Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I love you guys!

No, I'm not drunk!
Thank you so much for your kinds words about my puppy. I haven't had that many comments in quite a while, and I was feeling the love... I guess love is in the air -- Happy February!

And happy Feb IWSG

Not much to report this month - just a couple of announcements:

1st - Though the IWSG Anthology contests are discontinued for now, we are still hoping to keep the IWSG Anthology blog going. We will be contacting the authors of all the anthologies to beg ask them to write posts once in a while -- offering advice, checking in, and snippets of writing.

If you are one such author and you're interested in contributing, let me know!

2nd - As in Feb 2nd! Happy Groundhog Day! 
Do you have any predictions on how much longer we will be smothered in cold weather?? Will that silly critter see it's shadow? Guess we will find out tomorrow

Thanks for stopping by - I will try to make my rounds this weekend


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