.

“What’s happened to me! What’s going on! I demand to know!” she shouted. She stormed down to her secret lab.

“What’s this!” she picked up a bottle and chugged it. “WATER!?” She spun around. “All my beautiful spells and ingredients have turned into water?!”

She shook her fist at the enormous fireplace. “How dare you take my powers from me!”

She yelled as she ran back up to her room, “Dressmaker!!”

The dressmaker appeared. “Yes, your Majesty?”

“I need a bustier! And makeup, lots of makeup! Do we have a royal hairdresser?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Get one!”

Word spread that the Queen had lost her powers. There was much hidden rejoicing.

As the weeks went by and the Queen got used to her new way of life, Snow White had been neglected. Some handmaids invited her out one night and they had a raucous time at a pub.

“Bring me Snow White!”

“Now, your Majesty, she’s just a girl. My daughter went through a phase too,” said the dressmaker, who had become the Queen’s new advisor.

“I’ve got this, Glenda. Don’t worry.”

Snow White entered with braids and beads decorating her hair.

“Take those out at once!”



“I like them. All the girls have braids!”

“Snow White, what has gotten into you?”

“As if you care!”

“But I do! Haven’t you seen the new me?”

“Sure. You lost your evil powers and now you’re old. It doesn’t mean you care about me!”

“I’m still the Queen! You will show respect! Snow White, go to your room!”

“See? You don’t care!” she yelled and ran out of the castle.

“That went well,” said Glenda.

“She’ll be back. This being a mother stuff is new to me.”

But Snow White got lost in the woods. She found a little house and rested for the night.

Search parties were sent but couldn’t find her. Then rumors came back that she had shacked up with seven little men.

“I have to go get her,” the Queen decided. The change had softened her.

“Send someone to fetch her,” Glenda said.

“No. I must go. But I will disguise myself to discover her true feelings first.”

The Queen, dressed as an old hag, approached the cottage.

“Hello, dearie. I’ve been traveling a long way. Could I rest here a bit?”


“Such a pretty girl. What are you doing in the middle of the forest?”

“I ran away.”

“That’s too bad. Did your folks mistreat ya? Beat ya? Starve ya?”

“No. They were nice, actually.”

“So why'd you run away?”

“I don’t know. I was afraid.”

“Of what, dearie?”

“My mother. She changed.”

“Turned mean and ugly?”

“No. Nice and normal. I guess I was confused. My world turned upside-down.”

“I see. Do you think her world twisted too? Do you think she misses you?”

“Yeah. I never thought of that. I guess I should go home.”

“Yes. Let’s!” The Queen threw off her disguise and hugged her daughter.

“Wow! Thanks, uh, Mom.”

They went home and lived happily ever after, until Snow White started dating.

(see that didn't seem like 750 words, ha ha!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's been a ****** week

I had a nice piece ready to put up today and I wasn't going to bore you with my problems, but the ramifications are still being compounded by this one freak accident and looking back, it's sadly funny. So it's time for another installment of "The Good and the Bad."

It all started Sunday after church - things got messy. This deserves a horror-like rendition:

        I heard a noise. A splashing, a sloshing, a trickling. I stopped my dinner-making in the kitchen to listen for the noise. I looked at the ceiling. Maybe a boy is washing his hands upstairs. I ignored it. Then it got loUDER! I hunched my shoulders, fearing what it might be.
       No answer. Eerie chills and the possibilities of what it could be sent me racing upstairs.
       I boldly bolted towards the sound of rushing water, loud like a waterfall. I braced myself for the terrifying image of what I dreaded to see.
       "AAHHHH!!!" The terrible toilet had overflowed! An inch of water sat on the floor and the continued outpouring rushed down the VENT!
       But never fear! Mom wasn't about to lose her head! I grabbed the plunger and ebbed the flow in seconds.
       "TOWELS!!!" Tho the kids were freaking out, hiding in their rooms, they took their orders and offered assistance. We swabbed the floor, then went downstairs to inspect the damage.
       Needless to say, it was BAD! And it was coming down the wall behind MY DESK! I rescued my computer and coffee cup warmer while the boys helped me save my piles of notes, postits, books, and disk drives. They were very GOOD! Then I rearranged the furniture and put out plastic, towels, and buckets.
       Then we went to our football games.
  • Monday. Started off well. Worked my first sub job of the year and totally enjoyed it. That's GOOD!
  • Monday evening was busy! Lots of driving back and forth led to stress and small altercation with middle child. That's BAD.
  • Tuesday. Great day at school. That's GOOD!
  • Tuesday night. Busier! Practices, workouts and an open house! That's normal.
  • Wednesday. I took the day off to grocery shop and for some strange reason my back was hurting. I must have pulled something moving the furniture. Ouch! BAD.
  • Got thru shopping and laundry (GOOD), not good for back, but must be done - and what is that SMELL! (BAD) My house smells like a public park potty! UCKY!!!
  • It was the carpet. So now we have to get the ceiling fixed and replace the carpet. And my back is still jabbing me. All from a little old accident. BOO HOO. Yeah for insurance! GOOD!
  • Then this morning, my alarm didn't go off, so I didn't get up to help my oldest son get to the bus. BAD MOMMY!
  • But he's such a great kid, he just did what he had to do. AWESOME!
  • I woke up when he called for me to bring him his trombone. DOH!
  • You may laugh. The telling is funny and no one was hurt (oh yeah, except me) and we get a new carpet that we were wanting to replace anyway! That's GOOD!

