Monday, December 23, 2013

Give it your best POP!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
This is my last post of 2013!! It's also the final post for my extended POP TRAVEL BLOG TOUR!

I bring you tidings of great joy!
First, I want to thank all my little elves for making my book tour such an awesome experience. I can't express how much I appreciate their help.

7/7NickiEssence of PT in songs
7/8CharityPT quotes & hooks
7/14M. J.Release Info
7/15Jeff HRelease Info
7/15L. Diane WPromo/publishing
7/17Ellie GInterview
7/22M PaxSpacedock interview
8/5AlexSci Fi surprise!
8/12Father DragonLazy Dragon & Dwarf Minions
8/19ChandaraFuture of Cities
8/26ChristineLazy Housewife - gadgets
9/1-7CQ Week!Reviews, Guest Posts & Interviews
9/2VikkiFuture technology
9/23HeatherInterview w/Stormy
10/7RhondaTravel and/or jokes
10/21Julie FBooks by the Banks
10/28Elizabeth SLazy Housewife - stay healthy
10/30Angela & GwenFrom the Great Beyond Blog Hop
11/4MarkPT comic
11/26MichellePT deleted scenes
12/11DanaLazy Housewife - Xmas!
12/16BrindaBook trailer advice & BBF preview?!!

And through my busy Fall, I kept up with my schedule, except for the very last one - I'm a week late. Oh, well! My guest post about book trailers goes up at Brinda's today - with a sneak peek at my sample Broken Branch Falls book trailer! I hope you will go see her - and celebrate her release, WATCHER OF WORLDS, too!

I also wanted to let you all know my plans for 2014.
First, I can't believe I've kept the same header for a whole year! So that will change. Now, as I grow as an author, the purpose of my blog must change as well. I would like to make my blog more of a platform for showcasing you all and your upcoming awesomeness!

I am opening my blog to COVER REVEALS, BOOK RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENTS, GUEST POSTS, etc. My plan is to post one or two of these events, about once a week. So if you or someone you know is interested, email me: T A R A T Y L E R T A L K S @ G M A I L . C O M ! I'll be making a new button for it and everything. 2014 is the year I give back. Thanks, y'all!

By the way, Brinda's giveaway reminded me I didn't do one this month, so here it is.
Happy & Safe Holidays!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Don't stop til you reach the POP!

I think I forgot how to relax. We've had two snow days and I'm about to go on a trip to a tropical island but I'm afraid I'm too stressed out to enjoy it. It would be easier to stay home and get a ton of work and xmas responsibilities done. Plus, I've already mentioned how much I detest flying.

Okay, that's enough complaining. I probably need a vacation if I'm so stressed, right? I will try to have a good time. Ha!

And, I am totally late announcing my sweetheart of a friend, Dana, who is hosting me on my 2nd to last stop on my POP TRAVEL BLOG TOUR! Can't believe how fast it's gone by! My guest post is full of Christmas goodies and tips. I hope you have time to visit her. And she has some great inspirational posts each week. I totally recommend you check her out!

What does the camel say? "Guess what day it is!"

At least these guys know how to use a good snow day!

Stay safe & happy!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pop of the Charts

What happened to 2013? December already??

Well, I feel like I'm behind on everything! But I've also gotten a ton done, so what didn't get done will just have to wait, right? For the Insecure Writers Support Group this month, I suggest reflecting on what you have accomplished this year, rather than what you didn't. It's like Vikki's "Celebrate the small things" on a grander scale. To that end, here are some things I'm proud to have accomplished this year.

#1, of course, is getting POP TRAVEL published. And I've had two successful book signings and one less successful one (can't win all the time!). And I achieved my goal of getting on the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble! The last big bookstore! Who would've thought that only a few years ago?

#2, reading some of my friends' books - I'm so excited for them, too!

#3, working full time - though the long-term subbing is kicking my butt, it's good to get back to work! (with kids approaching college, I've got big bills ahead!)

#4, writing a bunch! I've gotten pretty far on my sequels.

How's the year gone for you? What's your proudest achievement of 2013?

Since I'm dwindling to posting just once a week, I'm going to go ahead and announce a couple of other items...

My comedic friend and editor, Andrew Buckley, has another book coming out this week. STILTSKIN. I'm in the midst of his first book, DEATH, THE DEVIL, AND THE GOLDFISH, and I can tell you he is pretty hilarious. And very inventive in his marketing methods. It also helps that he knows what he's doing with media! Here are some of his audio creations to help promote the upcoming STILTSKIN... (will add more daily)

I recommend you take a listen for some hearty laughs!

Finally, I kick off the last month of my Pop Travel Blog Tour with Sydney Aaliyah on Friday, Dec 6. I only have 2 more posts after that, and boy, are my arms tired! (you know, from all the popping, but the reference is about flying, nevermind) I'll be talking about research - it's importance and how fun it is! One of my favorite things about writing is the research. I hope you will join me over there.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy December!!

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