Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun to Go

PAD, Day 8 - Celebration.
I chose to use a fun form with this prompt called Blitz. This is a crazy form! And I added rhyming, cause I like to rhyme =)

Fun to Go

Spring has sprung
Spring is fun
Fun in flowers
Fun for hours
Hours to play
Hours to stay
Stay and forget
Stay in from the wet
Wet in the rain
Wet is a pain
Pain from a sting
Pain thorns can bring
Bring us some love
Bring hope from above
Above might be clouds
Above might be crowds
Crowds in the stands
Crowds and loud fans
Fans at the game
Fans go insane
Insane are long days
Insane with praise
Praise give in tons
Praise for my sons
Sons can annoy
Sons bring me joy
Joy is an ode
Joy to explode
Explode the grass grows
Explode blows the nose
Nose that smells pollen
Nose that gets swollen
Swollen from pup's nip
Swollen from trip
Trip that we take
Trip to escape
Escape to unknown
Escape from our home
Home is the heart
Home is an art
Art never ends
Art to make friends
Friends make me smile
Friends across miles
Miles to grow
Miles to go
Go out in the Spring
Go do everything


Alexis Bass said...

This is so fun!

MISH said...

Hey TTT ~~ I'm sure you had loads of fun writing this piece ! :)


Sharon Sullivan-Craver said...

I like what you have also done with the A-Z...this is such fun...Nice to meet you..


C R Ward said...

Well done! I especially love that I've never heard of the Blitz form. I'm always on the lookout for new forms. :-)

Tara Tyler said...

The fun was contagious! I don't usually go on for so long, but I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks for commenting!

Sharon - nice to meet you too =)

C R - I'm looking up new ones to see what's out there!

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