Monday, April 4, 2011


I am combining my Drabble Day challenge - "race" with my Poem of the Day challenge - PAD Day 4: Describe a type of person. The drabble is a little short but I hope you like it anyway =) (don't ask me who that is, I have no idea!)

Zip it up.
Mult-I colored,
Walkin’ bill-board,

Put it on.
Visor reflectin'
Glare rejectin'
Peri-pher-al taintin'

Slide in.
Pedal pushin'
Flat out cruisin'
In the groovin'
On the track.

Bout to win.
Brain fadin'
Loose slippin'
Apron findin'
Hit the pit.

On his tail.
Draftin not
Take slingshot
Win the pot
Number 1!


Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lot to get from one picture! I always admire poets--not something I can do. Thanks for sharing!

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks. It was fun. I learned some Nascar slang =)

MISH said...

Hey TTT ~~ I like it ! It has a funky , snazzy feel to it !!


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