Monday, April 30, 2012

Z Day

Z end? Zay it izn't Zo! Zowie! I am Zo happy to have zo many new followerz and friendz! Zank you for pushing me over 400! You are za best!

Do I zound French today? Well, Zere are not enough Z wordz, Zo we improvize! Zaving Za Z titles for last:

ZORRO, THE REAL STORY - Humor. Born into a rich family, squandering his fortune, ending up in the gutter and seeing the plight of the peasants, Zorro gives in to the flirtations of a large, wealthy woman to finance his cause of justice for the poor.

ZOOS ARE LIKE KINDERGARTEN - Children. McKay compares kids and animals on a field trip.

Z IS FOR ZARK - MG Sci Fi. Cool dude Mark Shaffer teaches dorky Alien Prince Zark how to go back to his world and impress a Zorgalian Princess.

WVD of the Day:

zoncar - smooth vehicle that lulls passengers

Zat's all Folks! Zanks for the memoreez! Tune in tomorrow where we wrap up wiz zome statz! I wuz able to vizit almost 1000 zitez! Zoinks!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y Day

Yet another set of Yarns. I know You Yearn for more! Satisfy Your Yen with these Y titles...

YOU ARE MINE - Thriller. Old Charlie Sterling dies in a nursing home, but confesses to being a serial killer in his journal and leaves clues of where he disposed of the bodies and who his accomplice/protege was.

YES, MAYBE, NO - YA Thriller. Cedra Porter always snoops for a scoop as the top journalist in high school, but going undercover for an expose gets her into serious trouble.

YAWN, ASK ME LATER - Romance. Super genius turned wealthy tycoon Eugene "El Jefe" Nordley is looking for his next million dollar sure thing and gets hooked by a pretty philanthropist.

NO Y WVDs either!! Yes, it's unbelievable.
So here are some WVDs from Yester-Year...

cophle - (cof-fle) abbreviated form of cop a feel, "Did he cophle you at the movies?"

firsin - the first time you commit a sin, like a virgin sin

punveign - where your blood goes to get corny jokes

*Titles invented to be written later and the WVDs (word verification definitions) collected and defined by Yours Truly.

Friday, April 27, 2012

X Day

Anyone else have Xasperations about X? Xactly! Xamine these X titles...

XEN - Fantasy. Marcy enters heaven by an angel's mistake and looks for a way to stay rather than live the rest of her days on dreary earth.

XANDY GOES TO COLLEGE - YA. With a full academic scholarship, Xandy plays dumb to get a guy.

XAVIER GETS LOST, BECAUSE WE DITCHED HIM - Chick Lit. Xavier has had a creepy crush on Holly forever. When she and her friends leave him in the middle of nowhere, he wises up and gets even.

NO X WVDs! Ah!
So here are some Xtra special WVDs from last year...

unbink - to permanently remove a pacifier

noncali - against moving to California

drize - what happens to drizzle (it drize)

And some Xtremely Xtraordinary sites to check out that I am Xcited about!

Jaycee DeLorenzo - who has done an Xcellent job Xposing the origins of idioms from A to Z - Xhausting work!
G from Satirical Blog - Xceptionally humorous cartoons, my favorite is Q

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W Day

What time is it? It's W time! Whatever. Where are the W titles?

WHEN THE WELL RUNS DRY - Dystopian. Select few survive and relearn agriculture and how to get along while hiding from the aliens who took over the planet.

WAR IN SUBURBIA - Commercial. Civil in public, two families get wrapped up plotting each other's destruction and things get out of hand, but no one remembers why.

WAKE ME WHEN IT'S OVER - Apocalyptic. The end of the world takes everyone by surprise and Rebekah records it all.

WVDs of the Day:

wryba - Latin dance with extra attitude

wismic - Irish rapper

whexture - how appetizing it is

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V Day

Valentine's? No. It's April! And here are some Very Vexing V titles...

