Saturday, April 30, 2011


PAD, Day 30 - after leaving here


Yesterday is over.
Tomorrow we start anew.
Today I will nap.

"Z" is for Zodiac

Here is my small parting gift to you all. Take your sign of the zodiac smiley! I got these from this site.













It sure was fun playing! You know where to find me =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Technology


PAD, Day 29 - an ode


Oh, Technology,
You make my life easier,
Bring me closer to loved ones
And let me shop from my desk.

You give me all info
At the tip of my fingers,
Correct my spelling
And brighten my pictures.

But you are growing too fast.
What's the rush?
You must slow down.
I'm falling behind.

And when you get sick
I lose everything.
Or hackers steal
Where am I then?

All alone.
To start over
With my brain.

"Y" is for Y'all

Y'all are the best!
I finally finished my a-z blog tour. I think I visited everyone on the list at least once! In my final sweep for x, y and z it was fun to see the blogs I recognized as new friends =)

I want to thank y'all for everything. I've met so many great people, got some awards, learned things, laughed a lot, seen pretty pictures and had fun with some extra challenges!

As we go back to the "real world" in May it will be interesting to see how y'all post without the challenge. I'll be keeping in touch and I hope y'all do too!

Proper wrap up for this post,
Y'all come back now, ya heeah?
(especially tomorrow for a little farewell Z treat =)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better Off

PAD, Day 28 - the world without something
form - virelai

Better off with no
Mr. Mosquito.
Don't bite!
I wish you'd go,
Mr. Mosquito,
Outta sight!
Nothing good you show,
Mr. Mosquito.
You're a blight!

You hatch in the night
Faintly buzz landing light.
Diseases bring.
It's not all right
You're an itchy plight
When you sting.
So you better take flight
I'll try with my might
You to fling.

You are so annoying
Can't you just take wing?
I am not giving in.
I see you landing.
This is the ending
When you start sucking.

"X" is for X-men and the Summer Movies Preview!

I love the summer movie season.
I've listed a few here with a bit about each one...there were too many for me to link (and I was too lazy). I got much of my info from Entertainment Weekly

  • Thor (May 6) - a coming of age story?, hmm.
  • Priest (May 13) - post-apocolyptic, vampire style.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (May 20) - Penelope Cruz is in it! with zombies & mermaids.
  • The Hangover, pt 2 (May 26) - in Bangkok, how appropriate.
  • X-men: First Class (June 3) - pre-prequel set in the 60s, mutants before they were rebels.
  • Green Lantern (June 17) - Ryan Reynolds =)
  • Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, pt 2 (July 15) - I can't believe this is IT! and it's packed with action!
  • Captain America: the First Avenger (July 22) - let's hear it for the underdog!
  • Cowboys & Aliens (July 28) - Go Harrison Ford! I gotta see this.
  • Thirty Minutes or Less (August 12) - crazy, convoluted plot to get someone to rob a bank to pay someone to kill someone else - got it?
There's lots more, but these stood out to me. Looking forward to shelling out big bucks to go see any on the big screen?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the Midst of Madness

PAD, Day 27 - In the (blank) of (blank)

In the Midst of Madness

My calendar is cluttered
With all we have to do
Appointments, games and practice,
Birthday parties, too.

Chores get checked of daily
As much as I can fit.
Don't forget the homework
Or the prop for your group skit!

I think I've reached my limit
One more thing I cannot wedge.
Throw a wrench into the mix
You'll push me off the ledge!

"W" is for WIP

Anyone else neglecting their WIP? I'll give you some quick facts about mine and I'd love to hear about yours, if you want to share. I think an author's WIP can tell volumes about them (pun intended =)
BTW (by the way) WIP means Work in Progress...sorry I didn't clarify.

Title: Pop Travel
Genre: sci-fi thriller
Stage: completed, querying and more editing

One sentence summary!
In 2080, mild-mannered detective J.L. Cooper and spunky secret agent Geri Harper uncover deadly problem with pop travel - laser teleportation.

Goal: more queries, more & better words...I guess that's a little vague?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kick start Monday on Tuesday...

