Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"D" is for Dreaming of Disney

Dreaming of Disney is another monthly post that I put up on the 10th of each month. Again, early to coincide with "D" day. I divulge Disney World doings, advice and recommendations. This is the second installment.

Planning Your Trip.
I am annoyingly organized. I love a good plan, with an itinerary and reservations and details! Then we get there and if we do any of it, I am happy. Writing it down is part of my fun =)

Timing is everything.
You need to decide what is important to you. What will make your life easier - weather? cost? less crowds? We like to get the best of all three. Unfortunately, unless you can take the kids out of school you will be down there at "peak" season - the most crowded, the most expensive and usually, the worst weather. Taking the kids out of school is worth it. Here is a yearly breakdown of cost, crowds and weather:

Planning also requires early reservations for those busier times of year. I'm a Disney Vacation Club member and I sometimes have trouble getting in popular places even 6 months in advance! That's hotels and dining! And we usually do NOT go during peak season.

Prince #1
Dreaming of Disney posts
My reference is Birnbaum Guides to Walt Disney World (2010) which I use for much of my planning, I highly recommend it.


Christa Desir said...

This is awesome. Totally using your blog for planning next year's family vacation.

Anonymous said...

Just come to tell you how grateful I am for the prompts you left on my blog! Best with A-Z!!

Bluestocking Mum said...

\Disney has never appealed to me, probably because I always imagined it would be so chaotic etc. - I guess a plan like this might have been the answer.

Good to make your acquaintance. Look forward to following your posts. Best of luck with the A-Z challenge.

warm wishes

Alexis Bass said...

Wow - you are organized! Great plan to avoid the chaos. :)

triles said...

New follower through the A-Z. This is great info about Disney. We're planning on going next school year, and this will be very helpful. Looking forward to future Disney posts.

V.R. Leavitt said...

Yes, having a plan is key! As a resident of Orlando, I can tell you it can get hectic. Another thing to remember is whether you're there at peak times or not, you're there to have fun, and a plan like you have outlined will ensure that your fun is maximized. :-)

Michelle Wallace said...

Hey TTT ~~ all the comments about organizing , planning , peak times etc. etc. *sighs* Maybe I'll get there ... one day ...


India Drummond said...

I'm so sad that my son is too old for Disney. I loved it when we took him when he was about 8 or 9... the perfect age!

Catch My Words said...

I know that place. You open your wallet, then they stick a vacuum cleaner inside and empty it out!

As for India -- one is never too old for Disney.


Tara Tyler said...

I'm so glad if my info can help you! And even if you have a plan, being flexible will make things easier to enjoy.

Joyce is right, India - you're never too old! when I was a teen, I brought a friend and we would go off by ourselves and flirt =)

And I love your description, Joyce. I'd be rich from the interest I've invested in that place!

Damyanti - I'll check to see if you use any =)

Love the blue stockings, Debbie!

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