VORACIOUS - Sci Fi. Scientist Jud Marxson experiments on self to enhance his abilities and becomes super for 24 hours, but his strength dissipates as it wears off leading to his expiration.

VOLUME PLEASE - MG. Jason should have listened to his mother's prediction that if he played his music too loudly, he'd go deaf.

VACATION OF TEMPTATION - Fantasy. Max Philips accepts a no strings attached offer to escape miserable life to mysterious island, but nothing is free.

WVDs of the Day:

vodize - make up new words on the spot

vierrati - a really cool car

versher - a poetry pusher

verpecan - a poetry nut

vuede - soft and lush, like a cross between velvet and suede

Vait a minute, Darlings!
Must to stop by Alex's to congratulate!

*Titles & WVDs (word Verification definitions) Verified as Virtuous Via moi for A to Z

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U Day

Up for some Utilitarian, Unused U titles of the Utmost? Ubertastic!

UNDER THE COVERS WITH A FLASHLIGHT - MG. Shaylee loves to read and escapes her sad reality through her books every night, literally.

UNEXPECTATIONS - Historical Fiction. Pip has a son by his mistress who starts with similar beginnings to his father, but becomes a stronger man.

UNDEFUL - YA. Life is underwhelming and empty until Joice discovers she can change it herself. (undeful is a past wvd word =)

WVDs of the Day:

undew - kick the mountain dew addiction

uperm - not worth it, seek a professional

unster - a not scary creature

umbral - off balance, out of sync

undicize - don't get enough exercise

Monday, April 23, 2012

T Day

Tis the Time To Tell Tall Tales. Tara Tyler's T Titles away!

TOTAL ANNHILIATION BY A FOUR YEAR OLD - Sci Fi. While visiting his General Grandfather, Steven pushes one button too many, starting the apocalypse.

TAINTED MILK - MG. Grady takes a prank too far and his punishment is to enforce the rules on others.

TRUST ME - YA Sci Fi Thriller. Rayla meets dreamy Bode who claims he's an alien and needs her help, but when an identical Bode appears with opposing intentions, Rayla doesn't know who to believe.

WVDs of the Day:

tring - a woven rope, cross between twine and string

thumi - a small thunderstorm over water

thold - auctioned off

torityr - brutish, raving lunatic

togesses - random responses

teroween - afraid to make a decision

These Titles and WVDs (word verification definitions) are Total fiction, Truth be Told

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S Day

Sing and Shout! Start the Symphony! Save Some Sweets for the Spirit! Stop! Here are your S titles...

SOME GUY AND SOME GIRL - Sci Fi Romance. In the future, when boys and girls turn 18 they are matched up and put through tests to determine their jobs and if they should have kids or not.

SINCERE LIES - Women's. Pathological liar Joan Fuller gets help from barista who has witnessed the beginnings and endings of all her relationships.

SOUL SURPRISE - Romance. Two people who blindly cross paths daily build a relationship while helping a little lost boy.

WVDs of the Day:

skille - unrefined talent, almost talented

suberot - a person who has been given a hard time

spromed - used a hair straightening flat iron

sness - head kisser upper

subtum - the most vulnerable part of a submarine

Friday, April 20, 2012

R Day

Rah Rah Rah! Rounding the the curve, Rolling out the Red carpet, Ready to Rest! R Titles, Released...

RIGHTING WRONGS - Women's. Beth Swanson plays mediator for friends but should take a closer look at her own relationships.

RANGER - Sci Fi. Lonely Forest Ranger, Stan Donecki discovers a lost girl who turns out to be an alien sent to warn Earth of an impending invasion.

ROLL OVER ROVER - MG Paranormal. When Dad dies, he enters his son's dog Rover and guides him to the murderer.

BONUS for R DAY! - a site that Rates your title! Give it a Read!

WVDs of the day:

Rewelon - the kingdom of a role playing game

Rexpe - mega medical research company

reysope - soap on a rope for a king

rewized - informed someone again

A to Z theme - Titles to Write & WVDs (word verification definitions) - Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q Day

Quickies for Q day
Q titles...

