Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Ripple Effect

Ever feel hopeless and helpless and there's nothing you can do about it?
Me too.

The world is so crazy right now. Lately, I've been crying more, cursing more, and praying more. I wish I could DO more for those who are suffering and help change the direction of the world somehow. But it's depressing and defeating because I feel like it's just me, and I can't change the world by myself.

Then we had our back to school "yeah-rah" professional development meeting. *Eye Roll*
But it was actually pretty great this year. The speakers really got to me. They shared moving stories and emphasized that we need to keep being a positive light, be the ripple in the pond, because our actions are seen by others and can influence them to keep the ripple going wider and wider. What might seem like a little thing can have a big, long-lasting, out-reaching effect. 

The IWSG is for sharing and caring. And unloading. I still feel very small in the universe. But thinking about the ripple effect, I am inspired to keep trying to be positive and find ways to help more people see there is goodness and light in the world. And if we ban together, the light will spread to banish the darkness.

On the writing front, I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news: I had two book events last month and one of them was awful. It's disheartening to set up, sit around for hours, and only sell one book to my friend...

Now, the good news: the first book event went very well. You never know how they're going to go. So I based my second event on previous experience at the venue and on the success of my first event, so the lameness of the second event was magnified.

The better news: I got 2 glowing reviews from a reader about CONDUCTION and for my latest un-princess novella: GERTRUDE, the Nerdy Princess. This gave me the push I needed to get the ebook version of GERTRUDE out there and I finally republished DISPOSAL, Pop Travel #3!

I keep chugging. And I hope you do to. 

If you have any advice 
on how to keep a positive outlook
 when things are bleak, 
please share!


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