I am anxious to return to my normal programming, aren't you? But I've so enjoyed meeting everyone and then we've passed around some awards and made each other feel even better! Well, while I was away I was bestowed this Stylish award by Rhonda @ Laugh Quotes AND Debbie @ Bluestocking Mum! Thank you!

I know many of you have received an award or two and disclosed some info, etc. So take the award and if you want to pass it on, great! Here are the lovely rules, that can be optional at this point:

- Right click on the award and save as picture.
- Thank and link back to the person who awarded it.
- Tell 7 or so things about you. I'm putting some prompts with mine if you'd like to use any =)
- pass it on to 5 Stylish blogs. Try to make sure they don't already have it and contact them to let them know and what to do. Again, these are optional, especially if you are "awarded out."

I am happy to pass this on to:
Catherine Denton - stylish artist
Aheila, The Writeaholic - with her stylish mystery serial
Martha at Menagerie - stylish florida photographer
Ramblings by Amber - stylish fantasy writer
The Daily Dose by Dana - stylish mommy writer

Seven fun facts:
1. place I would like to visit someday - Australia
2. my first pet - Peppy, a german shepherd/beagle mix
3. my first car - 1978 celica, stick shift, woo hoo!
4. where I went to college - Harding University (Christian school in Arkansas)
5. first kiss location - racquetball court
6. favorite cartoon character - Mickey Mouse and Spongebob
7. random fact - I love to play family games =)

Thanks for all the comments and following. The feedback is the best part of all of this!

Follow the Leader

PAD, Day 26 - leader, follower
Well, many of my poems have been about kids lately. What can I say? I don't want to grow up (I'm a toys r us kid, right?) And winding down to the end of the month, I'm just about over trying to stick to a form. Only 4 to go!

Follow the Leader

I'm it! I'm the leader!
You have to follow me.
March, march, march, stop!
Let's climb this big fat tree.

Scramble up, dangle down.
Now where shall we go?
Through the fence, down the hill
Roll, roll, roll.

Now a hop, a skip and jump
Splash into a puddle.
Straighten out your airplane arms
And fly out of trouble.

Let's crash down to the ground
And look up to the sky.
We'll name the shapes as we watch
The clouds float by.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"V" is for VS

Writing a book - Agent VS epub
(usually on Fridays I collect my thoughts and spout what I've been working on in my efforts to be published, schedule is off with this challenge.) Lately I've been researching and this is a hot topic! Here's what I have concluded (and correct or add as you see fit, I'm no expert!):

Agent pros
  • they work for you - if you don't make money, they don't make money. They want you to succeed!
  • they are experienced - they know the business, have connections, know what steps to take
  • they can help - with editing, covers, publicity, advice, etc
Agent cons
  • super selective, more so these days
  • production is slow process (compared to epub)
  • authors have to do more editing and promotion than some might think
epub pros
  • it seems easier, but I've heard mixed things, depends on what service you use
  • quicker output
epub cons
  • you're on your own
  • or you can pay for expertise
  • total self-promotion and editing
The bookstore I frequent is closing - what does that mean to me? I'm in the process of querying and wonder, "Am I wasting my time? Should I just epub myself?" But I don't want to do it myself. I want help and experience and connections from a great agent! Maybe when I get to the point of being sick of querying and can't get an agent, then I'll try to epub.

I want some opinions! Would you consider it? What do you think? I know several of you that have put your books out there yourselves - how did you do it? how is it going? why did you do it?

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

PAD, Day 25 - falling
no form today either

Today I struggled with my son
He sent me to the floor.
He hurts me with his attitude
I can't take much more.

No! I won't! I hate this stuff!
I hear it every day.
I want to help I try and try
I don't know what to say.

I wish I had the answer
I wish I had a clue.
I don't like him to feel this way
I don't know what to do.

Some days are better than others
He has a loving side.
And once we make it through the mess
Relief is felt inside.

"U" is for U R IT!


Holy Hundred! I've got over 100 followers! I can't believe it! This challenge has really put me over the edge!

To celebrate, I am going to start a game of Blog Tag! This is just for fun and poking friends =) (Kind of like "spooking" people at Halloween time.)

