Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The Story is Yours in 2024!

Calling all writers! Time to celebrate your story!

Though it's cliché to make resolutions as we ring in the new year...

And usually those resolutions are the same as the year before...

Then those promises are soon cast aside by the return of every day drudgeries...
But I won't give up... I say: Try, try again!

And what better time to start than on the first IWSG post for 2024. To be successful, we need daily reminders of our Resolutions. I want to think about health improvements, writing goals, and being a better person in general every day. And this year, I plan to do that by using positive daily reminders. I'm also happy that my puppies need less attention, getting me back to a more normal schedule. Here are my goals:
  • I've been sharing inspirations with my homeroom students for years, encouraging them to have more self-confidence, kindness for others, and a broader perspective. This is a positive boost for me too!
  • For a healthier lifestyle, I've used a Food Diary App which I really like, until it becomes tiresome and time consuming to enter all the foods and activities... But I'm going to try, try again!
  • What I always need help with is carving out time to write--plus all the other fun and not-so-fun parts of publishing. Making a list helps me get started:
    • I want to re-start the Writer's Chat.
    • I need to publish the e-book of CONDUCTION--not to mention the million things that along with it (but that's another list -- check off book trailer, still perfecting, but here's the prelim)
    • and I have a bunch more stories waiting to be written!
  • So, I need a plan to find time to dedicate to writing, et al, and stick to it! I'm sure I'll figure something out like leave myself sticky notes, annoying phone reminders, or reward myself for getting things done.
What's your story? Are you writing? Got any advice for making time to get things done? I hope you accomplished everything you wanted to in 2023, and will accomplish more in 2024!

PS - Don't forget to stop by Alex J. Cavanaugh  &  Christine Rains my helpful cohorts promoting CONDUCTION! All you folks in the IWSG keep me going!

Happy New Year!


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