Monday, January 30, 2012

KSM - don't forget!

February must be blogfest month, because we have boocoos coming up. Starting on the first! Here are the first couple of week's so you can prepare, cause you pantsters need some reminding, right? ha!
  • 2/1 - IWSG. Share your writing woes with us =)
  • 2/1 - Critique my Blog blogfest
  • 2/2 - Groundhog Day - know any poems or songs for it? Share! (if not, that's ok, I made one up for you)
  • 2/6-10 - I'm Hearing Voices!
  • 2/7 - Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt - you'll LOVE it <3
  • And I have to say, Thanks so much to my new followers for pushing me over 300! To celebrate, I will be hosting a blurb contest February 29th. More details coming soon!
But it IS still January and I got TWO MORE short stories. Yay! Stop by to read my new friend Keru's and my faithful friend, Heather's. Worth the reads!

And hey, how about a word of the week:
bingle - a minor crash
(use it in a sentence? If you text and drive, you will eventually have a bingle!)

BTW, today sign ups opened for A to Z! are you doing a theme?

Friday, January 27, 2012


How will we say "cool" in the future?

It's survey time! I found (and made up) some options that could be used for "cool" in the not too distant future. My MS is not dystopian, just about 60 yrs away and in it I have a young man or three who have to express their wonderment. Cool has been around for about 70 yrs already (can you believe it? feel old? me too!), so it will probably pass the test of time, but who knows! So tell me your thoughts and'll be cool!
  • tame
  • daff
  • lucid
  • straight
  • poppin
  • hamster
  • stupid
  • or just stick with cool
And 2 more cool things. First, check out Christine's cool short story she wrote for Auntie Tara!

And 2nd, I'm a winner!! Woo hoo! Say it again. Woo hoo!
I won 3rd prize in  Laura's Character Blogfest! Yea-uhh! (any Regular Show fans?) I won a 5 page crit from Melanie Billings, Aquisitions Editor for Whiskey Creek Press! Perfect timing too, because I just found an awesome agent to query who wants my first five pages! *stops to bend down and take a breath*

I am super stoked, dudes! I hope you all have a stupid weekend! (hamster weekend?) Just go enjoy yourselves!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick Prompt & Mini Reviews

First, I need to shout a huge
ThAnK YoU!

to David! I won a book because he reached 500+ followers! What a guy! I never used to win stuff, but now I win so much more with all you fabulous people! And the stuff is bonus! My book is on its way, THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER by Michelle Hodkin - any thoughts on it?

Now, since Monday's post was so full, I neglected to put up the quick prompt I entered in Janet Reid's contest over the weekend - for which I got honorable mention for making her "crack" up! (small milestone to be honorably mentioned by the Shark Lady!) The challenge, write 100 word story with these prompts: red, chaos, fold, chasm, bent

No amount of training or preparation could have lessened the mind-numbing chaos that unfolded at the exposure of the deep red chasm.

Some of the girls dropped in mid-sentence like calls in a dead zone. The blood-curdling screams and outcries could have raised an undead Lord. Even Karena, the pack leader who had seen such shocking images before, almost vomited at the gruesome display below.

Unheedful of the skittish women, the plumber bent down to look under the sink.

The slumber party had been forever tainted.

On to the mini reviews! a book & 2 movies

First, I finished THE WOODS by Harlan Coben. One word: Absorbing!
This book had me hooked by the MC's hilarious jarring comments all the way through. His derisive, realistic view on life and humble view of himself were only outweighed by his dedication to his daughter, his renewed love, his missing sister, and his client. If you like a good mystery/thriller you should read this. Thanks, Mom, for lending it to me! (pic source)

Heard of this book by Pittacus Lore? I've seen it on the shelves, so I had to watch the movie. It was good. Teens would like it more. Along the lines of Twilight caliber acting and action. Not blockbuster, but good. (pic source)

Movie 2: SUPER 8
I didn't know there were aliens in this! Parts of it were scary! Really good movie, though. I loved it being told through the kids' eyes. It was like ET on steriods. I will watch it again. =) (pic source)

How bout you - finish any good books or seen any good movies lately?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Thanks so much for all your wonderful input and accolades for Gabe the Goblin =) I'm excited to really dig into that WIP soon! Anyone have a good drawing of a friendly large eared goblin? I'd love some inspiration!

