Wednesday, December 6, 2023

CONDUCTION Release Party!

After a long road of trials, tribulations, and personal re-evaluation, I finally published it...


CONDUCTION by Tara Tyler
Sci Fi Detective Thriller/Techno Thriller
Book 4 in Pop Travel series
Preview of MAGNETRON, Book 5 included

In 2085, cutting edge technology is the most valuable currency, and the black tech market offers high pay-offs for diamond-level code. Jared Nertz is an easy-going ex-juicer gone legit working for Pop Travel Technologies, and just when he finishes his long-awaited Conduction project--the process of storing data in the brain--someone immediately steals it and kills his mentor, framing him for the murder. Now it's up to his lawyer/wife Miki and their resourceful friends, Geri and Cooper to prove Jared's innocence by recovering the stolen tech before the criminal killer sells it. But that's only the beginning, as they discover a darker threat when they dig deeper into the case.

Cover Art by my long time writer/artist friend, Carrie Butler
And I've mentioned this before, but I love that I talked my son into posing for it.
I have a couple of reviews lined up, but there's always room for more -- let me know!

Here are a few fun quotes from the book...

Chaos, sweet chaos. -- Cooper

Watching Hasan argue with his droid, Geri wanted to shoot them both. Or herself. -- Geri

“What’s ASAHP?” -- Cooper
“As soon as humanly possible, of course!” -- Hasan

He was secretly very proud of himself. Weren’t all inventions potentially dangerous in the wrong hands? -- Jared

I am also excited to have some special guest hosts helping with my Release Party
 -- Everyone is invited!

And the party continues in January when I plan to release the ebook...

I'm so thankful for this writing community where we can share our ups and downs of the business. The IWSG keeps us connected as a Writerly Family. I don't know what I'd do without you all!

Stay warm, Have a great Christmas, and See you next year!
Keep writing!


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