QUAKES - YA Sci Fi. Larken Rho seems to have seizures that last only seconds, but while she is out she is transported to another dimension for days at a time.

QUARTZ - Fantasy. In a world where gem stones give their chosen owner certain powers, jealous Onyx wants to overthrow leader, Diamond but young Quartz is the key to victory.

QBERT RETURNS - YA Sci Fi. Master gamer Dillon gets transported back in time through a quark and the only way back is to win an arcade mega challenge for the missing piece of a QBert game.

WVDs of the Day:

quessib - a nosy little brother or sister

quawks - surprises, or surprised sounds

Quit complaining! Need a bit of soul Quenching inspiration? Here's a quote from my fave writer of all time, Mark Twain! (taken from a poster in an english classroom)

"Let us endeavor to live that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry."

And hop over to Laura Marcella's Wavy Lines! for more Quick Quotes Qualified to lift your writing spirit!

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) Quipped from my Queue!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P Day

Playful, Prancing Polly Puts Pecans in Pumpkin Porridge.
Maybe I should have saved a tongue twister for T day? Oh, Pooh. 
Presenting some Pretty P titles.

PICKING VIOLETS - YA Sci Fi. Boarding school girls endure invasion by space revolutionaries and kick some alien butt!

PLANTING SEEDS OF DOUBT - YA Thriller. A summer job turns deadly with a killer working alongside victims who disappear one by one and he helps them suspect each other.

POUR THE WINE - Chick Lit. A group of women gets together weekly to watch their favorite show and discuss their complicated lives.

WVDs of the Day:

panderod - king of telling fish tales

pitab - an indent of 3.14 cm

pretew - what all the cool one year olds like to be called

parro - said before thrusto

pingst - worry about a merger

prepec - the stage before boys start caring about their muscles

prowe - to seek the company of someone

pouse - a frowny rodent.

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) Prepared by me, Patiently awaiting Production and Publication.

Please Pause! I had a Perfect Sensational Haiku Wednesday Poem Perchance upon me...Prompt is annoyance.

Patience Needed

Plodding thru traffic
Perpetually behind
Pokes. Pray give me strength!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O Day

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
Okay. Overdoing it? Oh, well. Only a little. Offering up my Obscure O titles. 

ORBITING HENRY - Women's. Nine year old Henry has anger managment issues and Mom has to cope with it and educate others.

ON THE DASH - MG. Mandy Seckons is always in a rush and misses out on important parts of being a kid.

OUR WAYWARD SOULS - YA. Youth group leaders reach some of the kids and fail others.

WVDs of the Day:

oviess - creator of eggs

oulain - an insignificant soul

oclati - the eighth dimension

Have you been Ogling Other sites? Which Ones?

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) originating from me.

Monday, April 16, 2012

N Day

Now is the time to Name more Nomenclature!
Nonsense? Never! New N titles...

NAKED PASSION - Sci Fi Romance. In the future humans no longer interact in person and two subjects answer an ad for an experiment on natural procreation.

NOT FOR SUZY - Children. Suzy is three and likes to do it herself.

NEXT PLEASE - Women's. Cashier Wendy Varniski goes through therapy after witnessing her boss get shot during a robbery at the store where she works. 

WVD of the Day (not but one!):

numerpho - a game to randomly dial a phone number and keep them on the line for a set number of minutes

No, don't go! Now you Need to visit Nicki Elson! Her A to Z posts give Necessary insider tips for trips to Disney World! 

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) are Not available for purchase, yet!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M Day

Middle Day! Yay! How are you Making it through?
And now I Must present My M titles...

MEN ARE USELESS - Women's. Kaci Adsworth is tired of listening to her divorced friends man-bash, until it happens to her. But she turns the group of wallowers into wave makers.

MORE - YA. Brash Ellis seeks his spotlight in Hollywood and becomes a celebrity in a place he didn't expect.