So tag, U'r it!
Here's how to play: make a comment to tell me you're playing, take this image and post it with these instructions, then go comment-tag a couple of others to join in and p/u the picture from your blog to continue passing it on. (I'm telling everyone I visit today =)
My fun will be seeing this picture on other sites!
And BTW, if you're at the centurion mark too, feel free to copy my 100 followers badge, you've earned it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Safe Journeys

PAD, Day 24 - a prayer
no form

Dear God,
Thank you for bringing us
together for this holiday.
Thank you for blessing us
with loved ones far and near.
As we go our separate ways
Please bring us safely
In His Precious Name,

Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter bunny decorated your lawn this morning 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quit Touching Me!

PAD, Day 23 - quit what you're doing
no form

Quit Touching Me!

I love my little brother
He takes all my abuse.
I love him like no other
All teasing I unloose.

"Stop staring at me!" he complains.
"I'm not," in my defense.
He turns and sticks his tongue out,
And is caught, no recompense.

I copy everything he does
And every word he utters.
When he's had enough of it
"I'm dumb," is what he mutters.

The toughest torture he's put through
Is when my finger hovers.
"I'm not touching you," I smile and tease.
He's the best of little brothers.

"T" is for Tweeting Anyone?

Not me. Not yet. Not enough Time! Maybe I will try it out in May, since after these two challenges are over I will be looking for something to do.

I let Jane Friedman from Writer's Digest sift through tweets for me. She makes a nice, neat, categorized list of the best tweets in industry every Sunday. This is from last weekend. Her blog, "There Are No Rules," also gives great advice for writers. You should add her to your blog roll if you haven't already.

If you do tweet - and I know many of you do! - tell me how you like it and why is it so addicting for some? As an outsider, it seems like a lot of jumbled nonsense. Like picking up in the middle of a bunch of phone conversations at the same time. How does it work?

Friday, April 22, 2011

No One Like You

PAD, Day 22 - only one in the world
Form - Ghazal

All are born, all fade away, but no one else like you.
All have eyes and nose and mouth, but no one else like you.

Unique and none can take your place
No matter color, creed or race, no one else will do.

Important, creative, athletic, shy
Every emotion low to high, selections are not few.

How can it be with so many to name?
Even twins are not the same, there's no one else like you.

So if you dare to second guess,
Remember you are not worthless, there's no one else like you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"S" is for Sons


That's what I've got. Three rambunctious, puppy dog tail-waggin, full of piss and vinegar boys.

Oh, and they like State.
Michigan State.

When they were cute:
and now:
I guess they're still cute. I love these guys =)
(I put this up early cause I'll be driving all day Friday)

The End is Near?

PAD, Day 21 - second thoughts
form - Kwansaba (yes, my father, the form has something to do with Kwanzaa)

The End is Near?

Should they have elected Obama for prez?
Is this the change they hoped for?
Did America get it wrong this time?
Were the people misled and lied to?
Why can't reps share and play nice?
Did they forget "you can't please all?"
Is it too late to fix things?

The form isn't about questions, that was me. I'm curious to see the responses...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"R" is for Remote Relatives

Life these days is transient. We've had to move and move and move. Transplanting is so hard. And it always seems to be far from our relatives. So many times we sacrifice a real vacation to visit them, which I enjoy but I wish we could live closer to them.

For LHW survey question #2, I asked:
Where do you live? And are you close to relatives?

Sadly, it looks like the majority from my quick FB survey are in the same boat as me and do not live near family. I'm jealous of those who do.
Jill – OH, no.
Jeannie – FL, yes
Caroline – TX, yes
Dana – FL, 2 hrs, sort of
Julie – TX, no
Kelly G – MN, no
Anne Marie – OH, no

At least we have each other! And the internet! Do you live near relatives? - but more importantly, is it a good thing?