The End. Hope you've had a nice week. Ours hopefully won't get any worse. =)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Freestyle

I think freestyle is one of my favorite words. And Fall is my favorite season!

Jenn at You know...that blog gives us Sensational Haiku Wednesday and let us have free reign on the haikus this week - freestyle. I chose to write about Fall.
Fall = Football

There is No Walking!
Maximum effort for the team!
Listen to the coach!

Fall Colors

Orange Harvest Moon
Red brick school and yellow bus
Muddy brown puddles

Fall Flavors

pumpkin pie latte
apple cider, candy corn
turkey and gravy

and cranberry bread and pies and toasted marshmallows, etc! Feel free to add your own favorites!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dreaming of Disney - the Magic Kingdom

You step off the monorail and walk down the ramp. The first image you see is usually a seasonal mickey topiary. Once your fanny pack has been cleared and you've squeezed through the turn style, you walk thru the tunnel under the railroad station and there it is, MAIN STREET and up ahead, the Castle.

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

It's 80 degrees, the sun is shining, smiling faces are everywhere! Smell the popcorn  from the Victorian vendor, listen to the barber shop quartet or dixieland band and the clip clop of the horse-drawn trolley. See the rainbow of mickey shaped balloons - there's always balloons!

And here is where I guide you through the Magic Kingdom! I realize many of you may have been here before so add your input!
: Each park has a big store/line of stores for your souvenier pleasure. The Magic Kingdom's is on MAIN STREET and the stores connect all the way down. Best time to shop is in the morning or during parades.

First we walk down main street. Unless you time it right and catch a ride on a trolley or other vehicle up to the castle. [: there's a "Tip Board" in the middle of the park with wait times and show times. There's also an app for that!]

I will rank the rides as we go through each section.
green - the best, never miss  [: a good time to ride popular rides is during parades]
blue - also great
red - old favorites
orange - for the kiddies
FP - fast pass ride

: go to the left when choosing a line, they're usually shorter - I have found this works outside DW too.
So we start to the left and enter ADVENTURELAND. Feel the rhythm of the tropical music and steel drums as you walk through an old island marketplace.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean FP- new and improved with an appearance by Jack Sparrow for a live show daily - and we love the shop after the ride.
  • Jungle Cruise FP- the driver is the best part!
  • Tiki Birds - can't believe it's still around, I haven't been since they updated it, but my sister said it was great
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin - similar to Dumbo, round and round, up and down =)
Now we continue through to FRONTIERLAND. The music has changed tempo to hillbilly and bluegrass. The colors are desert browns and reds.
  • Thunder Mountain Railroad FP- I don't like rollercoasters but I like this one. One of the few I will still go on.
  • Splash Mountain FP- You will get wet and be lifted out of your seat on the drop.
  • and Pecos Bill's is a nice spot for a quick lunch or you can take the train back to the front entrance.
Keep walking and you come to LIBERTY SQUARE. A traditional river town, complete with Steamboat.
  • Haunted Mansion FP- I'd show you where all the secret passages are, but I don't want to spoil it for you =)
  • Hall of Presidents - updated and a nice break from sun and crowds
The next two sections are the biggest and the best.
  • It's a Small World is on your left and Peter Pan's Flight FP is on your right, coming from Haunted Mansion.
  • Then the walkway opens up and you can see Cinderella's Golden Carousel with the Sword in the Stone for kids to try and pull.
  • A newer experience is Mickey's Philharmagic FP- a 4D movie.
  • Don't forget the Tea Cups!
  • Longest waits are for Dumbo and Goofy's Barnstormer
  • You can catch the train back from here if you're getting tired! Maybe relax at the pool while the kiddies swim =)
If you came back later, now you head to the right of the park to finish up with TOMORROWLAND. It's dark and the neon is glowing!
  • Space Mountain FP - if you don't have a fast pass, fugetaboudit.
  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin FP - Superfun!
  • Indy Speedway
  • Carousel of Progress- great place to sit and rest and I love this old presentation!
  • Transit Authority- another restful experience. funny thing - the last time we went, my husband and older son were on space mountain while we were on this and it runs through space mountain and space mountain broke down - it was lit up so we saw them sitting in the car on the track! ha haha!
  • Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor - audience interactive and hilarious!
If you want a good spot for a parade, sit on the curb EARLY! Have lunch there. Let Dad save the spot while Mom shops and take turns. Depends on how badly you want to see it. The electric light parade at night is awesome! But the fireworks we usually watch while we wait for our bus to take us to the hotel.