MADE FROM SCRATCH - Women's Thriller. Mother and daughter take food to poor and solve a mystery that plagues them.

WVDs of the Day (lots of m's):

mundra - a vast stretch of sidewalk

marsonex - used to clear up age spot blemishes

magitive - able to create spells

masms - brain farts

monters - a three year old's worst fear, possibly under the bed or in the closet

Mosesse, a girl's name, feminine form of Moses

One Moment, there's More! Marvellous Margo Kelly gave Me an award! Many thanks for Making My April, Margo! And everyone who leaves a comment today May take this parting award as well, Merely for being Magnificent! Merry M day!

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) are Made up by Moi

Friday, April 13, 2012

L Day

Look! Lucky L Day =)
I've left you some Lovely, Lazy, Lingering titles...

LEARNING TO SIT STILL - YA. Marcy has ADHD and hates taking her meds. After graduating high school, she tries to live without them.

LEAVING NO EVIDENCE - MG. Smart neighborhood kids get blamed for prank and take revenge on dumb older siblings who set them up.

LOST IN PURGATORY - Paranormal Fantasy. Harry Durble got sent to Hell by mistake and makes a deal with the Devil to earn his way out.

WVDs of the Day:

lingle - to get stuck in your head, like a catchy phrase or song

letrome - having perfect timing

Listen! Let me tell you about a Lively girl named Courtney Pearson, follow the link to look at her a-z posts, they're Lego scenes - Love it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

K Day

K. Ready for today's K titles? I won't Keep you in suspense...

KICK ME - MG. Alternate universe where nerds are the cool rulers of the school picking on the beautiful people.

KANDY'S LAW - YA. Kandace Murphy maximizes on her bad luck.

KILL THE LIGHTS - Thriller. Blind Kearnin Arnold and his dog Quincy solve a mystery and get the girl.

WVDs of the Day:

Kuledn - race of people able to live and adapt in any setting

kesso - a beautiful, soul-defining kiss

One last bite of Special K.
My maiden name is Kibler. In 7th grade, our math teacher gave us all nicknames related to our last names. Instead of a cute one, like Elf for the Keebler elves, this old goof dubbed me Biscuit! He said it was because Kibler reminded him of cobbler (and his aide was already Elf). I guess Biscuit was better than Shoe. And definitely better than Bits! I hated that dog food commercial!

*Making up Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) keeps me on my toes!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J Day

If you're Just Joining, my a-z posts have Jubilant titles and blurbs, can you come up with Just one?

JACK BE QUICK - YA Sci Fi. Jack Mitchell is student body president, in the national honor society and, you guessed it, captain of the football team. He is also the only guy in suburbia capable of organizing and leading a rebellion against alien invaders!

JUMPING THE TRACKS - YA. Unpopular Leah has a plan to turn the click chicks upside down.

JUPITER CALLING - Sci Fi. Nerd dentist, Dr. Steve Dodson picks up a transmission on his rigged satellite receiver and ticks them off, bringing the threat of invasion.

WVD of the Day, a name:

Joiesh (joy-esh) for a boy or a girl

Just for today is a once in a while pop up on my sidebar where I give shout outs. Since I just have one wvd for j, I will Jot down some new blogs I'm following...Here are a few B's from a to z

Brenda at B.E. creative
Tracy Jo @ Brand new day
Brinda Berry

and just for fun, visit Just Ernie for J day, he has a solution for all that junk you have piled up =)

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) are just joshes I conJured up 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Day

Thank goodness It's I day! ha ha
Are these I titles Interesting? Invent one yourself, If you can!

IPARTY - YA. A group of shy friends have a weekly skype study session that turns into a party where they grow adventurous and things get embarrassing and hurtful.

IDENTITY FRAUD - Women's Fiction. Jessica Mueller gets her ID stolen and when she thinks it's settled she finds herself in debt to loan sharks, a warrant for her arrest and a child turns up on her doorstep claiming she's the mom.

