Wednesday, January 5, 2022

New Year, New Life

Happy IWSG day and Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were jolly and you enjoyed time with family and friends. We sure did! We have been truly blessed. And after that short blip of fantasy, it's now time to face harsh reality again.

Big changes are ahead for me and my family this year. 

My oldest son who graduated from college and has a great job moved back in with us last summer to save money. I'm sure he will want to move out this year to be on his own. I've loved having him back, but he's ready to fly.

My middle son--the army guy who lives far away--will be getting married in May, if all goes according to plan. They are young, so you know how that goes.

And my youngest will be graduating high school then heading off to college in August.

I'm really glad I have a job to keep me busy or I don't know what I would do with myself. I've been down about all the changes, not only in my own future, but with the unstable world. I'm a worrier, which usually sends me into action, but I've been frustrated lately because there doesn't seem to be anything I can do. The down time has been awful.

The down time is usually when I write. But this funky mood has taken a hatchet my desire to write.  It's like my muse is being held for ransom somewhere. I haven't worked on my WIPs in a month. Sure the holidays are a busy time and I had to prepare for company as I finished up the semester at school, plus I got a cold in November and the flu in December... but I'm a whirlwind of activity. I thrive on chaos and pressure.

Probably the biggest drain on my willingness to sit down and write is the lack of events. In person book events kept me writing because I love talking to readers, and they bought my books. My writing had a purpose. I felt valued. After trying for two years to finish a new book, I've hit a wall. Motivation has left me stuck in a mud puddle of self-doubt.

With school starting back up, I'll be busy again, so I will survive. But I'm not sure if I'll keep up with my monthly posts. I really appreciate the IWSG and all my writing and blogging friends. You've always been there with acknowledgement and encouragement.

The world is constantly changing with highs and lows to keep it interesting. I hope you are dealing with it better than I am. Maybe I need to refocus and reboot. Maybe I will change tracks and start writing a non-fiction inspirational book... For now, I'm allowing myself to take a break from writing. Sometimes that's what we need to get the spark back, right?

Wishing you happiness and productivity and a light at the end of the tunnel in 2022!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Perfect Gift

When's the last time you went to a bookstore?

I'm sad to say it's been several months for me... I love walking around and seeing the covers and smelling the fresh paper... checking out new titles from favorite authors, looking for new reads. I miss it. I need to go!

I wish a book was the perfect give for the people in my life. My parents still love to read, and I'm glad I get to buy them books for gifts. But so many of my friends and relatives don't. Makes me sad.

I'm not much better. I have enough books to last me a century of reading... Harder than picking out gifts for others, I hate coming up with gift ideas for myself! At my age, I just see what I want and buy it. I was glad my boys came up with great lists this year. Sometimes they just ask for gift cards. Maybe it's a sign of maturity? haha

So what's the perfect gift for you? You might give me some ideas!

Hope your holiday season is off to a great start and you have safe travels wherever you may go this month. 

Enjoy your family and friends.

And can you believe 2022 is right around the corner??


2021 has been a tornado of a year! I'm trepidatious of what will happen next.
Good Luck and Cheers! See you next year!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Tempting Friendship - Scavenger Hunt

She's been writing for 10 years today!

And to celebrate, she's set up a Scavenger Hunt. Find the word in the blurb and head over to her blog for the list of other participants. When you've collected at least five, go back to her blog and comment on the post "Happy Birthday AND Anniversary" to be entered in the GIVEAWAY.

TEMPTING FRIENDSHIP by Patricia Josephine

No human can resist Keane, so why can Quinn?

Keane is an incubus coasting through life without a care. It’s actually pretty boring. Then he meets Quinn, a human who can resist the allure of an incubus. That shouldn’t be possible. He’s going to have to use all of his wiles if he’s going to seduce her.

Quinn is less than impressed by Keane. He’s too cocky and has sex on the brain. A typical male, and her complete opposite. Despite their differences, they can’t deny the attraction between them. Can a human and an incubus make a relationship work?

But something sinister is lurking in Keane’s world. Incubi are vanishing, and when Quinn is kidnapped, Keane realizes someone is after him. He races to uncover who is behind the abductions and find Quinn. Will he get to her before it’s too late? Or is their tempting romance doomed?

Tempting Friendship is a friends to lovers urban fantasy.
Steam rating: Warm (Moderately explicit sensuality.)

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Happy Hunting!

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