Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Feed Me!

Feedback makes us grow - and sometimes cringe. But it's imperative to writers. We need to know what readers (and other writers) think.

So welcome to my October IWSG post promoting FEEDBACK! I appreciate my critique partners and readers so much! Especially when I start to doubt myself...

And that's why we need feedback. When it's negative or "constructive" we can improve. When it's positive we feel encouraged that we aren't completely wasting our time. So give feedback when you can, it's very important to a writer. BTW, silence can also be read as negative feedback. I have been guilty of that. 

So let's try to step up the feedback! I have a couple of friends counting on me right now, so I need to get to it!

Can you tell I've been at school for a while with all the memes? Not getting much writing/editing done, but I'm trying. Haven't given up yet... You hang in there too!

PS - Stop by the IWSG Anthologies page and check out images of our stories and how we see them... Good luck if you entered the latest contest!

Happy October, my spooky friends!

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