Friday, February 16, 2018

We don't need no stinkin Rules!

I feel like I just posted the last set of results - must be because February is such a short month.

Anyhoo, here's the latest Writer's Life Survey #15 - Writer Faux Pas
I know I only covered a few, so let me know in the comments if you'd like to tell me more...

This was a fun one - brings back memories of when I started out as a silly little writer - but then again, I'm still a silly little writer!

Happy Black History & Heart Month to all!
Survey Results to be posted March 7.

Hold on! This just in... I got an award!!
A huge THANK YOU! to Writers After Dark
for the Chapter of Excellence Platinum Award
honoring POP TRAVEL!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What time is it?

No, not adventure time.
No, not time to get a watch.

It's time for the monthly meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group!

This month, I'm talking about OPPORTUNITIES.
Some people wait for opportunity to knock. Some give up after missing out on one opportunity. But I recommend reaching out and grabbing every opportunity you can handle!

Sometimes I get really down about not being able to write as much as I need to, or not being able to visit other bloggers as much as I'd like to. I worry and fret and hope I reach my goals, and hope my friends are still there when I finally find time to reconnect.

I should know by now that things usually work out. Though not always as expected, if we keep working and taking chances, new opportunities will arise!

Don't give up. Keep at it. We're all pretty much headed in the same direction, just at different paces and stops along the way.

It's also time to post results from last month's Writer's Life Survey #14 - Music that Moves You!

What song could accompany one of your books/stories?
  • Bring Me to Life by Evanescence - Book II...Sarah
  • Dragon on the Sea - Book: Dragon of the Stars
  • Two characters with full background for a Star Wars RPG inspired by the song "Your Winter" by Sister Hazel.
  • When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban - Book: Murder, Madness & Love
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons - Book: Hoosier Dad
  • Johnny's Cash's cover of Hurt - Book: Leaves of Fall
  • Too many to list - I imagine a soundtrack LP for all my stories!
  • Hold Me Now by Red - Book: Rising series
  • The Four Seasons' "Rag Doll" - Book: Little Ragdoll

What would be your theme song? Or one of your favorite inspirational songs?

Last Chance by Shooting Star
YYZ by Rush
Rise Up by Andra Day
Amazing Grace
If I Only Had a Brain from the Wizard of Oz
Basketcase by Green Day
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
Dare You to Move by Switchfoot
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
My Way by Frank Sinatra (2 chose this!)

And last, but not least...
It's time to give another shout out about the upcoming IWSG Anthology - Tick Tock Mysteries! And share some new links...

BLOG! Tick Tock Mysteries - Each of the authors will offer a post per month, with more closer to release time (May 1) If you have any questions about the anthology or the stories, I'd be happy to use them or pass them along!

Amazon ~~~ B&N

Put on your To Read List:

Got any surprise opportunity stories? Don't miss my next #WritersLife Survey Feb 16 - Writing Faux Pas. And look for more sneak peeks about Tick Tock coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a LOVELY FEBRUARY!

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