INSIGNIFICANT OTHER - Women's Fiction. Samanatha Reid married a fellow nerd from high school who struck it rich and morphed into a jerk, while she stayed the same, until she finds evidence of his dark secret.

WVDs of the Day, plus a name

itans - warriors who don't need no stinkin' T

ingsta - a writer with mad skills

imnions - servants who can't spell

imedier - need it close to right away, or as soon as you can get to it

Idera, name for a girl

*I invented all these Titles & definitions for WVDs (word verification definitions)

Monday, April 9, 2012

H Day

Hope you're Happy today! Heckova month, eh? Here you go, some Highly Honorable H titles...

HEALTHY AFTERLIFE - Paranormal Humor. Daisy Deathbed dishes the dos and don'ts for a successful ghostly existence.

HENNA BREAKS THE RULES - MG. Henna Paisley is a prankster at camp and despite efforts of staff and peers, she doesn't seem to learn a thing.

HE CAME BACK ALONE - Thriller. Joss Brandon keeps losing his dates and has to find the culprit to clear his name.

WVDs of the Day

hymples - hip dimples

herize - morning wood

hanned - under the captivating spell of Han Solo

hypor - the speed one setting below hyper

hawear - funny headgear

Hey! One more thing! A special Highlight! Have you noticed the weather lately? You should visit Heather - Her a-z post Host is Stormy the weather gnome! Hilarious!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

G Day

I Give you Glorious, Glamorous titles. Grant me one of your own!

GIVE ME MY HEART - Romance. Gracie Tollings has a crush on her neighbor but they're both married. Nothing would have come of it if her best friend hadn't blabbed. 

GOAL - THE WORLD! - MG. Mitch Rivers, teenage technology mastermind is obsessed with world domination via internet control, but once he has it he doesn't know what to do with it!

GRAVE ACQUAINTANCES - Paranormal Romance. A love story between ghosts in separate graveyards, lost souls searching for their mate.

WVDs of the Day, more names!

Gressa, for a girl

Gerropeo (Jer-ROPE-ee-oh), for a boy

gration - a rating of the consistency of grated cheese

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) are made up by goofy me =)

Friday, April 6, 2012

F Day

Freaky Funday! Frolic through my Faux F titles...

FAULTY WINGS - MG Fantasy. A dragon that can't fly is bullied.

FARM SCHOOL - YA. Shy homeschooled girl integrates to public high school and her eyes are opened, but so are her new friends'.

FROM THE FENCE POST - MG Noir. Junior suburban detective solves innocent neighborhood mysteries and finds a dead body.

WVDs of the Day (why do most f words sound bad?):

facka - baby poop

foctions - bad risks or bets

forvene - to get the first word

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) fiction for you from me =)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

E Day

Everyone's a winner! Eeking your way through the letters? Enjoying it so far? I am, Ever so much! Here are some Entrancing E titles...

ERR IS HEAVEN - Romance. Melinda Sullivan runs away from it all. But after the fun, she finds trouble and makes the ultimate sacrifice, returning her family.

EAR TO THE GODS - MG. Greek boy imagines he is a demigod and tries to prove it.

EVEN SHEEP CAN LEAD - YA. Tommy Plenkowicsz tutors the rich and popular, dreaming of how it must be. When he's given a taste and rises through the in-crowd ranks, he makes some drastic changes to them.

WVDs of the Day:

explatil - drug that removes curses from vocabulary

exhone - dummify, unlearn

exacer - one who used to get all 100%

epimp - site for swapping services

entardom - fantasy world you can't escape

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) are etched by TT

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D Day and IWSG

Dear me! I can't Ditch my Date with the Insecure Writer's Support Group! Hosted by Alex the great ninja a-z host author Dude.

