Saturday, April 16, 2011

"N" is for Nyms

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonymns, Pseudonyms, so many useful Nyms!
But my favorite and most popular, used by young and old as often as possible...


See how text savvy you are with these new and old, well known and lesser known Nyms! - K, I added what they mean...

LOL – laugh out loud     4COL – for crying out loud     AKA – also known as
ROFL – roll on the floor laughing     <3 – heart, love     B/C - because
LMAOROFLOL! – laugh my a** off, see above     ADIP – a day in paradise
CMU – crack me up     FYI – for your info     ASAP – as soon as possible
UOK – are you ok?     BTW – by the way     TBA – to be announced
DORD – department of redundancy department     
WT H – what the heck?     ETA – estimated time of arrival
TMI – too much info     IOW – in other words     WIP – work in progress
DQYDJ – don’t quit your day job
TTFN – ta ta for now     WU – what up?     KISS – keep it short stupid
DIY – do it yourself     POV – point of view     OMW – on my way
TY – thank you     PITA – pain in the butt     MYOB – mind your own business
BFF – best friend forever     JK – just kidding     TLC – tender loving care
SAHM – stay at home mom     IYD – in your dreams     NAYL – in a while
OTS – on the side     IDTS – I don’t think so     MWAH – kissy noise
COOL – constipated overrated out-of-style loser (per my kids)
JERK – junior egotistical rich kid     LOML – love of my life
BFHD – big fat hairy deal     KWIM – know what I mean?     IDK – I don’t know

How many did you know? There's a ton more. Got many from Netlingo.


MISH said...

I'm a little out of touch here , only knew about 20 ... bad ... I'll have to "get with the programme" and check them out . :)
Happy N Day !!


Cat Lavoie said...

Fun post! I only knew a few as well! ASAP is one of my faves and I defintely overuse lol... lol! ;) Have a great weekend!

Billie said...

Great giggle for me on a snowy Alberta evening.
Thanks for that!

Deb said...

HA! I'd never seen DQYDJ before! :D

junebug said...

Great post! There were some new to me. I rarely use some because my friends just text back - What? I use TTFN a ton.

Nicki Elson said...

Haha, love JERK - quite appropriate.

It's so nice to meet another 80s child. :) Glad you like my take on the 'fest, and OF COURSE you got the Harry Anderson trivia right---Cheers!

Tara Tyler said...

Welcome! Glad you enjoyed =)
I am going to start using some of these just to confuse my friends on fb and texting! Ha ha!
I CMU =) said...

OMG I <8 DQYDJ!!!! Plus N for nyms? Love it!!!!

Brock Bybee said...

Crazy list. I'm doing a research project this week regarding the interpretation of Acronym Usage and Non-Verbal Comm. Kids these days are crazily obsessed with ROTFLMAO.

Dana said...

I only knew a handful of these. Going to have to check out that link!

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