Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Lazy Dog Days of Summer!

Celebrate with me!

I hope you are doing well for the continuing saga of the IWSG--Insecure Writers Support Group!

As life is full of ups and downs, May was a big up for me, and I needed it. It was a terrific month full of fun events and gatherings. And I'm excited to share them with you...

First, I met up w/my great writer friend
Patricia JL when she came to town

Did you catch a glimpse of the
Aurora Borealis? We saw it in OHIO!

I'm having a blast working on 2 writing projects - 
while watching my silly pups!

Favorite family pic (so far)
Excellent gathering!

Finally got back down to ATL
Visited w/my good friend Kim

and my traveling friend Amber

Love when the puppies
wear themselves out.

But they're always back for more!

A couple of other May items: we finished another fantastic school year and are helping my son heal from a common pitcher surgery--that's no fun, but we're making the most of it. He's keeping his head up, hopeful for success after a full recovery. 

Here's to tons of writing and loads of fun summer happenings! 
And hoping it doesn't fly by too quickly, as it so often does.


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