Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Welcome to another edition of the IWSG - where fellow writers share their hopes and woes and highs and lows. I want to thank everyone who stopped by last month when I was a co-host. It was great to visit around and receive feedback!

So, how has your writing been lately? If you are on a roll, BRAVO! But if you've lost your motivation lately, I feel you. 2020 was like a mini-Armageddon! Everyone felt ramifications from the loss and loneliness. Some are still recovering. It took me two years to find inspiration to write again. I thought I was done. I tried a couple of events, but had no luck selling. I was really low and didn't think there was a point. 

But the writing bug was still in my system. So I went back to the beginning. I started with some poetry then dusted off some short stories. I decided I would write for myself and self-publish or query if it felt right. I ended up finishing my Pop Travel Christmas mystery starring Geri and...

I have exciting news! My story was accepted into an anthology!

I've always wanted to do a Christmas anthology. And I have to thank The Warrior Muse, Shannon Lawrence for pointing out this opportunity. Shannon lists loads of sites looking for submissions. I definitely recommend subscribing to her!

The name of the anthology is MAGICK AND MISTLETOE, the publisher, Dragon Soul Press.

Everything fell together with this one. While I was finishing the story, I started my search for submissions, but didn't have high hopes since it was already 12000 words. But then I found MAGICK AND MISTLETOE ready to accept any genre up to 15000 words! Yay! I submitted a week before the deadline, and only a few days after they started reading submissions, I got an offer. Double Yay! I'm so excited!

Here's my mock up cover to go with the blurb:


While trying to make a good first impression on Cooper's parents over Christmas, Geri discovers a mystery to solve, keeping her sane while she's under all that pressure--especially from the cat! 

So the moral of the IWSG story this month is: Don't Give Up!

Life will throw tons of obstacles at us, emotionally and physically. It's okay to take a break from writing to deal with whatever pops up or whatever self-doubt lingers. But things tend to turn around and lead you to what you need and what will make you happy. Don't give up!

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