Wednesday, June 1, 2022

What happened to May?

I can't believe I missed a whole month!
Well, yes I can. Here's how it went...

It all started in April as stressful wedding plans culminated into beautiful nuptials in Charleston, SC on May 1:
my middle son and his new bride

Then as soon as we returned home, I had to:
    1) motivate my youngest son to fulfill his graduation responsibilities and help him get ready for his PROM!
    2) reign in the seniors that I teach for their last days and do little gifts for them
    3) finish organizing and planning my son's graduation party
    4) go to 2 graduations - one where I teach, then my son's
    5) finalize, set up, and finally enjoy my son's grad party -- to close the month on Memorial Day!

Not to mention, while all those major events were going on, I attended baseball games, awards dinners, senior night, emptied my classroom for summer, printed pictures, had a few crying sessions, and scrounged up time to get some regular chores done... And now, it's June. I can't believe I survived!

As I embark on summer break, I hope to find a spark to write. I've caught glimpses of poems floating around in my head, possibly lyrics, or maybe even a short story... I'm wishful thinking!

Hope you are enjoying warmer weather and sunnier days.

And may you find inspiration among the mundane madness!
I plan to visit around the blogs this summer - it's been too long!

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