Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kick start Monday on Tuesday...

I am anxious to return to my normal programming, aren't you? But I've so enjoyed meeting everyone and then we've passed around some awards and made each other feel even better! Well, while I was away I was bestowed this Stylish award by Rhonda @ Laugh Quotes AND Debbie @ Bluestocking Mum! Thank you!

I know many of you have received an award or two and disclosed some info, etc. So take the award and if you want to pass it on, great! Here are the lovely rules, that can be optional at this point:

- Right click on the award and save as picture.
- Thank and link back to the person who awarded it.
- Tell 7 or so things about you. I'm putting some prompts with mine if you'd like to use any =)
- pass it on to 5 Stylish blogs. Try to make sure they don't already have it and contact them to let them know and what to do. Again, these are optional, especially if you are "awarded out."

I am happy to pass this on to:
Catherine Denton - stylish artist
Aheila, The Writeaholic - with her stylish mystery serial
Martha at Menagerie - stylish florida photographer
Ramblings by Amber - stylish fantasy writer
The Daily Dose by Dana - stylish mommy writer

Seven fun facts:
1. place I would like to visit someday - Australia
2. my first pet - Peppy, a german shepherd/beagle mix
3. my first car - 1978 celica, stick shift, woo hoo!
4. where I went to college - Harding University (Christian school in Arkansas)
5. first kiss location - racquetball court
6. favorite cartoon character - Mickey Mouse and Spongebob
7. random fact - I love to play family games =)

Thanks for all the comments and following. The feedback is the best part of all of this!


Catherine Denton said...

Thanks so much Tara! I'm honored. Unfortunately, I don't post awards on My Blog due to time constraints. But I cherish your sweet thoughts.

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

I do like spongebob. I haven't figured out why yet but I do. Congrats on the award you deserve it.

Rhonda Albom said...

Yay! Thanks or passing it on. Think about adding New Zealand when you get to tick #1 off your list.

mshatch said...

I'm with you on the return to regular posting. I need a day off!

Dana said...

Thanks so much, Tara! I'll get to work on this as soon as I can! :)

Plain Jane said...

German shepard/Beagle mix sounds like quite a combo. No wonder his name was Peppy the Puppy.

Martha said...

Awww, thanks so much!! I'm going to go post it on my sidebar right now! You are so sweet to give me this award. I love it :-)

Tara Tyler said...

Catherine - that's ok, it's optional =)
Josh - I never thought I'd like him either
Rhonda - hook me up!
M S - only x,y & z to go!
Dana - take your time and enjoy it
Jane - Peppy had the face of a beagle and the coloring of a shepherd - height was in between. he was cute!
Martha - you deserve it =)

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