PAD, Day 20 - message in a bottle
Form - concrete

                                I am
                               a bottle.
                              I drank it
                             all up and
                            felt so small
                          so I decided to
                        crawl inside. Now
                      my head is throbbing
                    and I can't stop bobbing.
                   I think I floated out to sea.
                   If I do not get out soon, I
                   will float until it's noon and
                   the sun'll turn my boat into
                   a sauna. Can anyone hear
                  me? My situation looks dim.
                  I guess it's my own fault for
                    listening to him. Him who
                   promised escape from my
                    woes if I drank his magic
                     potion from this bottle.
                     Help? I'm stuck in this                       bottle.

"Q" is for the Quette of Blogging

That's right. Blog Quette (short for etiquette).
Who knows the rules? I don't. I didn't even know what blog stood for when I started out. (psst, it's an abbreviation for web-log) But I know what I like. After visiting a ton of sites for this challenge, I've come up with a few unwritten rules for good blogging.

  • Less is More. Don't let your blog get too busy. Some blogs are like shopping at Marshall's - too much to choose from all at once, aah! And the reverse is also true - don't be too plain. Show us who you are and jazz it up a little. How many of you are still using the library background? Try the template designer.
  • Stay regular. Post on a regular basis. We are counting on you to provide us with useless (or useful) drivel to brighten our day!
  • Less Ads. I don't know about you, but I can't stand commercials. Isn't that why someone invented tivo? to FF thru the ads? A few are ok, but don't overdo it.
  • Posts - personally I like em brief and to the point. I skim over long-winded posts. Pictures and lists! are appealing. Got a lot to say? break it up into separate posts, make us come back.
  • Replies. Try to reply to your comments. As you get more popular, replies can be fewer - I'll let you know when I reach that point, ha ha.
  • Good commenting. This is a great post from Jane Friedman about putting your best foot forward when making comments (like it's rude to link to your blog in the comments unless it's for a challenge)
  • Courtesy. Link back in your post. When you do a challenge, contest, copy something, get an award, whatever. Give credit where it's due.
  • About you. People want to know who you are! Make it visible. And as a wise assistant to a shark advises put your contact info in it, at least an email (you can create a special email, like gmail, just for this purpose, if you have any Quams)
  • Following. By all means, if you want more followers, make it easy for them! Put the gadget at the top.
Got any more?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Love vs Dumped

PAD, Day 19 – Two for Tuesday, 1. Love, 2. Anti-love

1. Love, form – Villanelle

New Love

The eyes convey what tongue cannot express.
As two connect across a crowded place.
Filling up the heart with giddiness.

Signal received he dares approach, address.
She makes him work to gaze upon her face.
The eyes convey what tongue cannot express.

He won’t give up, he tries hard to impress.
She hints a smile to keep him on the chase.
Filling up the heart with giddiness.

The slight brush of their arms, that first caress,
Eyes lock again and pulses start to race.
The eyes convey what tongue cannot express.

To them the world is frozen and timeless.
Intensity of passion, lips to taste.
Filling up the heart with giddiness.

And then at last he takes her acquiesce.
Apprehension lingers just a trace.
The eyes convey what tongue cannot express.
Filling up the heart with giddiness.

2. Anti-love, free form


I did not get dumped.
I'm the one who let him go.
I can do much better.
My friends all told me so.

And now he's with some tramp.
He'll dump her too, he'll see.
There's no one in this world,
Nobody like me.

"P" is for Prevention


My favorite health magazine! I just renewed after a lapse and will be posting tips from it bi-monthly.

Prevention, May 2011
Momma Sheryl Crow is featured - Can you believe she's 49!!
She looks awesome!

Selected Health & Beauty Tips:
  • colorful lips are more attractive (I never used to wear lipstick, now I do, sometimes).
  • naturally whiten your teeth with - an apple!
  • after soaking up too much sun at the ballpark, drench a thin cloth in milk and lay it on your face for 5 minutes - to reduce redness and calm irritation! (whodathunk!)
  • want that candlelight glow all day? dust shimmery powder just under your brows.
  • lose something? don't get mad, get glad - apparently when you're amused you think clearer.
  • eat more tomatoes, carrots and peaches for a healthy, attractive glow from the beta-carotene (just not too much, don't want to look like an oompa loompa)
  • the riper the banana, the more sugar and less healthy it gets
  • eat more berries! and tuna! (not necessarily together)
The same standard 3 rules for losing weight that are repeated in one form or another every month:
  1. drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies and less junk (1600 cal/day and every 4-5 hrs)
  2. exercise (cardio & strength training - alternating every other day)
  3. get more rest
Beginning of May I will put up some recipes and a Friendship Quiz - how productive are your friends for you?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Like Duh!

