Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Feedback is life

Welcome, IWSG-ers!

As a writer, we type away, drafting, editing, laughing, sobbing, pouring our hearts an souls into our stories. Then it comes time to push the little bird out of the nest and hope it flies! But before we let strangers see it, we need to know if we're doing it right. We need FEEDBACK!

Constructive Criticism and Honest Praise are essential elements to a writer. Here are some places to seek this valued commodity:
  • Critique Partners - you read mine and I'll read yours and we'll give each other honest opinions and advice
  • Beta Readers - not necessarily writers, but willing to read and give feedback
  • Critique Groups - live meetings where everyone shares their stories seeking feedback
  • Reviews - before and after publishing - serious stuff, just don't freak out over one- and two-star drivel. Those just show you've made it!
Whatever route you go, don't be afraid to ask for feedback. We only improve and expand our knowledge by listening to what others have to say (and using it or not as we see fit!)

Now here I offer a review of C. Lee McKenzie's latest release...

by C. Lee McKenzie

A bloody knife. Wrong place, wrong time, and fits the description. Just like that, Devon's future is over.

How can he prove he's not guilty?

Intense emotion and connections grab you from the beginning. One fateful day everything changes for Devon -- the star of the basketball team about to snag a full scholarship to the college of his choice. And it all happens so fast, accused, tried, and convicted of stabbing one of his arch enemies. But he didn't do it, and no one will listen.

At first, it was hard to take all the negative things piled one on top of the other to the point of hopelessness. But then Devon's devastation opened him up to a whole new world. He had to deal with what happened and gained new friends and a new perspective. Plus a few twists neither one of us expected!


Check it out!

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