Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I can't believe we are already approaching December! My, isn't Thanksgiving late this year? Do you have any Christmas lights up yet? (if you do that...) I will be decking my halls Sunday, like a good procrastinator! Has nothing to do with being after T-giving! Working full time and then some has put a real crimp in my regular schedule. Most xmas gifts will be bought online - which means I better get to it so they get here in time!

Now, I need to tell you all where I am popping to for my Pop Travel extended blog tour today! Michelle Wallace has been a blog-life long friend. One of my original followers and a constant supporter. I'm so happy many of you have discovered Mish. She's much too awesome to not be shared!

For my post at her place today, I'll be exposing some Pop Travel outtakes... pop over, if you have time!

As always, thanks for your support!

How are your holiday trimmings and shoppings going? Got those stockings up yet? The tree? I think I'm ready for the season. How bout you?

And Happy Thanksgiving!! Don't get stuffed!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can't unPOP a balloon

Hey Gang!
Since I've only been able to post once or twice a week, I'm doing my celebration today! Thanks, Vikki, for hosting this great weekly hop!

First, I'm celebrating with my bloggy friends in new releases (like Crystal Collier's Moonless) and cover reveals (like the Dragonfly Warrior by Jay Noel) - congrats and many more!

I'm also celebrating with my friends Julie & Lexi - hosting the sweet Dream Destination blog hop - they've had so many supporters offering prizes, even an agent critique! Definitely try to sign up! All you have to do is post about where you'd love to visit. It takes place Dec 5-8. Check it out!

I'm celebrating with my friends who are plugging away with Nano - I love seeing updates on facebook, twitter, and the blogs. Keep going!

As for my own celebrations...

  • I've made some progress in spare moments on SIMULATION, tweeting some quotes. I'm loving how this story is coming along and can't wait to share it with my little fan base! ha! (Vikki, don't worry. You get the first read!) Sometimes writing just feels so right!
  • Looking forward to visiting Michelle's blog next Tuesday with some Pop Travel out-takes. Fun!
  • And lastly. Yay for Scorpios! Wednesday (20th) is my bday!
I look forward to reading your celebrations on Friday!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Fiat 500 Pop!

No kidding! A Pop car!
Visit Fiat to find out more

Before I get into my post, it's Veterans' Day here in the US.

Remember freedom isn't free.

An army is made
of individuals, who
sacrifice for us
It's also Monday, which means it's time to POP over to another stupendous host! Today I'm visiting with my favorite scientist, Dr. Faerie Godmother herself, Rena! I had the privilege of getting a peek at one of her MSs and it's awesome! Space Knights and Super Novas, action, adventure, suspense, and a tough, sassy main character! I loved it! I hope you have a chance to stop by her place and say hello.
And I settled on a location for my Detroit Book Signing on Nov 30 - if you live up that way, I'd love to greet you in person!
Did you get a lot done this lovely weekend? Isn't November great! Keep going NANO-ers!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yeah, I shoulda used that last month...

Happy IWSG Day! (Find more inspiration on the IWSG Facebook page)
Today I'm reflecting. I'm going to talk about the various stages of an author's life in this day and age as I've experienced them up to now...Perseverance is key!

  • New writer gets a story idea - I can do that! Writing is fun!
  • New writer boldly sends samples for critiques on writing websites - I stink! I need help!
    • Writer goes to conferences, takes classes, gets critique partners, enters contests
  • Now writer has more positive feedback - I'm not so bad! I think I'm ready to find an agent or publisher!
  • Writer discovers she needs to write query letters, synopsis, bios, blurbs - I can do that!
  • Writer gets no feedback or rejections galore - I stink! No one likes me.
    • Take heart dear writer! Don't give up! Someone will click with your writing!
  • Writer gets request for full! Writer gets offer! - I am talented! I don't stink!
But though that's a happy ending, it's only the beginning of our story...
  • Writer edits, decides on cover, edits some more
  • Release day! All friends and family buy book. Yay!
  • The day after release day and forever more! Marketing & Promotion. I find this stage to be the hardest part! But we carry on and we keep writing! What else would we do?
Perseverance is
getting on the bus after
being doused with mud.

Perseverance is
singing the next verse after
cracking on the first.

Perseverance is
writing the next book after
getting bad reviews.

Perseverance is
trying again and again
until it's done right!

Monday, November 4, 2013


You know, those comfy round chairs. I might have taken liberty with the spelling...

Happy, happy Monday!!
My oldest son had his first high school tryouts this weekend for basketball. I was biting my nails, crossing everything, and turning blue, holding my breath! I was going to report whether he made it or not. If he didn't make it, I was going to blame myself, passing on my short genes because he has been working his butt off!

I am so happy to report that he MADE THE TEAM!! I was crying before in anticipation, and crying after in relief. I empathize with his accomplishments and failures so much more than I ever did with my own. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet, but also the most wonderful, if you do it right.

And to continue the good news:

  • I got my application sent out for the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus (in May 2014) I am so excited and hope that Julie Flanders and I get to see each other there!
  • I am also finalizing my book signing in Detroit - November 30. If you live in the area, I hope you can stop by!

Lastly, I am psyched for you all to see my fun little Pop Travel cartoon. My PT blog tour goes kazaam! at Mark Mean's blog today. And since he's such a comic fan, I made one about Pop Travel for him. Hope you have a chance to stop by and see it.

Happy November!! Best month of the year! (And don't forget to post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group on Wednesday! Stop by the new blog for it and facebook page, too!)

Stop the presses! This just in! Over the summer I asked my talented teenage artist neighbor to read Broken Branch Falls and make some sketches, if she'd be interested in me submitting her work for illustrations... I just got her renditions and they are FANTASTIC!!! Some of you might have seen them on facebook already, but I had to share them here too. I'm so excited about them! She really captured the characters!

What are you up to this fine Fall?!

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