PAD, Day 18 - Like (blank)
Ode to teenagers

Like Duh!

What's up with that?
Like, duh!
She's with him?
Cha! Can you believe?
Since when?
You didn't know?
She said she never would.
But she is!
No way.

"O" is for Other Great Blogs

This is the reason to do a challenge - you get to meet fascinatin Other bloggers. And then there's the awards! Holy Moley! I was going to shout Out to some more bloggers today and now I can give them an award too.
1st - I'd like to thank Jamie "From my classroom window" - a new friend and fellow teacher. (I'm just so geeked about these awards!)
2nd - I already gave 7 facts a la moi, but with this award you're supposed to give 10. Here's three more:
  1. I have moved around so much I feel like a gypsy, and I'm not even an army brat. This is the longest I've lived in the same house - 7 1/2 years. I've never had to deal with many repairs before!
  2. I'm a scorpio  watch out!
  3. On my bucket list: to fly a helicopter.
 and 3rd - passing on the love to Other Great Blogs:
I've got so many more and I'm only up to O in my alphabetized blog visits! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Circle

PAD, Day 17 - big picture
form - shadorma

Full Circle

As a child
I depended on
my parents
who fed me,
loved me, cared for me, taught me.
And then I grew up.

Had a child
depending on me.
I'm the mom
and daughter,
the caregiver and teacher.
And then they'll grow up.

They'll have kids
depending on them.
My grandkids.
So much love,
love that is returned to me.
Satisfying ends.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


PAD, Day 16 - snapshot
Form - Tanka

You rock, Grandma Jean!
Still doin' chores and bakin'
Perseverin', strong
Oh my gorsh! You're choppin' wood!
Survivin' on your own

psst - I got another award, "Inspiriational" for poetry! from Jingle =)

"N" is for Nyms

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonymns, Pseudonyms, so many useful Nyms!
But my favorite and most popular, used by young and old as often as possible...


See how text savvy you are with these new and old, well known and lesser known Nyms! - K, I added what they mean...

LOL – laugh out loud     4COL – for crying out loud     AKA – also known as
ROFL – roll on the floor laughing     <3 – heart, love     B/C - because
LMAOROFLOL! – laugh my a** off, see above     ADIP – a day in paradise
CMU – crack me up     FYI – for your info     ASAP – as soon as possible
UOK – are you ok?     BTW – by the way     TBA – to be announced
DORD – department of redundancy department     
WT H – what the heck?     ETA – estimated time of arrival
TMI – too much info     IOW – in other words     WIP – work in progress
DQYDJ – don’t quit your day job
TTFN – ta ta for now     WU – what up?     KISS – keep it short stupid
DIY – do it yourself     POV – point of view     OMW – on my way
TY – thank you     PITA – pain in the butt     MYOB – mind your own business
BFF – best friend forever     JK – just kidding     TLC – tender loving care
SAHM – stay at home mom     IYD – in your dreams     NAYL – in a while
OTS – on the side     IDTS – I don’t think so     MWAH – kissy noise
COOL – constipated overrated out-of-style loser (per my kids)
JERK – junior egotistical rich kid     LOML – love of my life
BFHD – big fat hairy deal     KWIM – know what I mean?     IDK – I don’t know

How many did you know? There's a ton more. Got many from Netlingo.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Limerick Junction

PAD, Day 15 - profile
It's time for a limerick or two...

My Blog Profile:

I update my blog posts each day.
Sometimes I don't have much to say.
I spout what I feel.
So that is my deal.
And comments I take as my pay!

Anonymous Profile

I'm too shy to tell you my name.
I might get a virus, for shame!
I know you might fret,
But it's not worth it
Just smile at the fact that I came.

