Pop Travel Series

Futuristic Noir - Action/Adventure and Suspense - plus Humor and Light Romance.

POP TRAVEL is a techno-thriller series which takes place in the near future at the end of the 21st century. Ever increasing advances in technology continue to make life easier and faster than ever. Pop Travel teleportation has taken over air travel and airports are now travelports. Electric transportation is required inside city limits. Human-like androids serve the masses. And smart phones are now 3D wrist imagers. The developments never cease.

But with all the positive progress come those who want to manipulate these technologies to their advantage. And the cynical, underestimated detective, J.L. Cooper is just the man to expose the threats and devious plans that endanger an unwitting public, whether he likes it or not.

by Tara Tyler

In 2080, technology has gone too far for private detective J. L. Cooper. He thinks he can avoid pop travel teleportation, until he stumbles onto a video of a pop traveler who turns to dust.

Sparking a series of murders, attempts on his life, and threats to his brother, Cooper wants to pass off the evidence but knows he’s being watched and can’t trust anyone. And who would believe him?

With help from the neurotic genius “Creator” of pop travel and a beautiful Southern charmer, Cooper must expose the deadly glitch and shut it down or die trying. No problem.


In 2082, androids are an essential part of daily life. Some are helpful, some would make better toasters, and some are so human-like they're creepy. Back in Atlanta, Detective Cooper's latest client has him searching for her boyfriend who she thinks was replaced by a simulation, an illegal clone android. The guy also happens to be a popular new congressman.

To make matters more complicated, Cooper keeps crossing paths with his ex, FBI Agent Geri Harper who is looking for the same guy. As Cooper closes in, Geri is kidnapped. But when she resurfaces in Washington and goes on a killing spree, he knows it isn't her. Now under suspicion himself, Cooper must find the real Geri to prove her innocence, not to mention hunt down the powerful villain behind it all. Never a dull moment.

Book Three, DISPOSAL

In the future, many problems are the same, but cool gadgets make chasing the bad guys more fun.

Cooper and Geri are finally in a good place, but their bliss is short-lived. When Cooper’s rebellious nephew Jimmy comes down to stay with them in Atlanta for a summer internship. Now he thinks he’s found the girl of his dreams in a fiery, exotic beauty. Pursuing her against all words of warning into a dangerous underground world, he ends up getting kidnapped by her powerful Drug Lord father. Geri tracks him down, but gets herself kidnapped as well.

Now it’s up to Cooper to use all his resources to save them, including the hot homicide detective Geri secretly despises, and the latest sketchy gadgets his genius friend Hasan needs field-tested. Sure, why not? Cooper will try anything to get his family back.

Released December 2023

In 2085, cutting edge technology is the most valuable currency, and the black tech market offers high pay-offs for diamond-level code.

Jared Nertz is an easy-going ex-juicer gone legit working for Pop Travel Technologies, but as soon as he finishes his long-awaited Conduction project--the process of storing data in the brain--someone immediately steals it and kills his mentor, framing him for the murder. Now it's up to his lawyer/wife Miki and their resourceful friends, Geri and Cooper to prove Jared's innocence by recovering the stolen tech before the criminal killer sells it. But that's only the beginning, as they discover a darker threat when they dig deeper into the case.

Next up...
Someone's been pop-napped, so it's off to Italy for a wild ride in the exciting world of Models, Wineries, and Racing!

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Unknown said...

Hi, my first time visiting your site. Enjoying it! Your book series sounds very interesting. It says book three comes out in 2017. Given that we are.nearing thre end of 2018, did this release date get pushed back or is it a simple matter of this site needs a quick update? Thanks! Kim Allin

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