Monday, December 18, 2017

A nice cozy book to curl up with...

It's that time of year. Doesn't a warm cup of cocoa, a snuggly blanket on a comfy couch by a crackling fire, and a spine-tingling book sound awesome? Ahhh.

Funny thing is, I'm waiting for a couple of my author friends to finish their sequels... (Ahem, Christine Rains and M.J. Fifield)

Speaking of sequels, seen Star Wars yet? Don't tell me anything! We're going the day after Christmas with my family. Very excited!

And oh, yes. I have survey results and an announcement of winners from my DISPOSAL Release Raffles! Yay!

First the Results...

I picture my main character, Detective Cooper played by Bradley Cooper or Matt Damon - What actor/actress would you choose to play one of your MCs?

Vannessa Hudgens
Krysten Ritter
Rose Leslie
Manu Bennet from Shannara
Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Chris Cornell, Jason Momoa
Ben Affleck

You all were much more creative - love these choices! (Had to look some up, but wow!)

Which gadgets from the Pop Travel series would you like to try?

Would you like to have a Simulation--clone android--of yourself?

 What world problem should Hasan tackle next?

Which Pop Travel character do you associate with most?

Now, the winners from the survey are...

Krystal Jane & Juneta Key

Thanks to all who participated!

Plus, I'm giving all my Host Volunteers a thank you prize, but the winner of the $20 gift card is:

And I was lucky enough to add two more stops:
December 18 with Heather M Gardner
January 26 with Chrys Fey

It's been a very busy November/December. Now, I must finish trimming my tree and wrapping gifts. And don't forget cleaning for company - I'm looking forward to the folks coming up for a game-filled visit! Yay!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dare to Do!

I'm so excited to share my most recent release! I know it's IWSG day--and believe me, I'm full of insecurity, just visit MJ, where I'm visiting today--but this week I'm planning my live release party. No matter the turnout, I have my 5th book published, and I'm psyched!

DISPOSAL by Tara Tyler
Pop Travel, Book Three

When Cooper's wild nephew Jimmy moves in with them for a summer internship, he immediately drives his uncle Coop nuts--then gets himself kidnapped. Cooper has several surprises and new gadgets to deal with - never a dull moment.

Still lots of time to take my Disposal Release Party Survey and get registered for a prize...

And the blog tour train has been moving right along...

FRI, NOV 17 - Tyrean Martinson - 5 Things that will get you published!

MON, NOV 20 - Christine Rains - The Lazy Housewife talks Garage Goals
THU, NOV 23 - Juneta Key - I'm Thankful for where I am

MON, NOV 27 - Patricia Lynne - Writing a Series & Keeping it Fresh
THU, NOV 30 - Diane Burton - The Lazy Housewife talks Bathroom Blues

WED, DEC 6 - MJ Fifield - Special IWSG: Will anyone like me? Will anyone care?
FRI, DEC 8 - Elizabeth Seckman - The Journey of the Really Real Housewives

MON, DEC 11 - C. Lee McKenzie -

I really appreciate the support of this community - and if you ever need a shout out, I'm happy to help out! Hope your holiday season is off to a tremendous start (I'm actually ahead of schedule this year...)

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