Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Gift that lasts a Lifetime

An inspirational message to my fellow IWSG-ers!

Writers share stories that become a permanent part of a reader's life. No matter what kind of writer...

Historians write the stories of our past for us to learn from and remember achievements and know how we came to be where we are today.

Novelists lead readers through a journey to curl up with and use their imaginations to explore exciting worlds and escape reality for a while.

Screenwriters entertain and educate condensing stories into a fantastic visual, cinematic experience.

Journalists document the news of the day for us to digest and make informed decisions.

Copywriters persuade consumers with their well-chosen words.

Biographers highlight the fascinating lives of people who've accomplished a great deal or been through a great deal.

Even greeting card writers pen quips to help us express sentiments in a funny or sweet way.

So if you ever wonder why you write, or ever doubt if you should keep writing, remember -- we need you! We need your words and your stories to perpetuate our existence and show future generations what we survived and experienced for them to enjoy and learn from us!

And if you want to talk with some other writers going through the same thing as you, join our Twitter Chat TONIGHT and every Wed! 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST. It's a great way to try out Twitter in a positive way!

Just don't forget to use the hashtag! #WedWrant !

Looking back on the year, a lot has changed for me. New home, new job, self-published after my publisher closed... I made it and I'm still going. Thanks for all the support along the way!

I hope you accomplished all you set out to do this year. Whether you had to take some detours (like me) or were able to check off all your boxes -- here's to you! Glad to know you all and wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!

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