And now it's time for Sensational Haiku Wednesday, topic: silhouette
Shadow of a Man
 Just a silhouette
Mysterious, deceiving
Make no assumptions
Backlit emphasis
Concealing imperfections
Beauty emerges
Silhouette stumper
I misspell every time
Spellcheck proves its worth

Monday, January 23, 2012

KSM, Characterfest & a quick prompt

You all are really making me work! I have reached my blogfest limit!
Now on with the Characterfest!

I am excited about this blogfest. It got me thinking about a WIP I have been dying to get back into. It’s called BROKEN BRANCH FALLS, my MG Urban Fantasy. And so I’d like to introduce you to…

Gabe Thorntry!
Gabe is a teenage Goblin, a Junior at Gingko High, the only species integrated high school in the area. He has an identity crisis, not wanting to conform to the Goblin traditional stereotypes, like doing the jocks’ homework and playing in the band. He wants to break the rules and try new things.

Here is a snippet from Broken Branch Falls…

I thread through the halls without further incident. But just as I reach my next class, three jumbo size ogres accost me, and ogres are twice my height to begin with. The largest of the ogre clan are on the football team. These buffoons pick me up and throw me into the bathroom. Luckily it’s the boys’ room.

The leader hefts me by the front of my shirt and holds me against the wall. I squirm as the hand blower pokes into my back.

“Where’s my homework, Gabby?”

I almost faint from the malignant breath. It’s lethal to smaller creatures. But these oafs don’t intimidate me. I go through this on a regular basis. “If you put me down, I’ll get it out for you, Recker,” I say. Why doesn’t he ever just ask for it?

“Good. If you didn’t, I’d’ve had to mash you!” His friends grunt and pound their meaty fists as Recker sets me down.

I open a folder and pull out his paper. Recker snatches it.

“It ain’t a A, is it?” he asks, scrunching his gruesome face at it. He could’ve broken a mirror if there were any in here.

“A high C at best,” I tell him. “May I go to class now?”

“Yuh. Just watch yourself, Gabby. Don’t make me mash you!” he says again. I leave them puzzling over the completed assignment and slip into class as the tardy bell rings.

Thanks for reading! What blogfests are you excited about? What's going on in your writing week?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bloggerview - On a fab critter!

I got through my 3rd round of edits because of a wonderful beta reader. She was positive, truthful, and so fast! At the time, she didn't need a crit back, so I offered her an interview. I think many of you know her, it's


She was overwhelmed =) Angie, you crack me up!
Here is our little interview and some great critiquing advice!

How long have you been writing and what started you?

I’ve been writing about five years, but I’ve been really serious about it for three. Reading is my passion and writing became a natural extension of that.

What are you currently working on?

I’m making a few last minute edits to the YA book I’ve been querying. I’m working on the second book in that planned YA trilogy. And just for fun plotting out a Chick Lit MS narrated by Fate—that one has been bouncing around in my head for a while.

Where do you get all the great tips for your posts on your shared blog—Live to Write…Edit when Necessary?

Oh, I’m glad you think my tips are great—that makes me smile. Learning how to be a better writer has been a process for me. If I learn something that helps me, I want to share it. So most of my posts come from there.

I can relate so closely to your responses, no wonder we click!

And now, Angie will do a mini-guest post and elaborate on how to be an awesome critiquer—since she IS!

I don’t know about that Tara—you are too sweet.  I have great critique partners and beta readers. Everything I have learned about being a good critiquer comes from them. Learning to critique is something that has made me a much better writer, because I’ve learned to look at my stories with a critical eye.

So I thought of an acronym that helps me remember how to critique. T.A.C.T.—fitting don’t you think :)

T—Thoughts. When I get a critique back I LOVE to know what people are thinking as they read. I always leave comments so the author knows what I’m thinking at that exact spot in their book. It can be invaluable to know what readers perceive as they are reading along in your story. That way you know if you’ve accomplished your intent or not.

A—Amazing. No book is ever all bad. Even authors that struggle with certain story elements have amazing aspects to their books. Find those amazing parts and point them it out. Every time you feel that little spark of enjoyment tell the author.

C—Constructive. It means to build up and make better. I think that is the whole point of a critique. I try and look at the style of the book, what the author is trying to say, what they want. I want to help make their book the best it can be.

T—Truth. Always tell the truth. People appreciate honest input. It is a waste of your time and their time if you sugar coat their critique. But that being said—there is always a kind way to tell them they need to work on something.