My sister and I took a picture of my parents - and they took a picture of us in Peter Pan's Flight and we didn't know it until we developed the pictures! Remember getting pictures developed?!

Sorry I get so long winded - I just love talking about Disney! Is there anything you'd like to know or share?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kickstart Monday - I am honored

First, football results: won one, lost one. Not bad! And mine did great, couldn't be prouder =)

On with the honoring. Blogging is getting exhausting! I swore to slow down once my blogaversary was over and I will, but things keep coming up! Besides, it's therapeutic. And I can't believe how many connections I've made. There are so many like-minded folks who understand the woes and joys of writing.

I am honored to receive this award. Thank you, Mary! She is a true explorer of space and western frontier! I love her photos of the heavens and the earth - you need to check them out. And she has some great sci fi published too =)

This award was a nice trip down short memory lane! Here are my seven superlative posts:

  • Most Beautiful - a poem for my grandma! snapshot
  • Most Popular - my blog jumpstarted when I did the A-Z challenge in April. My first popular post was H is for Hilarious, and thus sparked my WVD (word verification definitions) series.
  • Most Helpful - I love being helpful! What can I do for you? I write 2 series with helpful intentions. 1) To spread my bountiful adoration and knowledge of WDW, I share Dreaming of Disney. and 2) Writing a Book is my journal of this crazy process. I talk about what I've learned and hopefully you all will correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Most Controversial - the funny thing about this blogging scene, if we don't like something, we usually just don't comment. Here is my little commented on, controversial poem and no disrespect is ever intended, The End is Near? - now I stay away from politics.
  • Most Surprisingly Successful - I won a week of blog fame at Shelly's place for getting the most votes for Cafe, during the Poetry Schmoetry blogfest. I believe it's because my friends were so supportive more than the quality of the poem - it was good, but not THAT good. I really appreciate you guys!
  • Most Underrated - I don't rate my posts, people like em or they don't and that's fine. But I think you all would like this one, digital natives, a BC post =)
  • Most Pride Worthy - And I'm proud of all my awards and glad to share the feeling by passing them along! Thanks!
Here is the best part! I am eager to see the posts chosen by these guys:
  1. Ali Cross, super ninja writer
  2. Joyce tosses laughs at Catch my Words
  3. Bryce Daniels survives at the Bryce Daniels Preservation Society
  4. Allie posts Letters from the Edge
  5. Angie Lives to Write and Edits When Necessary
  6. Abby always has Something to Write About
  7. Cherie, on your mark, Ready. Write. Go.
Thanks again, Mary! Hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Come Together

I offer this to help us remember.

  About 3000 Souls

        Twins of                                 Fear       
     majesty                                did not
     Symbols                               triumph
     of freedom                           From loss,
      Targets                                strength
     of hatred                               rose up
      Impossible                           The world
   to imagine                               joined
    Did it really                            together
       happen?                             The loved
    Shock and                             ones are
     disbelief                                 missed
     Cries of                                 And ten
     “How dare                            years have
        they!”                                 passed
    Are we all                             We keep
     not human?                            them alive
       Unjustified                           And protect
     annihilation                            our liberty

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hope a Good Time was Had by All!

Today will be my last Hurrah for my Blogaversary.

Here are the winners of the recipe contest...
1st place - Kathy!

2nd place - Rhonda!

and a tie for 3rd place - Heather! and Nicki!

Woo Hoo!

I will be posting the winning recipes on my sidebar for all to enjoy and include their recipes in my Lazy Housewife book. I should query it. Since it's non-fiction, it doesn't have to be complete, right?

But I want to give honorable mention, because 4th place was a 4-way tie!

and I'm not leaving out anyone, check out
Cathy's Creamy Chocolate Frosting
Mish's Macaroni a la Mish
Alana's Mocha Frozen Party Beverage

Though some didn't bring a dish, I am still glad they came to the party! Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes and songs!
And don't forget to take home your plates! Whew!

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