Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Tri-Holiday Haikus

Is the world more chaotic or is that just me?

It could be the full moon, and it is getting closer to the holidays...
For IWSG this November 2022
I'm sending you all cheer and Haikus!

Falling leaves pile up
Enjoy raking in brisk air
Until wind sends more

Bundle up in warm
Sweaters, hats, gloves, boots, and scarves
And a cozy book

Halloween children
Go house to house in disguise
Or reveal their truth

Doors creaking, branches scrape
Raising hairs on back of neck
Nightmares come to life

After Halloween
Christmas looms - Joy is ahead
But turkeys still fear

Let's share and get stuffed
Families trek and gather
Glad it's once a year

Shoppers on your mark
For crazy priced strategy
Bargain hunters day

Finding perfect gift
Beautiful wrapping paper
Ripped to shreds, returned

House all a-glow
Scenes of holiday wonder
Don't blow a circuit

That should do for now. I could go on and on. I love Haikus. Drop one in the comments!
Hope your Fall is full of friends and family and fond memories - reminiscing and making new ones!


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

What's your purpose?

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer? Ever think you had a bigger purpose?

Many of my writer friends started penning stories in grade school. When I was little, I loved playing pretend, but I couldn't sit still long enough to write down my stories. I was also a very organized, outspoken, and bossy child--anyone who knows me is not surprised by this, ha! Not a typical writer's attributes... In addition to those, I have always liked helping people. All those qualities along with life experiences led me to be a teacher, and deep down, I probably always knew that's what I wanted to be. 

Writing came later, and the passion for it took me by surprise. Now I'm blessed to be able to do two things I love.

But I'd like to do more. I often wonder, with so, so many people in the world, how can I make a difference? I want to contribute more, reach more, help more. I hoped writing would give me a way, and I started doing presentations at schools--then the pandemic hit. When we started coming back to life, I felt much smaller. Everything stopped. It was like starting over, but I don't have the gusto I did when I was first starting out. Social media has become tainted. I'm afraid of being judged and shunned. I just don't know what I should do...?

All I can do is keep trying, right? So this is what I've been up to:
  • I mentioned last month that I finally started writing again, and submitted a short story and am a part of a Christmas Anthology. so yay!
  • And I get encouragement from our weekly Tuesday night writer's chat - you should join us! (See link in the side bar.)
  • They also inspire me to look for events--tis the season and all that jazz coming up... so I'm searching. I was recently rejected for the umpteenth time from a big local book event. Not surprised since I'm not traditionally published anymore. I need to get my latest book done! Book events like a new title and are usually free. Vendor events don't care what you're selling, but cost a bunch to get a table--risky if you may not make a profit or at least break even!
  • Lastly, I signed up for a local Writer Happy Hour in November. It's hosted by Jane Friedman, someone I've been following for years. She lives nearby and worked for Writers Digest. I'm anxious and excited!
Tell me something good! What keeps you going? What are you up to?

Have a fun and spooky October!


Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Welcome to another edition of the IWSG - where fellow writers share their hopes and woes and highs and lows. I want to thank everyone who stopped by last month when I was a co-host. It was great to visit around and receive feedback!

So, how has your writing been lately? If you are on a roll, BRAVO! But if you've lost your motivation lately, I feel you. 2020 was like a mini-Armageddon! Everyone felt ramifications from the loss and loneliness. Some are still recovering. It took me two years to find inspiration to write again. I thought I was done. I tried a couple of events, but had no luck selling. I was really low and didn't think there was a point. 

But the writing bug was still in my system. So I went back to the beginning. I started with some poetry then dusted off some short stories. I decided I would write for myself and self-publish or query if it felt right. I ended up finishing my Pop Travel Christmas mystery starring Geri and...

I have exciting news! My story was accepted into an anthology!

I've always wanted to do a Christmas anthology. And I have to thank The Warrior Muse, Shannon Lawrence for pointing out this opportunity. Shannon lists loads of sites looking for submissions. I definitely recommend subscribing to her!

The name of the anthology is MAGICK AND MISTLETOE, the publisher, Dragon Soul Press.

Everything fell together with this one. While I was finishing the story, I started my search for submissions, but didn't have high hopes since it was already 12000 words. But then I found MAGICK AND MISTLETOE ready to accept any genre up to 15000 words! Yay! I submitted a week before the deadline, and only a few days after they started reading submissions, I got an offer. Double Yay! I'm so excited!

Here's my mock up cover to go with the blurb:


While trying to make a good first impression on Cooper's parents over Christmas, Geri discovers a mystery to solve, keeping her sane while she's under all that pressure--especially from the cat! 

So the moral of the IWSG story this month is: Don't Give Up!

Life will throw tons of obstacles at us, emotionally and physically. It's okay to take a break from writing to deal with whatever pops up or whatever self-doubt lingers. But things tend to turn around and lead you to what you need and what will make you happy. Don't give up!

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