I’ve been doing more edits on my completed MS and I started to notice something. I thought, “This is the spot Emily helped me with. I added this scene because of Sara. Jolene really helped me flesh out this character. Cassie was right. I should cut this.” I could go on and on. What I noticed is that my book is a collaboration of lots of great critiques!

Thanks for having me Tara :) I had so much fun!

My pleasure, Angie! That is wonderful advice. I'll be trying it out next month! And don't you and Cassie have a blogfest coming up Feb 6-10? Tell us more!

Cassie and I are cohosting a character blogfest. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! And one of the prizes is a full critique from Cassie and me, and can I just tell you what a great critiquer Cassie is!
Thanks again, Angie. Wishing you good vibes on publishing your YA trilogy!

I can't tell you all enough how valuable a good critter is. Make sure you have your MS read by as many as you can! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rule maker, Rule breaker

So today is Random Thursday, didn't you know?

I thought I would check in on how you are doing with your Resolutions for 2012. Anyone still on track? I didn't set any firm goals, except to be published some time this year, and that goal is well under way. I've been editing like mad! And the book I'm reading is really helpful! Since I'll be done and review it next week, I'll let it be a surprise.

But the longstanding, unwritten resolutions that I and just about everyone else make every year, are being neglected. I've fallen off the wagon, not that I ever really got on it.

Exercise more and eat better!
(i.e. lose weight)

Why is this so hard? I am gaining weight every year, as statistics tell me is normal. I hate conforming to statistics!

I set simple rules with rewards, yet I can't get myself to do them. Here they are (with my top excuses):
  1. Eat a fruit or vegetable before any sweets or snacks (fruits & veggies are not fun to eat and usually have to be prepared, snacks are so tempting and easy!)
  2. Don't eat snacks after kids go to bed (that's a killer!)
  3. Only read and comment on blogs while treadmilling and/or after (I can't get sweaty I have to go somewhere, I just ate, I'll just read a couple now, so many other things to do!)
See? Those aren't hard! And the newer resolution of blogging less is also addressed up there (yes, I overblog)

Does anyone else have trouble with this? I need some advice from skinny, happy people who stick to their diet and workout guns, or more likely some commiseration from fellow whiners. Boo hoo.

Pep talk to self: "Suck it up, Tara! Stop making excuses! You want to keel over before you're published? You can't afford a new wardrobe! Get moving!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freestyle Haiku Wednesday

new badge!
Today for Sensational Haiku Wednesday, we got to choose our own topic - I didn't know what to do! I can't think for myself! I need prompts! So I asked my youngest son. He said to "write about family, not our family, just family" Awww. He's so cute! So I did =)

Family Treasure

Family haven
Safe from harsh worldly judgments
Free to be yourself

Hugs and kisses
Don't hold back from showing love
Supply and demand

Cuddle with loved ones
On a regular basis
Face the world recharged

my inspiration!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Retro Day

Here are some excerpts from posts past. This is my fifth BC (before comments) post. Do you have any posts that no one saw because you hadn't built a following yet?

Plus I have 2 more fests that I found out about yesterday, trickling my news into today.

David past 500! and he's giving away 1 book for every 10 commentors! Stop by & congratulate him! Jan 16-20.

And Nicki, Suze & M Pax all got together to time travel us back to the 80s with the I'll tumble for ya blogfest. Feb 10, see who crushed on who in the 80s!

And the animals from yesterday's challenge were wolf and eagle (hawk is close enough!) Nicki & Christine were right!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kick start - wait, it's Monday already?

That weekend went by quick! But some of us are enjoying an extra day off today in honor of MLK, Jr, peaceful protagonist.

In sports this weekend
We had another basketball tournament, in addition to our regular games. Exciting as always! Boys were successful on the whole.

In writing news
Don't forget to sharpen your skills and take a break from the monotony of editing by writing a short story for Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt! Still 2 weeks left.

I just found this great "perfect pitch" blogfest/contest via Cortney for YA and MG writers that started yesterday! Jan 15-17. Even if you don't sign up or that's not your genre, writing a 35 word blurb is an awesome challenge! Leading into the next piece below...

The results for the "What makes you buy a book?" survey are in. It looks like a creative cover will draw people in and the cover blurb on the back or inside front, will seal the deal. Thanks for participating! Looks like I will have to do a cover blurb contest or challenge!

  7 (41%)
  10 (58%)
  3 (17%)
  9 (52%)
Cover blurb
  11 (64%)
First page
  2 (11%)
  6 (35%)
  1 (5%)
A movie is based on it
  0 (0%)
Random choice
  0 (0%)

This just in!
Psst. Listen. Come closer.


