Tuesday, February 6, 2024

What is your Purpose here?

For this month's IWSG post, I have a little testimonial...

I've been wondering about it lately. Doesn't everyone have a purpose? In this world, people can influence each other by their words, actions, appearance, and even slight glances; and all of these things are judged with a myriad of interpretations...

I always have good intentions. But sometimes my joking is taken the wrong way. I acknowledge my faults and besides my snarkiness, one of the worst is being quick to judge. I've been aware of it for many years. Though I've tried and am still trying to be better, I've lost friendships over it and wish I wasn't this way. I try very hard to be friendly and see the good in everyone. I try to encourage and uplift as often as I can. But I have many down days. And those are the times my guard falters and the gates holding me back release unintended thoughts, for which I am quick to apologize. But despite of all the good, positive kindnesses, it seems the harsh words are remembered most. This vicious cycle makes me doubt myself and my purpose.

I never thought I'd be a writer. Then, I was led down that path. I was happy and hopeful that I was supposed to reach masses and become a positive influence. Now, I've been stalled for a few years. Bills, my hectic job, and other responsibilities have made it almost impossible to dedicate much time to not only writing, but marketing and going to events. Without a publisher, it's all on me. Even though I just published a new book, it took more than twice as long to get it done, and I haven't spread much word about it--though I'm very thankful for those in my small circle who've helped! Then I see another animated movie with many common elements of a screenplay I submitted to a contest and made it to the semi-finals in. Is the world trying to tell me something? I'm wondering if my purpose is on another path.

I'm so thankful for you all. Sometimes my writer friends are all that keep me going. I won't give up on writing completely. Maybe I just need to take my time and put less pressure on myself to produce. We can only do what we can do, right?

I hope I didn't bring you down -- January seemed to be an especially dreary month that lingered on forever! You know writing things down is cathartic, especially when other writers can relate. That's what the IWSG is for. Thanks for listening!

And in the spirit of venting, chatting about life & writing, I'm going to re-boot our Writer's Chat.

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Let me know if you're interested in receiving REMINDERS & the LINK by sending me an email - to TaraTylerTalks on gmail. It's been a while and we need to catch up!

PS - I love supporting other writers. Sherry Ellis had a recent release of the 4th book in her Bubba & Squirt MG adventure series--this time they explore Paris in an exciting search for their dad! Here's a link to it and my review: CITY OF BONES by Sherry Ellis

Let's hang in there!

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