Thursday, April 14, 2011

"L" is for Ladybug

I used this for 3 challenges. Today for L, AW Flash Fiction on Sunday, using "ordinary" and Doing the Write Thing's April challenge, tagless dialog only. (I don't usually post this much writing but the challenges are too fun to resist and they help with the A-Z!)


“Hey, Grandpaw. Look what I found!”

“What is it, Clara?”

“A ladybug!”

“How nice. Ladybugs are good luck ya know.”

“It tickles. Look.”

“Bring it here. Oh, yes. Ahh. You know, Clara, that ain’t no ordinary ladybug.”

“It ain’t?”

“No, sir. That’s a wishin ladybug.”

“How can you tell?”

“See the spots? There’s exactly three.”

“Oh. So do I make a wish?”

“Well, you do. But you make the wish for someone else.”

“What do you mean? Ain’t it my wish?”

“Not for a wishin ladybug. Your wish only comes true if it’s for another.”

“Oh. Ok. Hmm. I know!”

“Did you wish?”

“Yep. But I cain’t tell what it was.”

“That’s fine, Clara.”

“Look! There it goes. Bye, wishin ladybug.”

“Off to spread some more luck. We should get back for supper now, Clara.”

“Sure, Grandpaw.”


“Yes, Clara.”

“How do you feel?”

“Much better. The walk and your company has done me a world of good.”

“Yeah! My wish came true!”


Angela said...

This is just adorable.

Selena said...

So sweet......and well done!

Spenc said...

So cute. I didn't know the wish had to be for someone else, that explains a lot.

Cathy said...

Great story, very sweet.

A Hootie Hoot said...

This is so cute! I love ladybugs!

By the way, I just awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award. Please go to to claim your award!

Sonia G Medeiros said...

That is really sweet! And I could hear each voice so well. I'm so happy you joined in my writing challenge!

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Maybe I started a new thing - ever seen one?

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