Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Holidays are Exhausting!

I'm a little late posting for IWSG today... but I'm happy I made it! I'm keeping up with my holiday to do list by the skin of my teeth. And it's draining my energy! I hope you are getting the most out of these shorter days and fitting in time for you as you search for gifts and stocking stuffers and prepare for company or travel. I'm very excited to see my boys as they continue their adventures through life.

One great thing about the holidays is they always bring out stories--reminiscing over fond memories and creating new ones. Do you ever get inspired to write a holiday story? What are your favorite books and movies to enjoy at this time of year? Harry Potter is one of my holiday faves in addition to some fun Christmas specials. And I love relaxing with the family under the glow of the tree as we watch together.

Though I haven't had much time to write lately, I am very excited to be a part of a Christmas anthology with a short story about my Pop Travel main characters, Cooper & Geri that I wrote this summer.

by Dragon Soul Press

my contribution...
A Cold Case for Christmas
by Tara Tyler

Though Geri is a tough FBI Agent, she's nervous about going home with Cooper for the holidays to meet his parents. When she arrives, her trepidation is magnified by a cloud of mystery hanging over the  cozy, old farmhouse that no one wants to talk about. She vows to fight back her urge to investigate so she can make a good impression, especially for the beloved, spooky, and judgmental cat. But as the clues pile up, her nagging need to uncover the truth might spoil everything.

Available Dec 20

I'm excited to read the rest of them!

I hope your holidays are warm and cuddly and full of magical moments!


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