Thanks, Leigh/Abby! I'm supposed to pass it on to my top 20 commentors, but most of you have already gotten it! I'm still listing & linking you to say thanks! And you can pass it on as you like =)

Thanks to:
·  Dana
·  M Pax
·  mshatch
·  G-Man

Coming up
Try to make some time to stop by Laura's self-illustrated, writing enhancing blog and enter her Favorite Character Blogfest with fabulous prizes! It's Jan 23-25!

Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award contest starts next Monday 1/23. Not that I want you to compete with me...just kidding, go for it!

Another fun blogfest coming up is Crit my Blog at Teralyn's. On Feb 1, get your blog in tip top shape and trade critiques to help build your following! Thanks Margo for leading me to this.

Just for fun!
Now I leave you with two short challenge entries from Chuck @ Terrible Minds. The challenge this week is to write a 3 sentence story from the perspective of an animal from a given list. See if you can guess my 2 animals.

1) Who needs a pack anyway. And I’m leaving with my head and tail high. I’ll lick my wounds later.

2) Rabbit at two o’ clock, calculating trajectory. Diving, he’s spotted me and heading for the thicket, faster than anticipated. Abort, abort!

Friday, January 13, 2012

no snow day =(

Well, we got all this pretty snow and no snow day, so I'll just give you a publishing status update:
  • I'm already halfway through my 4th edit - yeah! This round I am printing out a section at a time and using my red pen - and so far, it has become my favorite way to edit! It goes so much faster than sitting at the screen. It's portable, it's easier to refer back a page or two, I can see what I'm going to change and I can see how much is being changed - because when I have less red marks, I'm that much closer to ready!
  • I have sent out 3 queries (1 rejection) - each time I finish a round of editing, I send out a few queries. It gives me a break and it's like a reward for reaching a goal. I research agents and update my list. I improve my query with every one I send out and learn more about the process. (Thanks for so those query crits!)
    • The biggest bummer about querying is that I pour over my letter, tinkering and revising and reading it over and over, then when I send it and get a quick reject - all that hard work and no feedback! But I just remind myself, that's how it works and I will find my perfect fit. I'm just not ready yet.
    • Sending queries also helps me work on other submission requirements, like synopsis and bio - hate those things, but they need to be worked on sometime...
  • Next I would like to find a CP for March. So if you are at a similar place and interested in trading with me let me know. My genre is techno-thriller (77k) and I will crit anything except romance. Email me at if you're interested!
Now, where are you on the road to publishing?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Princess Story

Here is my offering for Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt.

A Princess Story

Once upon a time, a beautiful opening if ever there was one. And upon this once, there lived an erudite king and devoted queen who ruled from a glorious castle, set in a cold land of the North. The castle had many spacious rooms for playing, small nooks for hiding, staircases for bouncing, sliding, and running up and down, and the greenest, grandest grounds in the whole kingdom with a wondrous waterfall that never went dry. And it was all mine.
I was the elder princess and I really ran the kingdom. I knew how to get everything I wanted. Spoiled, you say? Nay! I used my wits and did what was right and was rewarded for it. And we were happy.
But trouble soon came, as it always does. The evil rulers from across the way envied our castle. Though we fought courageously, they drove us away.
After losing our castle, and therefore our kingdom, we joined the middle class. Not many listened to the princess anymore. But still, we made the best of it and we were happy.
As a good princess, when I grew up I sought my fortune. I did very well on my own and found a resourceful Lady in Waiting to advise me. But as a princess, I felt I had a responsibility to my honorable, dethroned parents to rebuild our kingdom. To do that, I needed to find a prince, within an allotted time.
There was no shortage of suitors. But in the cruel world, many are selfish and not so charming. Some were deceitful, wanting my money or my title or just a quick bit of fun. At one point, I thought I had found my prince. But the one that stole my heart was on the wrong side of the law so I had to give him up. Unworthy as King material.
I mended my heart and continued with my duty. I endured outings and sifted out truth from lies. It was maddening! I am not one to waste time. I had a kingdom to perpetuate!
So I held a contest.
I made an announcement. “Any subject who wants my hand will make a plea at my balcony. The speech that moves my heart will win my hand and become ruler of a new Kingdom.”
My list of requirements was lengthy, as choosing a future King is not a task to take lightly. He had to be pure of heart, a hard worker, God fearing, patient, firm, kind, respectful, strong of conviction, from good family, jolly, and handsome, of course.
No suitor could give me all of those things, or remotely close. The deadline for continuing the kingdom was fast approaching and I had found no viable candidates from the crowd of suitors. Forlorn!
Enter random sojourner, knocking on our door, seeking shelter from a storm.
Though against the better judgment of allowing a strange man to abide with us, my Lady in Waiting and I took him in.
Never fear! We were skilled in the arts of self-defense and kept our wits about us and our eyes open to any trickery the stranger may have tried.
But the handsome knave, yes, he was pleasant to look upon, proved himself a gentleman. With each passing day, he showed a new attribute of chivalry. Helpful, considerate, honorable, dutiful, etc.
Meanwhile, I still listened to pleas of dull suitors. I still waited for my one true prince.
Until my eyes opened and saw our boarder as more than a boarder. One day, as I sat playing my harp while our guest catered to my pet, I realized. This is as good as it gets! Right under my nose!
Now being a gentleman, our guest had never propositioned either of us in the slightest. Thus it would be up to me to bash him over the head with my club of sweet gentility. Once the door was open to him, he entered willingly. And that was that.
Today, the new Kingdom is alive and thriving with more princes to carry it on.
And though at times we have trouble to deal with, we are happy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brilliance in School