I have here ten Do's for writing a novel. Do any of them Drive you Dilly? I'm Dying to see your order of Difficulty in Dealing with these Duties:
  1. Idea for a story
  2. Plot
  3. First line
  4. Characterization, voice
  5. Setting
  6. Disguising backstory
  7. Dialog
  8. Action scenes/Love scenes
  9. Creating tension, moving the story along
  10. The Ending
And all this is BEFORE editing! My order, starting with the most Difficult and ending with the easiest for me is: 8, 5, 9, 6, 4, 3, 10, 2, 7, 1

Now, Darlings, for my Daring, Dire, and Dandy D titles!

DRAMA IS MY FIRST NAME - YA. Diva Tyna Jackson sings, dances, and seems to have no heart. She's also a good actress.

DAILY DOLDRUMS - Urban Fantasy. Brenda Howard gets a hand with her housework from a cursed fairy.

DOWN WITH ZANA - MG. Popular Zana Oliver goes too far, alienating her own entourage who teams up with the nerd herd for revenge.

WVDs of the Day:

dablogit - search blog history

deledib - neglectful babysitter

dipso - compulsive dipper

dints - deceiving hints

drast - the farthest limit of the risk

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) Designed by yo.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C Day

Come on and Clear your Cloudy Cranium! Cheer for my C titles...

CALL OF THE SPHINX - MG. Reluctant treasure hunters on a boring vacation feel the call of the Sphinx and have to save a friend who falls under its spell.

CRASH OF THE FAIRY - MG. Glee goes to Fairy Training School and has a hard time making friends.

CALAMITY AVENUE - Thriller/Noir. When money is the answer to everyone's problems, who from the cast of shady characters will step up and be a hero?

WVDs of the Day (lots of Cs):

cless - to pretend not to have money, slum it

catomato - juicy, red fruit that spits and hisses when you bite into it

copolose - get away from the police

chint - a cheap date

curlyg - a longer curl

catorb - a round toy for felines

croodies - an embarrassing entourage

Bonus - WV Name
Catriz, for a girl

*Titles & WVDs (word verification definitions) are made up by moi

Monday, April 2, 2012

B Day

Blurbs, Blips, and Bits of stories, I Bring you my B titles:

BRING THE MAGIC BACK - YA Urban Fantasy. London twins Kita and Kan stumble across a convoluted map leading the way to bring magic back to earth.

BODY PIERCING AND ME - YA. Straightlaced Shaylee loses her best friend to suicide and goes through changes.

BLUE SUMMER - Paranormal. Grandma dies and watches over the family, trying not to interfere.

For those new to my blog, I like to make up fun WVDs (word verification definitions). I collected these before blogger made them so annoying, darn that robot menace!

WVDs of the Day:

boomos - a cannister to keep ghost beverages warm

bampi - spastic

begedies - big goofy dogs

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for April

And that title is my little April Fool's Day joke =)

It is time for the A to Z challenge!

This year I have a theme: BRAINSTORMING TITLES. 

Which comes first, the story or the title? I go both ways, usually getting a story idea, but sometimes a title can spark a story, like a prompt. For this challenge I have come up with some titles and blurbs of the stories to go with them. I encourage you to leave me an impromptu title matching the Letter of the Day, too! Here are my A titles...

AURORA – YA Fantasy. After Sleeping Beauty wakes up, Malifiscent’s daughter Malfucious wreaks vengeance on the kingdom. Aurora and Philip must go on a quest to find the talisman that will tame the evil princess.

ALWAYS AN EXCUSE – Commercial Fiction. Jake Gardenia is Peter Pan. But when he loses his money, his friends forsake him and he has to grow up and get a job, or a rich wife.

ANTI-LOVE – Women's Fiction. Julia Broziat is a successful divorce attorney who can turn a fissure of doubt into a chasm of hate before you can say compromise. Until an older couple’s determination puts a chink in her unbreakable heart.

WVDs of the Day:

aphystio – a person who has no problem bragging about their body

acclarat – someone who has to have the last word

archeri – what Cupid studies

adedab - answers to the test

abbled - tried really hard at something you know you can't do

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