Popular Twitter Profile

Follow me! I am so smart!
My words you should take to the heart.
But what you don't know
Is I'm an old pro
I've got BS down to an art!

"M" is for Me & MC

Since I received the Versatile Blogger Award, I am obliged to give 7 facts about me. Here goes:
  1. My first bee sting was when I was 39.
  2. I've been wearing glasses since I was 3.
  3. I'm an algebra teacher (subbing for now).
  4. I wing it in recipes way too much.
  5. I sing, been in a few school musicals and a wedding.
  6. I have vitiligo (loss of skin pigment).
  7. I've been to Scotland, London and Greece but would like to see Australia and Europe
Writing a book - Who's your MC?

I'm adding this on because it was my original idea for M. Your main character could make or break your book. Giving advice for your MC is not my forte. I will just say a few words then give you a couple of links to people who seem to know what they're talking about.
  • not perfect, good and bad qualities, habits, looks, traits
  • likeable, even if they're bad
  • believable, even if they're superhuman
  • make him/her come alive with dialog, actions and reactions
 Agent Rachelle Gardner's advice on characters.
The Other Side of the Story also has a bunch of wisdom on characters.

I love this challenge!

I got another award!
This A-Z challenge has been awesome! I've made new friends, gained new followers, expanded my writing horizons, learned some stuff from other blogs and gotten 2 awards! And we're only half way done!

Now to share the love for receiving this award per the rules:
#1 Link back to awarder: Laura at A Hootie Hoot (it's very cute!)
#2 Tell 7 things about yourself. (that will conveniently be my "M" post in the Morning)
#3 Award 15 recently discovered bloggers:
  1. Carolyn Arnold (awesome with Forensic Fridays)
  2. Coffee, Teapots and Books...Oh my! (unique posts)
  3. Doing the Write Thing (adventurous)
  4. Ellie Garratt (300 follower competition and more)
  5. Everything Emerald (an eye for art)
  6. Filmmattic (young movie critic with surprising range)
  7. Half the Fun (fun is the word for fashion and cheese)
  8. Jan Morrison (witty and wise)
  9. life of riles (nostalgic and sincere)
  10. pensive sarcasm (pilot, pirate and short story site co-creator)
  11. random thoughts (you can't get more versatile)
  12. spirit called (outside the box)
  13. tartitude (interviews, advice, contests, etc) 
  14. the waiting is the hardest part (think, thank, thunk)
  15. the Monster in Your Closet (underestimated versatility)
#4 tell them they were awarded! and they need to come get it =)

I have to say I've started following a BUNCH of GREAT blogs recently and I'm sorry I didn't have room for them all!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


PAD, Day 14 - ain't nobody's business
form: ZaniLa Rhyme, from my friend C.R. Ward =)


When your hair falls out and grows back in
Where a lady should have none,
Aggravation and desperation,
I don't want to grow old, it's no fun.

Soon you lose all your senses and then
Your muscles get weak and ache,
Desperation and aggravation,
Your bones get brittle and they may break.

Too much information I share with
My friends, they don't want to know.
Aggravation and desperation,
Like it or not we all have to go.

Bonus: Go here! My friend, Heather, posted some jokes to bring Laughter on L Day at The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

"L" is for Ladybug

I used this for 3 challenges. Today for L, AW Flash Fiction on Sunday, using "ordinary" and Doing the Write Thing's April challenge, tagless dialog only. (I don't usually post this much writing but the challenges are too fun to resist and they help with the A-Z!)


“Hey, Grandpaw. Look what I found!”

“What is it, Clara?”

“A ladybug!”

“How nice. Ladybugs are good luck ya know.”

“It tickles. Look.”

“Bring it here. Oh, yes. Ahh. You know, Clara, that ain’t no ordinary ladybug.”

“It ain’t?”

“No, sir. That’s a wishin ladybug.”

“How can you tell?”

“See the spots? There’s exactly three.”

“Oh. So do I make a wish?”

“Well, you do. But you make the wish for someone else.”

“What do you mean? Ain’t it my wish?”

“Not for a wishin ladybug. Your wish only comes true if it’s for another.”