Today I have a Drabble about school and haiku for Sensational Haiku Wednesday about brilliance - a perfect match =)

As a bossy child, I loved to play school and be the teacher and teach my little sister everything I learned. I decided to become a math teacher when I saw my friends in high school struggling in math because the teachers we had were dry, boring, or too book smart – understanding math is hard, teaching it to be understood is harder. I don’t love math, but I get it. I love the look on a kid’s face when they realize they know how to solve a problem. That is my goal.

Education is learning. Brilliance is application of education.

Measuring brilliance
To what should it be compared?
Anyone can be

Get education
To learn as much as able
Bril-li-ant future

Brilliance is using
The brain power you have to
Sparkle in the world

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt - Pilot

Pilot, as in seeing how this first episode goes.

Welcome to Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt!
On the second Tuesday of the month, I will offer a prompt of some sort or other to write a short story about. Now a short story can be as short as a few hundred words or as long as a couple of thousand. I will stipulate word length with each different prompt, thus adding to the challenge.

To officially participate, here are Auntie Tara's requests:
  1. put a link to your story in the comments
  2. link back here to let others know about the challenge (feel free use the pic)
  3. keep it clean =)
On to January's prompt!
This month, the challenge before you is to write a short story of 750 words or less including these four words: EVIL, CROWD, HARP, WATERFALL

Challenge ends January 31. I'll put mine up on Thursday. If I get at least five participants, I will offer a prize of a query or first page critique to my favorite story and add a linky link next month to make things easier. But this is more for our benefit to get writing! Results announced first week of February.

And in case you want even more writing practice, Sonia offers a monthly writing challenge as well. She's been at it a long time and has great articles on writing. You should at least stop by =)

Monday, January 9, 2012

KSM - back in business

It's a new year and there are several blog hops, contests, and challenges coming up.
  • I am inviting you to join Auntie Tara's Short Story minute. I will post my first prompt tomorrow! If it strikes you and you have time, I'd love to hear your story!
  • Do you know Abby Fowers? She is a wonderful gal who writes children's fiction and supports everyone she meets! Well, don't get too excited because she's closing down her blog =( BUT, that is because she made a new blog under her new pseudonymn, Leigh Covington! And to celebrate her rebirth, she is having a contest - check it out!
  • And thanks to Angie and "Cassie Mae" for offering the "I'm hearing voices" blogfest - it will build character! (groan)

  • Many of you know about the "It's getting hot in here" blogfest. I'm not the best at romance writing, but I just edited a funny romantic scene, so I may just have to do that!

  • PreviewAnd the A to Z blogfest in April has a bunch of new hosts and hostesses this year. Stop by the dedicated site to find out more =) I like this fest because I meet so many new people and it gives me inspiration all month!
Got more? Tell me about it!
Keep writing!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Writing a Book - Buying a Book

I haven't done this series in a while, especially with the holidays. Now they're over! They were fun, but hallelujah! I've got a smidge more time to write!

And I really appreciate all the comments and positivity from yesterday, THANKS! I'm still trying to go visit the IWSG posts. There's just so many of them!

