Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Way Less Sad!

Things are looking up!

As up as they can for now anyway. Here's my favorite song for the moment - Way Less Sad by AJR

I hope things are looking up for you as well. I just need to stay away from the news and petty people. Harder than it sounds these days...

But I'm not going to go there. I'm going to stay as positive as I can. Happy Insecure Writers Support Group Day! Spring is here! And here are a few things I'm happy about:
  • Spring Break - I took the opportunity to write a short story for a weekly contest I've been wanting to try. Yay!
  • Baseball - my son finally got to play baseball with his high school team - he hasn't been able to for 2 years. (First year he had surgery, then there was the pandemic) So excited to see him on the field!
  • Sunny Days - the weather has definitely improved, which adds to the pleasant atmosphere.
  • LIVE EVENT! - I just opened a hopeful email for a local, in-person, and affordable shopping event! Wish me luck!
Lastly, I'm looking forward to the IWSG anthology DARK MATTER to release in MAY. Anyone who'd like to wrap their brain around some awesome sci-fi nuggets, let me know. Happy to send ARCs!

I have to keep reminding myself that the Lows will be balanced out by the Highs. Don't you forget it either!

What are some things making you happy this month?

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

One of those days... for a month

February was crap. And I don't think it was just me. Fair warning - it's going to be a bumpy Insecure Writers Support Group.

There were a few bright spots (snow days, wrote a song), and I've been trying to stay positive and hopeful as I dodge the darts hurled at me and hurdle the obstacles tossed in my way... Seriously, I'm in a crazy adventure game and fate is kicking me when I'm down.

First, the whole country had to deal with snow and freezing rain - like we needed more reasons to stay secluded inside. And many states were not prepared for such fierce weather. Oh, but Florida was nice - my men all traveled there, then got stuck a couple of extra days... poor them. That's okay, it gave me time to write and readjust my teaching plans from the snow days.

Then when they got back, someone was sick and refused to get tested or take precautions. So now I have it. Ugh. At least the symptoms are minor - could be much worse. But now I'm working overtime with sub planning and teaching remotely. Plus, being sick makes for high tension at home, everyone's been extra sensitive and on edge. I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! 

But I can't. I'm stuck watching re-runs, tired of sitting at my desk, getting zero exercise, and alone. Wah wah wah. I keep telling myself it will get better soon, right?

This is usually where I try to find the light at the end of the tunnel, but at this point, I can't. I'm not done wallowing. Just one more things keep piling onto my heap!

Sorry for all the bad vibes this month.
My April report should be better right?
Send me your goodness and happy thoughts!

I'm ready to start appreciating...
Hope things are better in your part of the world!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Crickets are what you will hear from my writing progress...

Welcome to the Insecure Writers Support Group - Feb 2021
I sadly don't feel like much of a writer lately. And I'm taking a break from my Newsletter until I have news--seemed like an appropriate thing to do. It's been a big bummer not being able to do any events. The whole world seems to be hibernating, waiting for the never-ending storm to pass. 

And it's not for lack of ideas. I get plenty of nudges from my muse, but my job is so nuts because of all the extra work we have to do for the remote kids I barely get all the necessities done. I'm really looking forward to the days off we have coming up--I just hope I'm in the mood to write! #writerslife

But we carry on. The year is chugging along, and I shan't complain too much -- I found time while I was locked down last summer to crank out a short story and won a spot in the DARK MATTER IWSG anthology - Yippee!

Be sure to check out all the authors at the Anthology Website and look at this awesome cover:

Looking for Reviewers if you want a first look at the awesome sci-fi goodness! Just let me know.

Tell me what you're up to!
What are you reading? What are you watching?
Share your good news!

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