“Oh. Ok. Hmm. I know!”

“Did you wish?”

“Yep. But I cain’t tell what it was.”

“That’s fine, Clara.”

“Look! There it goes. Bye, wishin ladybug.”

“Off to spread some more luck. We should get back for supper now, Clara.”

“Sure, Grandpaw.”


“Yes, Clara.”

“How do you feel?”

“Much better. The walk and your company has done me a world of good.”

“Yeah! My wish came true!”

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"K" is for Kenny


PAD, Day 13 - relationship
form I'm using: Monotetra


As I think back to second grade
I was the shortest little maid.
I had a friend I wouldn't trade
As short as I, a match we made.

An awkward girl, I liked to kick
My friends of male persuasion, ick!
Abuse he took, with me he'd stick
And make me laugh thru thin and thick.

Alas I had to move away.
But we still wrote, the things he'd say.
Rush and Garfield, college away.
Long lost friend until this day.

(sorry to disappoint but this is a past relationship, I have no idea where he is today.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Process

PAD, Day 12. Two for Tuesday (Really?) 1. Form, I chose list. 2. Anti-form.

The Process









Dealing with the Process

I'm excited! My hands aren't fast enough
to write the thoughts, continuous ideas
exploding from my brain.

I'm stuck. In the middle of a river
wading for my paddle that was guiding
my canoe which is floating away
with my story in it.

I'm exhilirated! The current is has been recharged,
faster and faster. I'm grasping for a branch
so I don't get carried away.

I'm satiated. Licking my lips, savoring
the last taste of a wonderful meal.
The story is complete. I want dessert.
Can I handle it?

I'm stewing. Rebrewing, redoing, rethinking.
Questioning motive and reaction and
cliche - no way!

I'm meditating. Finding patience. My joy from
acceptance anticipating. Reflecting.
Hoping my day will come and then
I'll be excited anew!

"J" is for Jello Shooter

The mischievous man at Terrible Minds (and that site is truly full of some mind-numbing, tho thought provoking material) offers a Friday Flash Fiction prompt for the week. This time it is to choose a cocktail name for the title and apply it to the story as you will in 500 words or less. I'm using it for my J day.

Jello Shooter

I’m outta breath but I’m not giving up that easy.

“We’ve got the place surrounded! Come on out.”

I peek through the blinds. I didn’t do anything. Why can’t they leave me alone? It was just a few cigarette cartons. I can’t help it that the clerk tried to shoot me and I ducked. He’s the moron for shooting himself. That bullet ricocheted off the shelves and right back at him. As soon as I saw him look at me and grab his bleeding shoulder I ran outta there.

Now I’m at my granny’s little house. It was the closest place I could think of. She’s taking a nap upstairs in her room. I can’t believe she’s sleeping through all this.

“I didn’t shoot him!” I yell. I go to the kitchen to figure out what to do.

I don’t have any weapons. I know Granny used to keep Grandy’s rifle, but I think she hocked it.

I rummage through the drawers. A knife? No, what am I gonna do with a knife?

I’m starving too. I look in the fridge. Ehw! What stinks! Gran needs to throw out some of this. I’m about to shut the door when I see something and get an idea.


“He’s been in there long enough. Let’s go in,” Pierce says.

“Right.” Bransen echoes her command into his radio to the guys in the back of the house.

“I’m hit!” one of the officers shouts.

“Man down!” another one yells.

“Take cover!” Pierce shouts. “Go see to those men.”

Bransen nods and sneaks from his car to the injured officer. He radios Pierce. “Captain, you’re not going to believe this.”

“Is it bad?”

“Yeah. It’s red jello.”


I can’t believe it worked! I’m getting away! It was so easy. I just ran out the front door while they were scrambling around. Now I’m through the neighbor’s bushes, around the corner and down the street.

I look back. I don’t think they see me.



“Are we going to bring him in?”

“Nah. He’s suffered enough. The clerk woke up and told us what happened. The kid didn’t even take anything.”

“He’s gonna have a helluva goose egg from that light pole.”

“I wonder if he’ll remember anything. He was a good shot with that jello.”

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