As a writer, our first goal is to finish the book, eh? Then we want to get published. Which some of you are, yay you! So then we get to the next goal of actually selling the book. Now I am past Step 1 and working on Step 2 by editing and querying agents. But I think after the rejoicing of getting an agent is over, Step 3 will be the most intimidating. So,

Today  I have a question for you:

What makes you BUY a book?

Here is a list of possible answers I came up with, but there are probably more,
  1. Genre
  2. Cover
  3. Title
  4. Author
  5. Back cover blurb
  6. First page
  7. Recommendation
  8. Reviews
  9. A movie is based on it
  10. Dumb luck
I'm sure there are many, more professional surveys, but this is more personal. It will show what our peers are interested in. I am dying to know, and I think it will give us goals to work on. You can respond in the comments and/or in the survey question on the side bar. I will post results at the end of the month.

My response - First, I go by recommendations, which I get a ton through blogging so I've been reading a lot more. Thanks! But if I just go into a bookstore (or am looking online, which isn't as fun) I look at genre, author and/or cover, then I read the blurb (price is also a factor, but if it's too expensive it goes on my bday or xmas list =). My son has taught me that if I read the first page, I will get a good gist of the writing, too. But I usually forget to do that until I get home.

< = = = >

PS - On a side note, even though the holidays are over, my personal responsibilities have increased. I had to chose something to let go of. I tend to take on more than I should, thinking I can handle it all and spread myself thin and that makes everything come out in poorer quality. I chose to bow out of writing for Unicorn Bell. I always felt like I was asking for advice rather than giving it anyway. I will still continue to be a regular commenter and contributor of work for critique, but that's all I can handle. I hope you will check them out if you haven't because they are great! And I am very sad to leave them =(

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It ain't easy being green

Today is the day for sharing. We laugh a little, we cry a little, we whine a lot and we comfort each other. I love this outlet and opportunity called,

Dear Fellow Struggling Writers,
    I am diving right in this month. I ask you, How do we maintain originality? Clamped down by the Rules of writing, it can be difficult to express voice - what if my character likes to speak in cliches and mixed metaphors? And I've read that every core story has been done a million times. Will we run out of tales to tell? The number of writers seems to have multiplied so much so that we are all being turned away (it couldn't be that my writing is bad!). It has not always been so, has it? The classics were original. Today it's exponentially harder to come up with a new classic! A new original story! Can it exist?
                                                 Been There, Done That

Now on a more positive note, for Sensational Haiku Wednesday on resolve,

Open minds and open hearts
Keys to resolving

Melt away the hate
Kind words will always win out
Show them your resolve

Never giving up
Resolve to attainable
Goals you can achieve

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have a nice visit?

Happy New Drabble! A short diversion, from Aheila's weekly prompt. This week it's "visit."

Have a Nice Trip? See ya Next Fall!

Have you ever seen such a magnificent sight?


And the colors. Brilliant, aren’t they?

I guess.

Ever seen them arranged in such a way?


Green, blue…


Purple, yellow, pink.


Why must you be so negative?

This is gross.

It’s beautiful!

It’s making me uncomfortable.


I endure coming all this way to hunt with you. And I actually like outwitting the beasts and killing them. But watching the dissection before we eat them makes me lose my appetite!

I blame this drabble on the fact that I recently saw Cowboys vs Aliens - great movie! Have you seen any good movies lately? I'm still looking forward to my Sherlock Holmes date!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kick start 2012!

Just another Monday, right?
Never! 2012 is the year I get published! I guess that's my big writing resolution. Hope everyone is ready to get back to work and write. I've already sent out 2 queries! I know the agents are thrilled! And there are many events coming up, here are just a few:
  • 1/4 is the first Wednesday of the month when we share writing woes with the Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by Alex - all are welcome!
  • Next week at Unicorn Bell I will be talking about critiquing if you'd like to stop by...
  • Christina Rains reminded me I should write more, so I am starting a new feature Tuesday 1/10 - Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt, I'll put a linky link and see how it goes, once a month or so
  • As I searched for a writing convention, I found the Erma Bombeck Conference in April - but it's already sold out! So I'm just entering the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition (Jan 3-Feb 14) It's got great prizes in 2 categories, Humor and Human Interest for only 450 words or less. Think about it!
  • In case you hadn't heard, Alex is having a launch party for CassaFire next month. Woot!
  • Then the annual A to Z challenge comes back in April. I love that blogfest!
So, what is your #1 writing resolution? What's up for you this year? And have you heard about any writing conferences or workshops? Ohio is lame in this category, or I'm lame at finding them!

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